About the Positive Changes That Are Occurring category

This section of the forum is dedicated to @JeffMiller’s continuing work uncovering positive changes that are often distorted or otherwise covered-up by those responsible for reporting it.

In Jeff’s own words:

Great positive changes are underway at every level of our reality. They began in earnest in 2012, and have been increasing in speed and magnitude. I began writing this series of articles, entitled “Positive Changes That Are Occurring”, in July of 2013.

These historically-unprecedented positive changes are being driven by many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of simple, inexpensive Orgonite devices based on the work of Wilhelm Reich and Karl Hans Welz.

Since Don Croft first fabricated tactical Orgonite in 2000, its widespread, ongoing and ever-increasing distribution has been unknitting and transforming the ancient Death energy matrix built and expanded by our dark masters, well, all the way back to Babylon, and before. And, as a result, the Ether is returning to its natural state of health and vitality.

Jeff started this important work around June 2013 (to the best of my knowledge), on the original Etheric Warriors forum, now archived here.
In July 2017, the Etheric Warriors forum went offline for good, please see the details of this here, which also includes an overview of how an archived version of the old Etheric Warriors forum came to be on this forum from August 2018.

Jeff continued his work via an email group in the absence of the old Etheric Warrior’s forum, and anyone can sign up to his mailing list by emailing him directly at [email protected]

In January 2020, Jeff contacted me to make some corrections to the old archived thread. I didn’t realise that he had still continued on with his work and transitioned to an email group, and was keen to import the emails up to that point, and also include his new emails as posts on a new dedicated “Positive changes that are occurring” section of the forum here.