America: 'A Parasitic Cesspool'

Judge Long Spills his Guts (2010)

Seven years ago in Boulder, Colorado, Municipal Court Judge William H. Long ‘died of a heart attack’ at age 70, according to his obituary in the Boulder Daily Camera.

I got the following information in an anonymous letter a few days ago and Carol agreed with me that it ought to be published immediately, so I’m copying the ten typed pages, here, probably in three installments. If someone is capable of making this into a PDF (and will generously donate his/her time), please contact me at [email protected] and I’ll then make it into a link on the homepage. It’s pretty clear evidence that the entire system of government can’t be fixed, is obsolete and overly centralized and needs to be completely replaced, in my opinion, in order for us to have peace and prosperity in the world.

Note the abundance of very juicy orgonite targets in the document! I’ll make a list of locations as I’m typing, then I’ll post them after the last installment. God willing, Carol and I will do some of those next summer but if some locals will also commit to it, the job can be quite thoroughly done and I’m sure some dramatic confirmations throughout Colorado and probably beyond will follow. It’s a key state in the old corporate, global parasitic agenda, after all.

~Don Croft

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing this because I am confident that the Boulder authorities know that I am one of the 9 to 12 people who spoke at length with retired (Lyons) Municipal Judge William H. Long, in the last 2 and a half years of his life.

The judge frequented the Trident Café in Boulder (coffee house) some 2 to 3 days a week. He spoke more at length to 5 of us, sometimes in Lyons. He spoke even more to two (older) gentlemen (of us five), and allowed those two to take notes. After a few meetings with Judge Long, it dawned on me to ask about taking notes and I started to take notes just after I would have coffee with the retired judge.

I feel that at some point in time I may be harassed or attacked for being with the judge while he was spilling the beans. If prosecuted for anything, I may get overwhelmed and railroaded in the case, even to be made a patsy in a contrived felony with falsely constructed evidence. More than a few times, Judge Long spoke of prosecutors’ (and police’) ability to fabricate evidence, with ‘the FBI being masters of fabricating documents since 1950 or so." he said that most every prosecutor can get "a variety of assistance, legal or illegal, from the FBI and NSA, especially if the case concerns a whistleblower.’

He spoke about cellphone technology: 'As long as our phone is picked up by at least two towers, they know where you’re at to within a meter. the cops who told me this were amazingly arrogant about it. George Orwell deserves royalty payments.

“Boulder Police have five suitcase-sized units that duplicate cell tower capability. They have mobility to track you to your back pocket. They got those in '03.” I later found out that the units are called, “Stingray.” Bill referred us to the movie, Enemy of the State , for a "very small sample of NSA techniques and treacheries.’

About the FBI: “Look at their coverup in Omaha, the Franklin Savings and Loan, and the absolute mess connected with that; dead witnesses, fabricated prison sentences, the whole enchilada. (Former FBI guy) Ted Gunderson researched that and a guy named Webster Tarpley. Read everything you can get from Gunderson. the Boulder library has Tarpley’s book ( Unauthorized Biography of GHW Bush ).”

Bill said that if a whistleblower is desperately wanted, that he will be followed anywhere and everywhere, and that there is always extra (untraceable) money available (often in cash), "to inspire the assistance of any jurisdiction.’

He assured me that the jury rooms are bugged in most of the judicial districts in Colorado so the prosecutor and judge are forewarned of the decisions of the jury.

Judge Long said that all state troopers (and a few select Colorado cities and counties) have electronic gear that does illegal searches (“density meter,” infrared, etc.; density meter since at least 1996). “A density meter can look into a house or a car and detect gun metal, money to the dollar, agriculture-based drugs and powdered drugs; has a range of 250 feet.”

“All troopers are well-rehearsed in coercion and intimidation to facilitate a physical search after their illegal search.” “They’ll especially pull you over if they detect $3,000 or more, or firearms.” “…uses a gamma emitter of some sort.”

“I hope you’ve noticed the overly aggressive new laws concerning on-site forfeiture…”

The Colorado State Troopers have “a stable of thirty-something who are trained for one-on-one espionage, sabotage, baiting; and a hundred men who act as spies.” “The spy guys will work the homeless shelters and street scenes around the state to get a sense of what those folks are thinking. They’re also on the hill (college area of Boulder), hangouts like Penny Lane (past Boulder coffee shop) and the malls.”

Bill spoke of the training of trooper drug search dogs. He said that every dog has “a specific button to push” that gets the dog to make his signal for drugs in a car. The button may be a sound made by the trooper or a movement of the trooper’s foot.

The times when he spoke of “the treachery of authority,” he always seemed to scan the group, as though to see their reactions to this back-door corruption, which he said is “a standard option for prosecution.”

He claimed that “Congress and the White House are all for show,” and he was always adamant that “the intelligence agencies, the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex illegally run our country and they only answer to the banking system.”

He seemed to have little reservation with most of the details that he shared with us, as he appeared a bit disgusted and even angry about a sizable portion of his career. He often spoke of a well-hidden system of untaxed payments to trust accounts of judges, prosecutors and many elected politicians and appointed officials. “Some of them hide this illegal income from their spouses.” With his painful grin, he told us to notice when someone gets in such a “position of public-service authority,” they always try to stay there–for the clandestine money as much as for the power. He said he had spent the last four years of his career “researching the depths of this tax-free cash cow.”

My thought about why he chose to speak of these things is that he said he felt it was either of three judges who he’s confident arranged to put the cancer in his food at dinner, suggesting that he was being murdered.

About him telling us of the hidden money, I told him that I’d heard that former District Attorney Alex Hunter lived out off of Cheryvale, but that two tradesmen have told me that Hunter also had a place up Lefthand Canyon. I asked him if this would be the place where Hunter accepted his trust-account, untaxed clandestine mortgage payments. Judge Long seemed surprised that I knew about that place. Bill said Hunter has another illicit mortgage in New Mexico, "…that’s where he hangs out, these days; or should I say, ‘hides out?’ "

Bill said that if the taxless payola mortgage payments went to a rental property, that “Four Star Realty seems to be the property management firm of choice.”

He said that Hunter also made additional money with his handling of illicit drugs (into Boulder) earlier in his tenure. Bill claimed that Boulder Police detectives took control of importing those hard drugs around 1991 and that Boulder Police have brought marijuana into Boulder since at least 1968.

Judge Long said that it is a Chinese gang that now supplies hard drugs and pot to the Boulder Police detectives for them (and select officers) to distribute to local street dealers. At one point, the Chinese gang “wanted a ‘presence’ on the Boulder police force, so you will now find a boulder detective with a Chinese name” (Detective Cho). Bill said that three sources (one being a letter carrier) have told him that the major delivery point for hard drugs from the detectives is probably the Section Eight housing at 34th and Valmont; the late-night dropoffs in a couple of the overly-numerous parked cars on that side of the street. Dealers (in as many as three apartments) living there supply about 85% of the drugs available to the college and “Hill” area.

