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Hi guys,

I received a mail from an old customer from Holland who asked me about shungite and its properties, especially against electromagnetic pollution: do you know what it is?

Do you think it can be used as an addition to orgonite for particular healing purposes? I’m very curious about that, I’ve been reading some material on shungite on the web and it seems to be quite interesting stuff.

An introduction to shungite:


Thanks for posting! I ordered some and will let you all know my results.Looks like it’s for real after reading many articles and testimonials.

I just recently learned about shungite from one of the owners of the store where the psychic fair was held that Carol recently worked at. He said the Russian army used it for shielding EMF’s and that it is very effective for that. He said it’s pretty hard to find, but he had a big sphere. If anyone has a chance to work with it, let us know the results. I’m going to see if I can find it in bead form for an EMF protection bracelet.

~ Dooney

It is certainly a nice stone. We made 2 Cb´s with it and other ingredients but one of the Cb bases was very loaded with it.
Yolanda saw its energy to be all ecompassing, wavy, embracing rather that shotting straight or pointed…more feminine if you will…


I too am interested in getting some Shungite for energy experiments. Does anyone know a source for rough Shungite in Europe? All the sites I have found are based in Russia.

This website sell/make HHG’s containing Shungite: [http://orgonestore.whitemagicway.com/co]
Don’t know if they sell the Shungite by itself or not.

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Thanks Shaun. They are in Israel so that’s a bit closer to home! I’ll get in touch to see if she has a source of Shungite.

Hi Thommy,

a friend, Henk from france , referred me to it and also this website in czech republic


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Hi Fran,

Thanks for the reply. I did check out that website as it was mentioned in the first post, but the link leading to the online store doesn’t work.

Here’s a UK Shungite stockist [http://www.littlegemsrockshop.co.uk/cgi]

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Hi Shaun,

Thanks for taking the time to search the web on my behalf, although I almost fell off my chair when I worked out that they are asking £1650 per kilo for this Shungite!

Really I’m looking for the raw material, it’s form is largely irrelevant as it will be crushed. It’s sometimes sold for water purification but is still a bit pricey so ideally I want a wholesale supplier who can do me 10kg for starters.

Thanks for taking the time to search the web on my behalf tho!

The shungite subject is on the threshold of turning into a myth, so I hope that our readers will bear in mind that it’s not a necessary ingredient for orgonite.

The new forum that Thommy is going to host is designed to discuss things like this. Ethericwarriors.com is for the dissemination of information about what can be done with the simplest orgonite, rather. There’s still no evidence that fancy elements, including shungite, are relevant to field orgonite but I don’t doubt that it has special properties for personal orgonite. It’s too easy for the constant mention of some fancy element in posts on EW to take on the characteristic of something necessary. That’s how the $#~+birds disseminate their own degrading, dogmatic ideologies, after all.

I hope that more of us will start reading Wilhelm Reich’s writings about orgone technology. He would be appalled if anyone were to promote his findings as absolute truths. For all the discussion of shungite, here, there has been no mention of objective field tests, which is how Dr Reich determined whether his ideas and findings had relevance. If and when that discussion ever takes place it needs to happen on another forum, though.

The Africans are using clear and translucent pebbles in their field orgonite and you can see what they’re accomplishing. What if they came to believe that only orgonite that’s made with shungite was any good? If this discussion doesn’t end, then many of our readers won’t bother trying simple orgonite because they can’t afford to buy shungite and have assumed, based on all the attention paid to the subject, that they needn’t bother making orgonite without shungite in it.

This has never seemed like a subtle point to me and I’m often astonished that so many people on EW fail to grasp it. I know their intentions are good but you know what they say about the value of intentions, right?


Sorry Don,

I’ve been searching for this for a while and had hoped that some of the members on here knew a source of the stuff. I am aware that it’s going off topic a bit (although it’s in the misc section so hopefully not too much of an indiscretion).