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I found this interesting as it combines some findings of Tesla and Reich:

check it out,


That is great news Pekka! I can’t wait to see the public make use of it. Free energy is an important step in being independent.

Hi! All:

Perhaps you may want to download The Encyclopedia of Free Energy, vol 3. An amazing 834 pages of invents producers of free energy bur forbidden and censored, by, … … let’s say US gov. It’s an 18 Mb fully illustrated book I got from emule.

One of my sons is studing chem. and I gave him a very simple tutorial (of this Encyclopedia) to produce light and a small fire with W-A-T-E-R (and a few more things, of course) and he and his collegues at chem lab are going to make this experiment.

By the way, as you may suppose, some (not many, just a few) of these inventors died under abnormal circumstances and others just dissapeared from Eath surface.

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The sad part about free energy inventions is that none of the inventors feel safe to discuss their work in any of the media, yet, due to the immediate threat of murder by one or another sewer rat agency. You may have noticed that a few have tried, even so.

During the summers in the late 1990s that I frequently visited Wilhelm Muller in Pentiction, BC, Canada to get tutored on how his magnet engine and related inventions work, he made it very clear that he wouldn’t lecture or demonstrate his engine publicly except to professional and student groups, such as the gathering of MIT engineering and electronics professors in Boston who all acknowledged his achievement but also told him that they would never mention it to their students, who hadn’t been informed of that gathering.

‘Joe Blow’ was also apparently told not to promote the Joe Cell but he wasn’t prohibited from teaching and demonstrating it privately to whomever managed to locate him and there are appaerntly a lot of Joe Cells running. My earlier attempt nearly succeeded, too, and I’ll try again in the spring when I get another suitable vehicle.

As I’ve posted many times, Bill Muller informed me that he personally knew four other inventors, just in BC alone, who were ready to market very good free energy devices, each of which operated on different pricinciples from the other.

When Bill Muller was still alive (he was murdered in Feb, 2004, probably on account of having arranged to mass produce his motor/generator at an affordable price in Vancouver) he showed me all of the current publications about free energy inventions. I noticed that his was never mentioned, though it had been perfected in the late 1980s. He also showed me the official document from the Canadian government’s top engineer, acknowledging that, after throgough teting, the motor/generator lived up to everything that Muller was claiming for it.

When STevo was here last weekend he informed me that he’d read apparently legitimate accounts about people who were murdered, lately, by governments on account of publicly telling about their success with their own Joe Cells. When my own Joe Cell initiated the implosion of orgone in my truck engine’s cylinders (the engine began shaking badly, then, so I unplugged the cell, but the center bolt collapsed, draining the cell, the next time I plugged it in–unplugging the cell had stopped the shaking). I had a sense, then, that I was being protected because if I’d succeeded, you bet I’d have told about it publicly and that was only a year after this network got started, so I had a pretty low profile, so was an easier target or the sewer rat agencies. The most severe and blatant murder attempt of the dozens that Carol and I have experienced was made on me a few months later, in fact. By the way, Bill Muller loved his zapper and used it a lot but he got killed electronically and probably from a fedvan in the street by his house (a lot of us have chased these away from our own neihborhoods). The CIA, FBI and NSA don’t apparently recognize our border with Canada. I hadn’t seen him since right before I started making and distributing orgonite, otherwise he might still be alive.

It’s worth reading publications about free energy, of course, unless they’re written by obvious government disinformants, like Colonel Bearden, and it becomes obvious to us that the technology is all a function of orgone, with kinetic energy and electricity as by-products or secondary functions.

Dr Reich apparently had developed a viable orgone engine, too, but I doubt anyone will find firsthand accounts of it, except what his son, Peter Reich relates of a small prototype that Dr Reich kept running in the back window of his car. Right before Carol and I went to Orgonon to set up our first orgonite cloudbuster (it had already punched a huge, blue hole in the dark blizzard in the region and stopped the incessant wind) I was wakened by a lucid dream around 3:30AM in which Reich was showing me the device and explaining it. I don’t remember any of it, except it had a spherical shape. Carol told me she had seen it, astrally, underground on the Orgonon property as we were driving by it the day before and that it was generating a huge, healthy vortex.

We later learned how to create vortices kinetically with orgonite and sacred geometry structures but I don’t imagine I’ll be creating a free energy device. I trust that the increasing number of successful and affordable free energy device inventors around the world, most of whom don’t appear in any publications, nor do they appeal for ‘donations,’ will sooner or later simply break through the sewer rat barrier and start promoting their inventions. I do feel compelled to succeed with my next Joe Cell experiment, though.

I’ve noticed, over the years, that most publications about free energy do to that paradigm what Hulda Clark and Robert Beck had done to the ‘inexpensive, powerful healing device’ paradigm, before: they put out so much fake science, unfounded claims and technical mummery that you and I are more likely to feel less hopeful about free energy than more hopeful. Bearden earned the distinction of being the most skilled of all the disinformants, in fact. A disinformant knows he’s made the grade when educated people come out of the lecture halls exulting about the wonderful presentation he makes. When I ask any of them what he talked about, they don’t remember, of course, except the occasional lucid bits that he plagiarized from real scientists. What a coup for Bearden! He damns us with faint praise whenever the subject of orgonite comes up, by the way: another coup but one that probably bites him on the butt, or will do so.

As with the large entourage of parasitic camp followers of this unorganized, global revolution, one has to use discernment to seprate the real players from the noisier poseurs if one wants to get to the heart of the animating, creative dynamics. To ignore this fact pretty much dooms the seeker to spinning his wheels and to be led around in circles by his triggered endorphins, masterfully orchestrated by glamorous dissuaders who can always somehow afford to publish expensive books and who sometimes are featured on TV shows.


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