Judge Bill was “still curious” about exactly how the Chinese gang move their drugs but he was told that “Walmart (trucks), J.B. Hunt and Schneider (trucking firms) are big in the drug transport business.”

Bill said that if an honest cop busts “an approved drug seller, that case gets watered down or it just gets ‘disappeared’.”

He said that Police Chief Beckner is “kept in place because, for the most part, he’s a chump and that it is always two deputy chiefs who run the dirty operations, along with the detectives running the drugs.” “Boulder Police takes counsel from the D.A., who is complicit with the drug running and gets his cut.”

Per our lengthy exchanges on this matter, the various groups at the café(s) were convinced of the reality of this long-running untaxed clandestine payola conspiracy, of Boulder police detectives’ drug dealing and of Hunter’s absolute corruption. Hunter won’t find any friends at the Trident or in Lyons.

I told Bill that I’ve read about extra hidden money that cities, counties and states have and he confirmed that this is “the main part of the package.” In fact, it is cities, and sometimes counties, that hold these clandestine mortgages to conceal the untaxed transfer of funds from the eyes of the normal banking system.

This fits well, as it is hidden investment profit money from cities, states, etc., that pay to the hidden mortgages that are titled to secretive trust accounts of “the thieving public officials.” “It’s only natural that cities are the ones to hold those (hidden) mortgages.”

He said that this setup is so pervasive, nationwide, that it is “a well-oiled and well-connected conspiracy system that communicates very well between its members.” It is fully self-sustaining because every member of the system is self-sufficient, per every member’s heavy investment in the stock market. If there are any weak links in the system, the bulk of the rest of the system can easily assist with the temporary shortfall of a member’s “local payola responsibility.”

“It’s the nameless, forgotten city auditors who keep the second set of books.” He said, “Goldman Sachs does the lion’s share of investing for these institutional investors so of course they get the lion’s share of any available inside political tips.”

We spoke of how a 2008 presidential candidate quipped, “I don’t know how many houses I have.” It came out the next day that he has nine. Two days later, it came out that he has 14. All of us joked and speculated about how much monthly clandestine, tax-free payola a long-entrenched U.S. Senator receives.

Members of the hidden conspiracy of this untaxed profit scheme are cities, counties, states, municipal and state retirement funds, etc. This is the background for the phrase, “You can’t beat City Hall” (in the courts), because “judges and prosecutors are the main recipients” of the untaxed distribution of clandestine payments–from the city halls. He said, “This aspect of the scheme is not to be underestimated.” “Every recipient of these hidden goods is a criminal, and a whore to that well-conspired system. There’s probably not enough prison cells for the lot of them.” “I’ve never seen a dime of this. I’m told that only a handful of municipal judges in Colorado are in on it; a couple in Colorado Springs and Denver are.”

Judge Bill claimed, “As long as the real thieves hold the keys to the cops, the courts and the legislatures America will be a parasitic cesspool.” “It’s the best protected and probably the largest crime syndicate in the history of North America.”

A good corroborative source for how deeply and irretrievably corrupt our federal system is was published in 1976: Gary Allen’s The Rockefeller File which documents how all of the state legislators in the nation are each directly controlled/bribed/extorted through that family’s institutions.

A good look at the fundamental and profound corruption of the US Congress was published in 1986: Dr Jack Weatherford’s (another of my favorite authors) Tribes on the Hill He had been a Congressional aide in college, then became an anthropologist.

I’ve felt for many years that the only cure for this terminal federal cancer is state secessions and we might be getting close to that, now. That would peacefully remove central control, including the Rockefeller-funneled money, the media, the military industrial behemoth, publishing, the Church of Settled Science, the deeply rooted satanic/pedophile (CIA) networks among institutional, corporate and government officials and other sources of federal corporate bribe/extortion influence which have kept the hiding machine running smoothly for a long time, especially since WWII.

~Don Croft

The judge said that he found that this tax-free hidden public money system owns at least half of the stock market and, “Yes, of course, the IRS is in on the fix; fully complicit and involved.” Bill sarcastically said, “Heaven forbid that a whistleblower should expose this scam scheme, and Heaven help him, too!”

Judge Long said that no city or state is bankrupt–that they just lie about what they really have so that dirty insiders can line their pockets with the unreported profits from hidden investments. He added that there are a couple of banks and mortgage firms that are in on theft and will hide some of the “clandestine mortgages.”

Bill spoke of the [Jonbenét] Ramsey [murder/pedophilia] case with a bit of trepidation. Some of what I got on it was from the two older gentlemen that Judge Long spoke to at more length. They told me more after the judge had passed. It was a co-blackmail-pedophile party that was being filmed. The girl was apparently “accustomed” to Dad and two other men but she was not used to Dad and seven other men. Per her reluctance to participate, she was choked and hit on the head–as some sort of ritual-oriented discipline.

The participants with John Ramsey were: a Boulder deputy police chief (but not Sullenberger), a top cop from Denver, a Boulder district judge, Boulder prosecutor Robert Shapiro, a prosecutor and district judge from Larimer County, and a guy from IBM, named Stevens. When someone said he remembered it was reported that it was investigators from the D.A.'s office who contaminated the crime scene, Judge Long said, “Of course; probably Shapiro’s handiwork.”

Apparently, these sorts of events get filmed, so that everyone on the films will help anyone else on the films when that one tries to make a career improvement or has some other “special project.” Judge Long called this assistance, “satanism.” He spoke of this often, even when not speaking of Ramsey. One of the coffee-clutch attendees once said the phrase, “satanic dark arts,” and the retired judge said that that sounds like a more accurate phrase.

Bill spoke of how prosecutors and judges will use psychic satanism to attack: 1) the witnesses for the defense and, 2) the defense attorney–if that attorney has not already sold out to satanism and is probably already ruining the case for the accused.

“The satanism is used to confuse you in court; make you stupid; control you.” He said that there are even a couple of public defenders who are in on this and the rest of the defenders are satanically attacked by the prosecutor’s office.

He considered Shapiro to be “a snake of snakes,” but he wasn’t sure if Shapiro was “the top dog of that craft in that office.” He thinks that “the new D.A. is twice as evil as Shapiro,” and that the new D.A., Stanley L. Garnett, declined to retain Shapiro merely because the two of them do “different flavors of satanism.” He said that Garnett’s dark arts activities may be on par of those of Denver D.A. Mitch Morrissey’s, who just happened to be one of the “invited investigators on the Ramsey case, likely because of his advanced satanic skills.”

