All Seeing Eye Mountain

Today is July 2, 2006 and we were riding back from Chattanooga Tennessee through Scottsboro Alabama to Gurley when I remembered the last time I passed this way I saw something unusual enough to post it. Now I’m not sure if this mountain is in Huntsville, Guntersville, or Grant Alabama but I intend to gift it when I find out.

Until next time…

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This next 1 is more centered. I almost forgot, this is a deliberate opening that appears to go through to the other side.

I am planning a gifting expedition to this area in the very near future. I will take photos, gift, and report my findings here when I do. My estimate is that the opening is big enough for a small plane to fly through and one person tells me a parapsychologist says the area is a vortex. Time will tell.


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