Alternative Healing On Trial

Recently there have been two court cases – one in Holland and one in France – that caught my attention. In both trials the alleged vulnerability of the female victims are exploited to prohibit the practice of alternative healing.

Dutch case:


“The strong wish of the patient to only undergo alternative treatment was not accepted by the Tribunal as an excuse.� … tv_sta.php
“The court said arguments that Millecam was an adult who could make her own decisions carried no weight. ‘In delicate situations there is no question of free choice,’ the Volkskrant quoted the court as saying.�

Though the Dutch case is more obvious in targeting alternative healing, the French case is more “refined� – in that it involves alleged fraud of the French Church of Scientology. However this fraud concerns alternative healing practises and makes good potential jurisprudence for prohibition.

[u:3qo0ueeg]French case:[/u:3qo0ueeg] … ance-fraud
“Lawyers for Aude-Claire Malton claim Scientologists preyed upon her at a time when she was “very psychologically fragile”, pressuring her into spending €21,000 (£18,000) – her life savings – on products including “purification packs” and vitamins.â€?


“The investigator questioned what he called the Scientologists’ “obsession” with financial gain, and the group’s practice of selling vitamins, leading to the charge of “acting illegally as a pharmacy.”

If you think that your own self-determination is not involved here, think twice please!
The obscurity of the medium and the Scientology Church are only used to win your sympathy.


For what it’s worth, Carolien, I’ve been boosting the OM (Openbaar Ministerie, the prosecutor), which looked very agressive, and the alleged fraudulent healer as well. Th energy around the case is good at the moment, and have been reading intelligent criticisms from newspaper readers that cleverly remark people are dying everyday in hospitals undergoing classical treatment, and MD’s are not to defend themselves in court for that. (note: in this case the healer is held responsible for the death of someone that refused chemotherapeutic treatment).

To be followed indeed, there have been several attempts to discredit alternative medecine, but from what I’ve seen, they won’t stand a chance in their ‘battle’.
hurray for that.


Hurray bis, as the judge let the ‘fraudulent healer’ walk free today, deeming she was innocent to the patient’s death. Leaving aside the judge’s reasoning, this is a clear indicator of how things are slowly evolving the other way!
(The court case took in place in heavily gifted Amsterdam)


Sorry Dirk, you cheered too soon. Leaving aside a judge’s reasoning is never a good idea, btw.

The medium was acquitted of charges allright (by lack of proof). But the other two alternative healers involved in this case, were found guilty of neglecting their professional duty. Since both healers have been dispelled for life from practising their profession by the medical court already, the judge didn’t press further punishment. However, the judge stated their guilt, because they should have made sure that the sick actrice attended to regular MD’s, despite her own wishes……

(the Dutch society against quakery was very happy with this example being set)

Like in this case – the mildest punishments often accompany the most restrictive jurisprudence. So the people involved won’t likely appeal against the verdict (because appeal might lead to harsher sentences in higher court). It’s an old trick to break resistance – either to intimidate persons standing trial personally, or to discourage public opposition to the verdict. For if you’re a healer, you must be very brave to protest against this now.

This verdict means that you and I can’t decide over our own bodies and health anymore.

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