Judge Bill said that their use of satanism is the only real way that they can hide their clandestine payola operations, with “untaxed payola and suppression of evidence at the top of the list of their ongoing crimes.” “It would be accurate to think of them as a cult. That’s what they are, in the worst way. Power and money…” “Satanism is used to overpower any criminal defense.”

Bill was adamant about “official incompetence” being the 'number one tool in an official coverup," mentioning Vietnam and 'the soon-to-be-eternal fiasco in Afghanistan," both hiding involvement in heroin and oil pipelines; and of course in the “Ramsey case: hiding pedophilia and satanism.”

When initially speaking of the Ramsey case, the judge reminded us that a few years later, a woman offered testimony to Hunter about the case. She explained to Hunter that there exists nationwide, satanic, pedophile activity which she investigates. She spoke of how choking and hitting on the top of the head of the victim is used for discipline and training,which are the exact marks that the Ramsey girl had on her. Hunter stated in the Boulder Daily Camera, “If only 15% of what she said is true, then it is worth investigating.” Hunter announced his retirement within two weeks after speaking with that woman.

Bill told us to drive by the Ramsey house to look at its design and the iron fence around the lot. He called it, “your basic Bavarian-satanic architecture.” [Carol and I drove a key satanist (a pediatrician) in Moscow, Idaho, from a mansion like that one by putting orgonite around the property in 2003. ~Don]

Judge Bill said that prosecutors and judges use pendulums and rituals to summon demons and arch demons to do their bidding for them. Some of this was shown to him while being offered to teach him the dark craft. He said that it is the “satanism that you feel as soon as you walk into a courthouse; any courthouse.” That (satanism) has something to do with all the marble in court houses. Somehow it (the satanism) gets injected into the marble with ritual or dirty prayers." “I remember something about the old Enron headquarters being filled with pink marble.” “JeffCo (Jefferson County courthouse-- lots of marble) feels like a cesspool, even more than the one in Boulder.”

Bill spoke of the Boulder Police satanists getting dogs from the Boulder Humane Society in the middle of the night, and of the prosecutors and judges sharing in their ritual blood drinking, “in addition to the prosecutors’ and judges’ own ritual meetings.” Other animals (but mostly dogs) are received from a small variety of other sources. Bill spoke of an indoor kennel where the dogs are kept–prior to their demise–not very far up Lee Hill Road, within walking distance of Shapiro’s home which is at the end of Valley Lane, where many dark arts activities take place. Bill said that Shapiro is also active with satanism in Summit County.

He was told that most often, before a 'satan event," the participants will have a dinner party either at the Red Lion or at the Greenbriar, occasionally dining there after their satanic event. With directional hand gestures he said, “The dirty Boulder deputies are assigned to the foothills where the satanists play and the clean ones get assigned to the flats.” Bill added, "At least a baker’s dozen of them (satanists) live in the Lake of the Pines (gated community between Boulder and Lyons).

Bill told us that he’d heard multiple stories about “the Papoose Cub on Highway 67, up from Deckers in Western Douglas County,” and that it is “the main evil party spot and education center for Colorado satanists.” There are “select Douglas County deputies who patrol those local roads…all of them [the select deputies] are on duty for weekends and satan events.” “They have a high tech comm link for broadcasting and receiving with other satan events elsewhere. You can see their microwave communication broadcasting and receiving drum from the road in front of the locked gate.” “They’ve been known to extend their satan parties to the Franktown Cave” and “sometimes in closed mines.”

“When they visit ‘the club,’ they load up the motels in Woodland Park and Manitou Springs; motels probably owned by satanists.” Judge Bill seemed excited and pleased to be telling us of “the club.” He once brought a list of favorite motels for the “club attendees:” “Pikes Peak Lodge, Crown Point, and the Intercontinental.” Bill mentioned that Woodland Park is “the closest town to overlook the Air Force Rape Academy.”

"Many of the leaders and instructors [at the Papoose Club] are civilians who work at Ft. Carson; some of them even live on the post [This clearly shows the CIA connection, I believe. The proximity of the Air Force Academy also shows strong CIA connection. ~Don]. “My contacts have never seen military uniforms at the club but they say that they know that some are military.” “…Federal Intel hotshots,” “some thick foreign accents.”

“[The Papoose Club]…brings in four million dollars a year, most of it tax free, because it comes from those tax-less hidden funds of cities and counties.” Someone at the Trident once grilled Bill for details of the dark events at the Papoose Club and at Shapiro’s. Bill stared at him for a moment, then he left for the day.

Judge Long said that satanists have finally, completely taken over the Colorado State Police and that ''for the past ten years or more" they have only hired other satanists. He suggested, “This could also be true in many, many states; just as the use of that density meter and other illegal tech toys.” Also, “It’s a mystery as to where they’re finding the massively-oversized recruits for their new hires.”

He found out about the Larimer County, Kettrick v. Timothy Masters case. He said, “Of course it was satanism related.” He said that the guilty party was the doctor who died (was murdered) before the fixed trial started, noting the doctor-like precision of how Kettrick was cut up. The two prosecutors (later both judges) were in on satanic activities with that doctor but that they weren’t personally involved in the Kettrick fiasco. But the satanic prosecutors did serve to protect their satanic comrade by railroading Timothy Masters on extremely thin evidence, like using “a sort of satanic-attack mind control on the jury, which is pretty much the standard for any prosecution.”

Bill claimed that “it’s nearly impossible to oust a satanist judge because elections can be easily rigged; bought out. And besides, another satanist would just be appointed to any new opening.” “The committees that recommend judges are satanists. All judges have been to that Papoose place for testing.” New judges are selected by the quickness of the satanic skills that they demonstrate at the club."

He mentioned that the Boulder Police have their own room for satanic rituals, “of course, paid for with city funds.” He said he wasn’t perfectly sure about the details but he does think a tunnel was dug to get to the room. He thinks it may go north from the basement of the police station to the next building, occupied by a biotech firm. Bill said to look for an additional entry to the middle of the tunnel in the garages that are north of the police station. Bill knew that the Boulder Police pay for a sort of subscription membership with a European satanist group and use high tech electronic video gear in their ritual room to interact, live, with those European satanists.

More about satanism: I told Judge Long that in 1999 I was illegally fired from a municipal job in *****. He immediately said, “That’s a dirty little city!” I had hard evidence of perjury against my false accusers, along with the merits of the case in my favor, but Hunter’s D.A office refused to prosecute. Bill listened intently as I told him that two private attorneys refused the case: one being the local ACLU representative (Benjamin), who I actually hadn’t even asked to take the case and another attorney (Benezra), who suspiciously refused the case four days after he said he liked it–this type of case being his advertised specialty.

