Alejandro is our new Adminstrator

Many, many thanks to Alejandro, also to his very competent technician friend, Eduardo, for not only successfully transferring Etheric Warriors to a new host server in Santiago, Chile, but also for succeeding at resurrecting the previous format and the huge volume of invaluable posts and photos which we feared were lost in the latest, massive hacker assault, a month or so ago.

Santiago is another step removed from direct CIA and MI6 vampirism, stink and poison, which is one reason I asked Ale to take on this challenge. Those sickening, treasonous agencies are openly despised in Patagonia, after all. Did you know that ‘Patagonia’ is the term used for the South American countries beyond the tropical regions? I didn’t know, either, so don’t feel stupid

Another advantage to having Ale as our administrator is that his wonderfully creative partner, Javiera, is also an effective and intelligent gifter and warrior. They have , as you probably know. There’s a lot of good that can come from a working relationship like this one.

I want this to be the unorganized orgonite network’s Big Splash into the enormous Spanish-language demographic, too, but let’s see what transpires. This network exploded among the German-speaking countries, four years ago and I expect the same to happen in the more-numerous Spanish-speaking ones in good time. The French network has kept pace with the English-language demographic from nearly the beginning and the Italian networkers are performing miracles on a regular basis. The tireless, young Finns are apparently about to expand the interactive online network into several languages, including Russian.

Thanks, again, Ale and Eduardo, for your commitment, skill and generosity! Thanks, Javi, for your heartfelt support in the past weeks when Ale was so absorbed with this Labor of Hercules. In Sunday’s chat session, the psychics said that they saw CIA-directed, Monarch-programmed hackers in Chile swarming to EW’s new home like bees to honey but, as I assured our new administrator, we’ll continue to push this human wave back so EW can stay up. The psychics saw the braindead, doped-up hacker swarm’s CIA boss as nearly invisible, on account of his acute discomfort in Chile and that was a nice confirmation of my hunch that Chile is a suitable home for EW. His boss in Brazil was more comfortable with his surroundings, though they each were good targets for our ‘love.’ thankfully, as were their bosses and their bosses’ bosses. We aim to keep at this on a regular basis until not even the most burnt-out, hophead MKid hacker, larcenous, lecherous aristocratic lymie or gung-ho felonious fed will be willing to mess with EW’s HTML code.

Otherwise, each time they succeeded in destroying EW we earned more and more credibility among the more discerning self-starters, who are the only people we aim to reach, anyway. They’re the ones who get the job done instead of just thumping their own chests.


This is awesome. My browser is picking the EW up as fast as any other site I surf.

Alejandro if the hosting company and their servers are near you , you might want to

get some Orgonite around their building.

My 6th sense tells me the spooks will be parking a van outside that building soon or tapping the phone lines close by to knock the site down .

Hey, it’s ski season in Santiago, so if you guys ski , take some Orgonite up the ski lift with you and gift the mountain top . There has to be towers on top of it.

Ale has informed me that this forum is chock full of booby-traps and hacker access points–a swiss cheese for happy CIA and MI6 rats, in other words. It’s so bad that it’s apparently not salvageable, though it was a real coup to at least get it back online.

It’s going to take a lot of work but he and his crew have committed to transfer all of the posts to a more secure format. Carol and I are going to pay the bill for now but it’s a huge amount of work. If you want to contribute, please wire money to Javiera Ibarra in Santiago, Chile, and contact her from with the transaction reference number, amount and who sent the money.

Lots of us now rely on EW’s relative stability for at least part of our livlihood, which the world odor’s mavens well know. I think that from now on there will be less interference, though, because these competent fellows in Santiago are focusing on security.

He asked me whether I felt it was important to get the posts from the interim site onto the new format but I feel that we can re-post any reports from that format that we feel are viable. Do wait until the new forum software is online, though, since the Santiago crew would just have to manually transfer it all, anyway.

We’ve all been earning some more credibility from the massive amount of hacking that took place recently ; and genuine healers can never get too much credibility these days, of course.



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