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This is a preservation and archive of the old Etheric Warriors forum. All posts here were originally made at Etheric Warriors before the forum there went offline.


In July 2017, the forum at Etheric Warriors went offline. For anyone who doesn’t know, Etheric Warriors is the website of Don and Carol Croft.
Don, with the help of his wife Carol and daughter Nora invented the towerbuster (TB) and holy hand grenade cone (HHG), among other things.

The forum at that point had been operating for over 10 years, and amassed more than 20,000 posts. These posts contained a detailed history of the orgone/orgonite movement, with experiences, evidence, research and development, worldwide gifting reports, tips, reports of sabotage, and a whole host of other topics in-between.

The forum was notorious for going down, and always seemed to come back again, but this time - in July 2017 - it was terminal. The website administer had passed away, and all records were lost.

At that point, with all the forum data gone, the site was turned into a blogging platform for a select few posters.

Don’s passing

Don tragically passed away in July 2018 as a result of a paragliding accident. With his sudden passing, it became clear that something had to be done to preserve Don’s posts from the old forum.

Don poured his heart and soul into addressing any and every question and development surrounding orgone and orgonite on the forum for well over a decade. His detailed posts are such a valuable historical resource that needed to be preserved, and able to be referenced.

However, its not just his posts, but the huge contribution made by other people from all over the world - the complete forum as a whole that needed to be preserved.

Reviving the forum

With only archived and cached fragmented, static HTML pages remaining of the old forum, everyone I spoke to said it was impossible to recreate because there was no database.
Even scraping the data wouldn’t work because it can’t be compiled into a format that any forum software could recognise.

In August 2018, I hired the most talented developer I could find who was willing to give it a shot, and we set to work restoring the EW forums.
It took a significant amount of time, determination and money, but by November 2018 we had managed to restore most of the old posts from Etheric Warriors, which can be seen here in the Etheric Warriors Archive.

If you’d like to see all posts by Don for example, just click here to see all topics and replies he made. This can be further filtered by selecting “Topics” to see all the topics he created, or “Replies” to see all the replies he made.
This can be done for any user, just by clicking their name and then selecting “Activity” on their profile.

All posts are able to be linked to, just click the link icon on any post - very useful for bookmarking or referencing comments.

Please use the search function to look for posts or topics relating to specific subjects.

Missing or incomplete posts

Sadly, not all data from the Etheric Warriors threads was able to be recovered, with images being a particular issue.

The majority of the missing images were either missing from the original forum after one of the times it went down, or were images hosted on third party sites that are no longer present.

It would be great if we could find and preserve any missing data, especially images. If you are able to provide missing data or images, or otherwise spot something that needs updating, please PM me by clicking on my name and selecting “Message”.

In terms of the text data from the Etheric Warriors forum, we’ve had great success, with over 95% of the original topics restored.

Continuing discussions

The Etheric Warriors Archive contains a vast amount of history, and it only seems right to preserve it, so it is not possible to reply directly to threads, or create any new topics in the Etheric Warriors Archive section.

To continue discussions, please create new topics on the main forum here, and include links to any specific posts or topics from the archive.

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