Bill nodded in agreement to my suggestion that both attorneys were given bribes to not take such an easy case against an entity with lots of hidden money. He said, “About five grand would be the norm for that sort of payoff bribe, plus they won’t get psycho-satanically attacked as they would if they took the case.” Bill said, “Hunter and company easily got fifteen grand.” “Your unemployment judge probably got five (grand) and the same for each EEOC judge.” “That state senator gal (who snitched my testimony [to her] back to ******) got five.” “Appeals is where the real money is; at least ten a pop and up past forty.” “How do you think Monsanto wins all those ridiculous lawsuits?”

I told Bill details that suggested that I was attached with satanic activity over the matter. Per my details, he confirmed that I was psychically-satanically attacked. I told him that the new head of Public Works, who illegally fired me, was just in from California. With that, he said, “Sacramento has one of the most notorious stables of mercenary satanic psychics in the West. I hear that former KGB psychics like the climate, there. I wonder what their fees are; probably somewhat reasonable.” “It would be hard for you to compete with forty grand or so (in bribes) working against you behind the scenes; plus what they paid the satanic psychics.”

Bill advised, “Don’t bother to go after them any more. Just figure that what goes around comes around and that they’ll get their just desserts without you lifting a finger.” “Your ball game is long over. The umpires wear the same uniforms as the home team.” He claimed that “other top dark cities” are Boston, Chicago, Miami and L.A. “They’re everywhere and they’re thick in Denver and Colorado Springs, too.”

The retired judge said that he’d never talked to someone who was conscious about being a victim of satanic-psychic attack (my awareness of that came later). For that, he said he would buy me my next cup of specialty coffee." I told him that I would like a mocha latté right now. He handed me a five; I returned some change to him and enjoyed the drink.

Judge Long said that whistleblowers are “always made out to be kooks and nuts,” and "all that is directly from satanic-psychic attack on the whistleblower and his potential supporters and, to some extent, on the public. “How they get away with it all is, for the most part, to call the other guy, ‘nuts,’ and use the satan attacks to make them afraid to stand up for themselves and to make mistakes; look foolish.” “Whistleblowers are always hit hard with smear campaigns that always seem to get into the press, over and above any truth in the matter.” “News media honchos get their hush-payola, too, when they’re needed.”

“Actually, it’s a form of tampering with the jury pool.” “The defense is limited as to what they can say to the press but the prosecution has free rein to front-load a jury pool.” “They choose juries with their satanism, picking the easily influenced people.”

Bill said that mercenary satanic psychics are now deeply involved in the professional and college sports worlds. He said, “Just look at the dynasty teams for the first clue.” “Any more, many teams have their own staff of attack psychics:” “Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Florida, UCLA, Arizona, Connecticut; the usual suspects.” He said, “Notice that ‘The Patriots’ started winning after 9/11,” suggesting that there was “federal assistance” with some sports satanic psychics (I’ve noticed that NE Patriots Coach Belichek is good friends with Coach Donovan of U of Florida basketball, recently winning two NCAA championships).

Some star pro athletes will hire their own to attack their personal opponents. Judge Bill was convinced that Roger Clemens used “satanic psychics to attack the batters that he faced,” as Clemens is always “a foul-mouthed creep,” “never a gentleman,” and “not able to hide his involvement with that crap.” “Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant…” “[Sports psychics were] pretty much proved to me when the Red Sox strangely controlled the Rockies in the 2007 World Series.” (Note: on 3/20/14 Colorado men’s basketball was embarrassed in their NCAA tournament game. Post game, one CU player commented, “We came out there [at the start] unfocused.” This is exactly what Judge Bill described is a typical result of sports satanic psychic attack.

Bill speculated that the expansion of dirty psychic activity, especially in sports over the past decade or more, may be due to the Russian KGB-trained psychics now being allowed to leave Russia. One coffee clutch attendee reminded us that Kruschev said that America will collapse from the inside. We threw this around the table for speculation and eventually concurred that any influx of KGB-trained psychics is probably not a focused political attack but just the quest for higher income by the individual former-KGB psychic agents. We agreed on the opinion that if any country were to attack us with mass psychic attic activity, that would be China. [Carol and I have encountered plenty of Russian and Chinese agents in our orgonite field work over the years but her sense was that they were all clearly working for and/or with the NSA, CIA and FBI. ~Don]

In the following, concluding segment the Judge tells about planned federal agendae that may be impossible to carry out, now, but that the feds still stupidly believe that they’re capable of achieving ;-), but it’s obvious that they’re not only behind schedule but have lost too much momentum to achieve their major goals, aside from protecting their heroin resource and the petroleum pipeline in Afghanistan. Cynically appointing the current chump neocon mouthpiece to the presidency has pushed the credulity of the pajama-clad majority of Americans closer to the brink, at least (‘We shall overcomb!’).

Many of us still feel that it’s still very important to to keep putting orgonite devices in strategic places and to be thorough while we’re at it. You’ll see more in the following about why we value our psychic associates in the worldwide, unorganized orgonite field network, by the way. This has made me pretty excited to do a major campaign in Colorado, on par with our successful desert reversal efforts and our ruination of the hurricane agenda. Even though the judge had been infested with cancer by one of his peers the newspaper said he’d died of a heart attack, which is another typical assassination ploy. Maybe the cancer wasn’t killing him fast enough but we know that the sewer rat agencies and their Babylonian/satanic masters are often too hasty about recovering lost ground and they expose themselves some more on account of that. The CIA hosted our orgonite cloudbuster plans on one of their featured disinformation websites in 2001, for instance, and within a year thousands of home-built CBs had destroyed the chemtrail agenda. Flooding the internet with chemtrail fear porn a couple of years later was too little and too late to for them to recover from that clumsy faux pas , for instance.

In the Book of Hosea it’s written that ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge,’ and if Judge Long had a zapper and wore some orgonite he’d probably still be around. I hope the fellow who sent me this document knows about that because they’re probably poisoning him, too, and nailing him with subtle energy weaponry.

I’m writing down all of the targets that Judge Long has mentioned and I’ll post them in another thread in this Specific Targets section of, soon. Let’s see who can do them all first! This reminds me of one of the most fun field campaigns that Carol and I did: DB had given us locations of all of the secret satanic ritual sites on and around Mt Shasta and we did those in the late spring of 2004. The CIA/theosophy cult that had a stranglehold on the area lost their grip after that but we had a lot of other profound, more immediate confirmations that we were on target with this and that it was timely. Whoever will nail these Colorado targets is probably in store for similar empowerment and satisfaction and I hope it will be Carol and I but we like to share, of course.

