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Hi folks,

This year I have been on a restorative regime, trying to ensure I am in good shape for my wedding. Going through this process I have now centered on trying to keep myself PH Alkaline, which has in turn led me onto other avenues.

From reading up on this field I have come across what appears to be a major stumbling block to good health, with almost all diets, be it 100% meat or 100% vegan, low Brix or high non-protein nitrogen, stemming from soil depletion and/or food harvested unripe for transportation, to maintain shelf life.

I’m thinking of getting a refractometer to test the stuff I buy from our local organic farm etc.

Here’s a link –

This would also lend itself quite well to Mark’s experiments, to test the brix from foods grown in an orgone rich environment against the orgone free ones (my speculation is that the would have higher brix readings once mature, if we had any space to do such tests here I would be doing this myself).

Best Wishes


Rich, I dropped you a PM.
If you want to make some experiments with orgonised food, please sign up at


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