Akelarre In Basque Country

While researching a little about basque folklore (one of my grandgrandmothers was basque) I stumbled upon an interesting piece of information

http://www.buber.net/Basque/Folklore/au … elarre.php

[Akelarre literally means «field of the he-goat»]. The Akelarre is a plain of Zugarramurdi situated in front of the entrance to the cavern called Akelarren-leze «cave of Akelarre». It is believed that, in that spot and in that cavern, the witches of old met. In the vestibule of the cave, at a small height above the floor, a hole opens in the wall like a window, which, as the the neighbors of that locality say, is the hall where the devil, in the figure of a he-goat, received the witches. In the flat floor of the entry and of the vestibule, which preserve the remains of prehistoric homes, the devout of Aker – or spirit in the form of the he-goat – met to pay him their worship: adoration, offerings, telling of accounts, acceptance of orders.

The same cavern, on the east side, has another more extensive entrance called Sorguinen-leze «cave of the witches». Here, on the fourth day of the patron festivals of the town (15 of August), a traditional ceremony organized by the elderly of the area is celebrated annually. For this celebration, two of the elderly buy one or two rams in the morning of that day, kill them inside the cave and roast them on a fire which they light right there. At noon the old of the town gather in the cavern and the roasted meat is distributed and eaten with bread and wine. Each one pays their share. Later, joining hands or sharing handkerchiefs, they all form a long line and leave the cavern. Thus they go until arriving in front of the priest’s house, where they dance, and then are directed to the plaza of the town and there dance the «sokadantxa».

Besides the Akelarre of Zugarramurdi, various places of fields are cited as meeting places of the witches. These include: Petiberro (Aezcoa), Larrune, Jaizkibel, Irantzi (Oyarzun), Pullegi (Oyarzun), Mairubaratza (crómlech) of Ameztoia (Oyarzun), Mandabiita (Ataun), Akelarre of Mañaria, Akelarre of Illarregui, Garaigorta (Orozco), Petralanca (Arratia), Eperlanda (Múgica), Akerlanda (Gautéguiz of Arteaga), Abadelaueta (Echagüen), Urkiza (Peñacerrada).


Akelarrenlezea: a large cave of Zugarramurdi, (Navarre). The witches met actually outside the cave in the place of Berroskoberro. Some say that the goat talked to its worshippers from a hole in the stone outside the cave. Inside the cave, the widest part measures 120 metres. The river of “hell” crosses along the centre of the cave. It has been eroding the floor of the cave for centuries, the ceiling of the cave is already 12 metres high. A limestone oven from the eighteenth century remains inside the biggest cave. Farmers found it useful to take more harvest out of the limestone oven. We can access another cave from the biggest cave: the cave of the Akelarre. The name of the cave derives from the meadow at the entrance of the cave. Akelarre used to be celebrated there. Further the river follows a deep gorge called “the cave of the witches”.

also one of the creepy Francisco Goya’s work, Akelarre

Here’s the target


Zugarramurdi is a town and municipality located in the province and autonomous community of Navarre in northern Spain
The “Cave of the Witches” near Akelarre in Zugarramurdi.

It passed into history as the setting of alleged occult activity featured in the infamous Basque witch trials held in Logroño in the seventeenth century. The town is home to the Basque witch museum and the Cuevas de las Brujas (Witch caves). Every year, spectacular fires are lit in the caves near Zugarramundi for the celebration of the ‘day of the witch’ on the summer solstice.

One can learn a lot about ancient parasitic activity in basque folklore as it is very old itself. Here’s a good link


I hope this kind of info might lead for a whole bunch of new ancient targets hehehe


Hi Edu, I think there are lots of alien and not alien parasitic activity there. Basque are one of the population with the higher rate of blood group 0 Rh-, the preferred one for abduction.
I have 0 Rh- too.
If you want some info look at here:
there ar emany videos of Corrado Malanga, but I think they are all in italian. He explain very well the alien interference, and I give him lot of credit. He started studying aliens, and at the ene he found how we are. So tehre is lots of pycology inside, and some very fine and deep reflections.