I also want to see whether the “Disclosure Movement” is leading up to the phony UFO agenda at Denver Airport which he mentions below. I assume it might, because the ‘spokesmen’ for the movement are typical, charismatic young gurus from the theosophy/masonry stable, slightly groomed to keep up with the times. I think that DB’s associates in that stable, including ‘Maitreya,’ have gotten too long in the tooth to lead the present, infantile and spurious luciferic Pied Piper crusade.


Judge Long confessed that he was allowed to be a municipal judge because it “was understood” that he may be called upon to throw a case now and again. Bill said he was speaking to us about all of this because now, to be appointed as a county or district judge, one “has to have proficiency with satanic dark arts.” He said that he turned down an offer to be a county judge because he turned down “the requirement to get involved with satanism.”

Satanic judges know you’re off balance and out of sync in court because of the satanism that’s directed at you. Quite often, they repeatedly interrupt you, illegally suppressing your testimony. It happens everyday, all day long, if they sense that they can get away with it, all to get more money out of you–plus the power aspect." “They are a ‘cult;’ for power and money.”

He added, “Those retired satanic judges and prosecutors aren’t likely to hang around coffee shops and chat with the ol’ boys. They need to hide because, up close, their satanism can be felt; detected, especially if you’ve been a victim of their satanism.” “They can only socialize with each other.” “God-loving, honest people make them nervous and jittery. I’ve seen that a number of times.”

He felt that the satanism has gotten increasingly more recognizable by the public in recent years, partially shown by the advent of scans beyond mere metal detectors in court houses, saying, “The satanists get armed guards, and you get a cavity search.” This expanding security state we’re experiencing is a convenient cover for the growing exposure of satanism that’s used by most every authority and power structure that you can think of."

“Courts and ‘officialdom’ make poor light of real psychics because good psychics have the ability to more readily detect satanism and can see how deeply entrenched it is in ‘officialdom,’ in our country.” “I’m told that psychics are always a target of satanic groups; [that] makes sense.” He said that the larger prosecutor offices are “just apprentice-type training grounds for satanism; for future judges.” He considered all that to be 'vile voodoo," 'beyond belief," and 'treason against all human beings."

Bill said that his “contacts on this specific issue” showed a lot of patience in explaining all this until he understood it. He was told that quantum science scratches the surface of this but that it doesn’t really get it. It is “will and intention with dark arts that manipulates world issues and local issues,…with the specific placement of satanists in authority positions who know specific satanic details,” details that quantum scientists “seem to be distracted from.” This is why “psychics are always a big target,” because they have “the best potential to see through the satanism, better than the distracted quantum people.”

I told Bill that I knew of a 2006 incident in Boulder in which Boulder detectives (not uniformed police), apprehended a Native American Medicine Woman (Pat Masters) who was visiting from South Dakota. She was taken to a police station, where all her clothes were taken and she sat, naked and alone, in a room for two hours. Then two uniformed policemen, without their badges and name tags, entered the room and tortured her with hand-held electric stun guns. All threatened charges against her were never filed. her pet dog nearly died of dehydration while interred at the Boulder Humane Society.

Bill hung his head, drank his coffee and refused eye contact for awhile. He said that he had heard of that incident (with the recent revelations of the illegal intrusiveness of the NSA and cell phone tracking capability, I’d bet her movements were monitored, even locally. Stingray suitcase-sized cell tracker?).

We spoke of 9/11/01. Bill said that we were spending a couple of trillion dollars on something that couldn’t be proven in a court of law and would “certainly be disproven if legally challenged.” He was well aware of the push to build the UNOCAL pipeline across Afghanistan to get Caspian Sea oil and natural gas marketed to China and India. When I called the event the 'Grand Bamboozle," he said that it was 'the best polite term" that he has heard about the event.

Bill had met with a woman from India who has an uncle back in the old country “who is receiving ‘political perks’” for a new oil pipeline running across his land This branches off of the new pipeline that comes through Pakistan and Afghanistan from the Caspian Sea area. The grandson of one coffee clatcher knows an Indian college student whose father is a new hire at a refinery, per the new pipeline to an Indian refinery–a big one.

Judge Bill knew of the increase in Afghan heroin production and estimated that it has “probably multiplied at least six-fold” since the start of the Pentagon’s occupation. He said that it appears that we have lost our country and that “the Afghanistan occupation is Vietnam all over again, but worse” and that “it will likely last indefinitely in some form or another.” Bill claimed, “The Pentagon’s Afghan heroin program is still not as grand as the CIA’s decades-long South America cocaine operations.” He had met an Army Special Forces veteran who had been assigned to a 'special unit at Fort Benning, Georgia." The unit assigns detachments for six month deployments to South America, where their mission is to search and destroy any small cartels that compete with the large cartel (CIA). “This isn’t the first empire to prosper from illicit drugs.” “‘Take their money and keep them stupid.’”

Judge Long said that it could be “a safe be that the only (US) GIs getting killed in Afghanistan are the unlucky ones who get assigned to protect the oil and gas pipelines or the heroin operations,” saying that, “If they can lie about the World Trade Center, then they can lie about a few murders overseas.” Bill noted that the Pentagon bought all the press rights out of Afghanistan–before the bombing started on October 7.

Bill claimed that he sensed in advance that Hilary would get the State Department in 2008. “It’s State, DoD and the CIA who bring drugs into this country. Hilary has been an international drug dealer since she was a governor’s wife; big satanist, too.”

Bill said that the Grand Bamboozle is “sadly defining life in America”–commenting on how much power over civilization is held by “the international pirates of natural resources.” He said, “Civilization is quickly digressing, with America at the forefront of the digression.”

One coffee clatch attendee asked Bill if psychic dark arts were used in the 9/11 Grand Bamboozle and the official story of it all. Judge Lon replied, “What do YOU think? It’s probably off the charts. Real evidence has been hidden or destroyed and witnesses have been silenced from day one.”

With that statement, I told Bill and five others that I was on the website of US Senator Paul Wellstone on the Friday afternoon of the day that his small plane went down. I clicked “itinerary” on his site and found that on the following Tuesday, at 9:30AM, the senator was going to open is own investigation of ENRON. ENRON had a major interest in a gas-fired electricity generation plant in Pakistan, on the path of the pipeline. It was later bought by Bechtel and GE, who were the building contractors on the project.

A number of times we spoke of "contrived shootings, “like the ones which have recently made the front page of the news.” Bill reminded us that in 1976 an NSA official testified to a Congressional committee that they (the NSA) “have shooters on the shelf,” referring to “subjects” who were psychically programmed with multiple personalities which can be revived by the programmers at any time, Manchurian-candidate style. He wished he had kept a copy of that testimony, which a “judicial friend” had shared with him, because “it may be harder to dig up, now”–(Church hearings?).

After he first spoke of this, he later said that official papers have just been released that further admit to federal psychically-trained assassins. He said to notice how all of the shooters end up dead at the scene or are at least kept from “local investigative scrutiny.”

Twice I heard Judge Bill say that he hopes to live long enough to see the UN/NSA-planned phony UFO landing at “Denver Interplanetary Airport.” He said, “For such an event, the mind-numbing technology and psycho-satanism will outdo even the 9/11 nonsense.” “I’m told that somehow the Pope will be involved in this fiasco.” He often said that he’d “like to go out laughing.” Bill said that once he was told that a clone would be involved in this but he wasn’t given much of the details on that.

Bill said that this is planned for after the federal government moves to Denver and the Colorado Front Range, which he DOES NOT want to be around for. He said, "it’ll be under “emergency conditions and dirty as hell. Watch for Obama to already be out West when it happens; California, I’m told.”

His contact told him that “what’s on the table right now” as the reason for the move to Denver is “…a few planned earthquakes in the Eastern US, maybe with a category-gazillion hurricane.” “Our air force does weather control but I’m told that Russia is the best on the storm stuff and that they’re for hire.” “The whole affair will be one very well orchestrated grab for martial law.” He said it is a push to get all of the world’s militaries under the control of the UN; single world currency, also. “I’ll be praying for the lot of you from my grave. Good luck.”

Bill claimed that when this happens, agents from a couple of intel agencies will move into the buildings north of the Boulder Police Station, which now house a small biotech firm. He said that the empty business park just east of Longmont Humane Society has “long been saved for a gaggle of federal agencies.”

(The governor has never moved into the governor’s mansion. An eight-apartment/condo complex is now being build within walking distance of the Boulder Police Station; this big one right next to the railroad tracks. There’s a new motel there, too.) “Be wary of quarantines on the Fed-controlled Front Range, based on faulty data; outright lies, actually.”

Judge Long said that there’s a former military intel guy who speaks about how world events are known about well in advance because “[the] events are fabricated and further orchestrated for the taking of resources and the manipulation of mass opinion for unspoken permission to bypass the US Constitution and other specific statues.” He said to internet-search for John Moore (

Bill said there was a recent (2009) obscured news report that, “The mother-in-law of the new President was just caught doing African voodoo in the White house. This gal would be a perfect fit for Denver.” He said it was called, “‘Sinatra’ or ‘Santeri’ or something like that.” He smirked and shook his head. “It’s remarkably clever that Nairobi is a sister city of Denver.” “I’m told that the feds have full plans to expose Obama as an African, on their chosen timing. It’s been a setup from the start. Why?–well, they wouldn’t give me that detail. When I commented that there seems to be a grand treason underfoot they replied, ‘Americans will feel as if they don’t have a country.’”

He said that “a sizable portion” of his information comes from a former CIA agent who is employed at McGuckin’s Hardware Store. Bill said there are a handful of former federal agents employed there (3 in the woodstove corner)" and a few dozen more of them in the area. This local collection of semi-retired federal agents have something to do with all of the federal science stations, here and up and down the (Colorado) Front Range, with the Department of Standards being “[the] recipient of this assemblage of agents,” and that, “I’d bet that intel is behind all this.” He didn’t know what the major reason for this is, other than that the Dept of Standards would know the major scheme of it all. He added, “This has been going on since before 9/11,” and, “I suppose they’re laying the groundwork for the federal government to move here.”

“After that last building addition by Standards, there’s now underground housing for some 6,500 people. I’d like to know what that’s all about. And where does money for all that come from?” He quipped that the Boulder Police take marching orders from the local feds, even more than they take advice from the DA’s office.

Bill said that the local IBM plant and the North Boulder antenna mesa “have some very deep and dark federal connections,” and that those installations are “at least a part of the reason for the generous collection of active and former federal agents here.” “The [local] IBM push for early retirements in 1989 or so was designed to make more room for NSA personnel.” He mentioned the NSA as the actual operators of the antenna mesa north of Boulder and that they control the NCAR outpost just east of Marshall (just south of Boulder) that has a big antenna fence across the road from it. The antenna fence was built during “a phony claim as a Superfund site.” He said, “Vile electronics,” then refused to speak of any more details.

I’m confident that our former coffee meetings would love the current saga of the NSA whistle blower leaks and that Judge Long would lead the banter. He said, “The NSA gets better than $295 billion a year, with that master number split up and hidden in other programs and budgets.” Bill said that it “has been known since 1979 that if you don’t want anything repeated to you, don’t say it over the phone,” which could suggest that the recent NSA phone/data scandal is old tech and that the current exposé could be a distraction/diversion away from something much bigger or is merely a meme to suggest that you are hopelessly conquered. “The NRO gets $108 billion a year. That’s on their website.”

I’ve been inspired to put together my notes of retired judge William H. Long’s words for a peculiar reason. Some months ago, I gave a spare phone of mine to someone in need of a one. He told me that five times, when he used the phone in the first few days of having it, that the Boulder police have instantly shown up around him just after he used the phone. Two of those times were when he had just called me. I believe that the local authorities have identified me as one of those who had heard the late-life articulations of a frustrated, honest judge.

In the past few years, since Judge Long has passed, on occasion my phone has drained, as if I had been using it. I asked around about this. One person got back to me, saying he had asked someone “who would know about it.” That person said that my phone “was being hacked,” I was “being listened to,” and/or “nasty frequencies were being broadcast to you(me).” It may happen a few times per month or sometimes not for a month or more.

“The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Just let it loose; it will defend itself.” ~St. Augustine.

Bill spoke of how prosecutors and judges will use psychic satanism to attack:

“The satanism is used to confuse you in court; make you stupid; control you.”

I told Bill details that suggested that I was attached with satanic activity over the matter. Per my details, he confirmed that I was psychically-satanically attacked.

The retired judge said that he’d never talked to someone who was conscious about being a victim of satanic-psychic attack]

I have to confess, I probably have been under attack for 2 years now…

I would love advice on spotting the interference and perhaps someone has a “how to” guide that they wouldn’t mind sharing…

I loved the article, I love this work, but what exactly do we do when we know that they know?

Thanks for sharing the information, Don.

Welcome to the forum - schedule time with Dooney, best investment you’ll ever make.

Looking forward to reading some of your gifting accounts…


Don, this is a very interesting empowering testimony and commentary, thanks great stuff.

About the marble pargraph, quoted here below

That (satanism) has something to do with all the marble in court houses. Somehow it (the satanism) gets injected into the marble with ritual or dirty prayers." “I remember something about the old Enron headquarters being filled with pink marble.” “JeffCo (Jefferson County courthouse-- lots of marble) feels like a cesspool, even more than the one in Boulder.”

I dont know if you remember that once I wrote you from London, that outside the Freemason House in QE street there where spheres made with a pink stone. At the time I was thinkink also that maybe certain elements, even of ‘human source’ could be mixed/buried with concrete or stone dust and become part of the building.

I have noticed that orgonite is very effective with curing geopathic ground, and that in a urban scenario that often coincides with corners or convergences of roads. When it comes to sound, inside a close space, the waves of certain frequencies get trapped in the corners, since the middle would be exposed to the direct energy and partly absorb, partly resonate and let sound trough or tremble and some willl be reflected back. On the other hand protunding shapes like pyramids or step like patterns are used to break waves. And by chance about the satanist from IBM here is the aerial weird design graphics from IBM in San Felice. Bonus pic the heck of the inverted pentacle logo of the space age nursery. (The nursery is located in Via Giasone del Maino, a 15th century Jureconsult ‘’ Giasone del Maino (Jason de Mayno) (1435–1519) was an Italian jurist. With his pupil Filippo Decio he was one of the last of the Bartolist commentators on Roman law.‘’


about the logo notice that one part ofthe star is a square and one part of the planet oval is a arch in white… Ne te esmay (never wonder).

click and scroll

When you were living in England many years ago, Silvio, I was eager for you to start posting your field reports because your keen observations when target hunting and your willingness to follow your intuitive hunches are exemplary. It’s nice for us all to get confirmations from people like Judge Long who have had direct experience with how filthy sorcery is used to rule humanity from a position of hiding in plain sight Cool.

Switchback: right after I met you in my travels last summer I was expecting you to start posting some of the interesting stuff you’d told me, over breakfast, about the feds intimidating you and interfering with your home and possessions because all that was typical boilerplating/gaslighting that any proficient orgonite flinger can expect to happen as a confirmation for his effectiveness and/or potential effectiveness in the field and you’re living in one of their key cities. Why not just be proactive under the circumstances? Please do learn from Dooney how we all hit them back, hard, in the etheric realm in order to have a little peace and tranquility in our lives, okay?

Edu, thanks for setting up a PDF for the notes above. I should have immediately posted that Bill in New York had already committed to this and Mary in Canada was in the process of kindly proofreading the material for my final edit. I’ve just finished fixing all of the little typos and misspellings that she listed for me and will contact Bill this morning so I can get that link set up on the home page. I’ll name the link the same as the title for this thread.

I’ve been hearing from Europeans who speculate that satanism is also the basis for their own governments. I have the impression that China is the only major power that isn’t run by this Babylonian/Phoenician/Venetian paradigm of massive-scale child sacrifice and universal mayhem which more lately came to be known as luciferianism/satanism. China was apparently always controlled by the slightly less bloodthirsty Triads, some of whom were emperors, and I’ve long suspected that the Chinese people and even many in their government long for ‘the good old days’ of Mongol rule when people were generally more prosperous, officials were not vicious parasites and international trade had displaced constant warfare–from the Pacific to the Mediterranean. The Mongols were a lot more straightforward about their intentions and goals, sans the creepy, parasitic agenda that we’re experiencing now, all over the planet. I expect China to continue to do for the world what Kublai Khan did for all of Asia in that regard and then I expect the Chinese people to stop putting up with their government’s aggressive surveillance and residual tyranny so that China may set an example similar to (but more advanced and refined than?) the earlier, short-lived but very dynamic American example of a constitutional, egalitarian republic.

I can’t seem to mention China without also saying something about Africa because I think those two entities will be guiding humanity’s evolution from now on and that the occluded history of civilization in Africa will be revealed, if I’m not mistaken. I assume that the unstoppable spread of orgonite through the dark continent will help to midwife this process. An example of the latter is that we’ve all been programmed on the sly by moronic masonry to assume that ‘Egyptian culture was a remnant of Atlantis’ but in my reading and re-reading of institutionally-ignored archaeological books by reputable authors who had/have no masonic agenda it’s become abundantly clear that Egyptian culture originated in Africa and there is even literal, explicit evidence of this, written on the temple walls of Karnak. The exquisite Nubian pyramids near the concourse of the Blue and White Niles at Khartoum are even clearer indications. In the ancient wars between Egypt and Nubia the Egyptians never managed to take that territory, perhaps because the Africans apparently had weapons of carbon steel Winkin the Bronze Age. The current, oppressive Arab ruling class in Sudan didn’t arrive there until quiet recently, as a result of the French conquest of Egypt.

Meanwhile, I expect the sale of exquisite, protective Bilo orgonite to both teach us some finer points of self defense against the corporate world order’s ubiquitous, disgusting sorcery and capitalize the kikundi’s ability to pay for their lamented Big Emergencies, which ought to effectively stop that London-orchestrated sabotage agenda against them in their toady courts and police forces of East Africa.

Thanks, Don - I’d add that I’ve read of the “Great White Brotherhood”, who are reputed to live beneath (China’s) Gobi Desert.

I think these guys all play for the seam team, but fight amongst one another as one would see in a crime family.

And I could see the West as almost-comically-exaggerated Bad Cop to their Good Cop. If our current ruler is not a comically-exaggerated Bad Cop, I’m not sure what is.

To work the Plan, they use what they refer to as a “strategy of tension”, pitting one side against another, always, forever, polarizing each “side”, owning each side, owning all the sides.

They’re all genetically-related - the rulers, that is, the people at the top of the Control pyramids, even into the Chinese side - one bloodline. Or so I have subjectively concluded.

The Serpent Cult.

Another name used by British Intelligence (theoophy) for the ‘Great White Brotherhood,’ is ‘Ascended Masters.’ Some of us refer to them as ‘the dark masters,’ and the psychics’ impression is that they’re incredibly old and mostly alien. I’ve speculated that they created the Gobi Desert simply by their presence Wink. It makes sense that the corporate order wants people to believe that these creeps are like gods and some have also speculated that the Rothschilds and other parasites are simply their middlemen, sort of like how the Rockefellers and other American oligarchs are the Brit/Venetian parasites’ middlemen, etc. This might explain how it was possible for the Chinese to blindside the ‘world order’ and take it over a decade or so ago because Britain apparently set Mao Tse Tung up through their agent, Stalin, so it should have gone another way, resulting in even more power for the banksters in London. This is partly speculation but I’m always trying to make sense of what’s happening behind and underneath media/academia’s obfuscations. Have you noticed that Mao looks nothing like his siblings or parents and is a foot taller than all of them? One research journalist alleges that he was fathered by one of the French Rothschilds and the claim that he was trained by Bertrand Russell is supported by circumstantial evidence in Russell’s own account of having traveled to that obscure, hard to reach Chinese city at the time. He hated people who weren’t white, so why else would he go there?

Edu in Brazil sent me a link and his brief note simply said it’s a ‘must watch.’ I typically ask people for a synopsis before I commit the time and when I asked him, he kindly sent this:

Briefly, he tells the story when he moved from being an Dutch export/import company owner to work in the financial market. He was asked one day by an acquaintance in exchange business what was his motivation in life, which he answered that it was to be very wealthy to the point he didn’t really have to work. Them he was asked to “put his consc in the freezer” and was introduced to the financial game players. He them worked to the big players in corporate order, taking assignments from clients including governments, secret services, banks, big corporations, criminal organizations, moving large sums of money from country to country unnoticed to regulatory organs.

He sworn to never reveal the names of the players. He tells how they pretend to play by rules as the ordinary citzens but use loopholes in law, making legislation an illusion. Most of his colleagues went on alcohol or drugs to avoid realizing how much damage they did to people affected by their business. He tells that some of his clients were satanist and luciferians and that he didn’t bother with their “naked women” rituals at the time, until one day he was invited to participate in child sacrifice. He refused and went in breakdown, started refusing assignments and quit his work. He tells that this people control each other trough blackmail of their crimes, and that it was too hard to blackmail him. He was tortured after that so that he would be afraid to tell names of people and companies involved.

Most of his old time colleagues died of drug abuse. He says that he feels these people really believed in what their were doing, that they were motivated by hatred and that there is really an spiritual dimension behind this all. In summary he tells that he was being trained to be a psychopath but he failed.

Since it ties closely to the subject of this thread I decided to post it, here. Thanks, Edu!

For the past six months or so I’ve been tracking a decrease in emails from people who tell me that they’re being gangstalked and/or attacked by professional psychics and/or subtle energy weaponry. The gangstalking trend is interesting because that requires the CIA, FBI and NSA to use a whole lot of their own people and, presumably, felons recruited from prisons for the purpose and they seem to profile and then target individuals who are likely to make a noise about it on the internet and reach out to every conceivable ‘helper.’ In past years I pretty much knew that these unstable people were unlikely do do what was necessary to get these feds/felons off their backs so whenever I could, I persuaded them to take photographs of them and send them to me. I’ve posted a few of those, which made my time and effort with the gangstalked people productive for me, at least.

Only a few of them took responsibility for shaking these parasites loose and getting proactive with orgonite. The enemy aren’t as good at profiling as they believe Wink.

People who are targeted by the psi corps and weaponry are generally those who are accountable or potentially accountable and capable of standing up to the Old Parasite. I think there are millions of those and I’ve felt since the early 90s that there are more sewer rats (employees of secret police agencies) than there are military and police combined.

I had an interesting talk with Terry, my kindly aviation mentor and Vietnam era combat pilot who keeps his planes in my hangar. When I mentioned seeing green Russian helicopters in the early 90s where I lived, north of Seattle, he confirmed that when he was working for Northrop (head of the test pilot program) at the time they used to try to track these Russian helicopters on radar as a pastime at work (Southern California, hear Tehachapi) and were never quite able to follow them. He has to be careful talking to me, since he has clearances from those times and the spooks monitor both of us around the clock, but he also knows that these sewer rats are omnipresent, everywhere, and he’s not paranoid. The reason I was seeing them was that the criminal regime in Washington were turning Cascades National Park into a Russian military base at the time.

I lived near the entrance of that park and Russian soldiers were stopping all of the cars on Washington Highway 20, which was the only way into it. The same thing was happening in Canada’s national park that was adjacent to it and I met a copper miner in Nelson, BC, a couple of years later who told me that he saw ten thousand or so Russian troops in a huge cavern that was part of a mine just north of the border crossing that was east of the park. The plan to close off the park to the public was abandoned quite suddenly, shortly after it was announced. One of my customers who owned a boatyard in Anacortes, Washington, told me that his son was a militia member (they were quite active around the country in those years) and also a policeman and when a large number of Russian soldiers were preparing to cross into the US, north of Oroville, where he lived (quite far east of the national park) a bunch of militia guys armed themselves, piled into pickups and told the US Border guards that if the Russians came over, they’d fight them. The Russians turned around and left Wink. I was seeing lots of Russian military convoys on the highway in the Seattle area at the time and that really reinforced my doom paradigm, which I’d had since I was a teen in the 60s and only got over in 2004 when it was clear to me that China would prevent WWIII.

The banksters had just destroyed the Russian economy, so their army of occupation in Eastern Europe literally couldn’t go home, so the banksters engineered their transfer to North America. If you remember, you’ll notice that it was in those years that Hollywood started writing the ubiquitous ‘Russian Mob’ into their scripts all of a sudden, as if they’d always been here. I suppose anyone is free to sell heroin and abduct children for the CIA in America.

A mid-level producer in Hollywood tried to scam me in 2004 to ‘help me make a movie,’ and at the same time he was acting aggressively toward DB and may have been responsible for destroying the professional-quality instructional film that DB, Carol and I had just made about orgonite cloudbusters. That was a fun project and DB had hired a cameraman and sound guy from Hollywood. I made the would-be mole in his first email, of course. I never let on that I know and when I correspond with spooks we can get valuable intel–mainly just an understanding of their m.o., of course. Yesterday, he contacted me for the first time since those days and said he had produced a documentary film that was helping to take down the pharmaceutical cartel. I sincerely congratulated him but I know that this is a rear-guard action to prevent deeper and more effective exposure of his employer, the Old Parasite. His sudden, renewed interest is probably a good sign and I’m hoping it’s connected to the enemy’s evident failure to effectively suppress our business in recent months. By now, I think Francisco of is the last remaining target among us for active suppression and we’re working on that. He’s taking steps to get out from under it, too.

Another sign that we’re getting clear of these disgusting corporate/military mchawi (sorcerers) is that a zapper customer in the US Virgin Islands experienced overt interference by the Food and Drug Administration last week. We had sent her a zapper through express mail and it hadn’t turned up in almost two weeks, then she got an email from the FDA indicating that they’d taken the package and wanted information from her. Carol advised her not to respond, of course (this acknowledges their illegal, inferred claim to jurisdiction) and that we’d sent her another one but only to a separate person and address. This hadn’t happened in the 21 years that we’ve been in the healing trade. It was the state of Idaho that tried to shut us down in 2013 but the evidence that this was on behalf of the federal sewer rats is that all of the cancer-cure testimonials were hacked from our website on the same day. We’re actually afraid to share any more cancer cure testimonials on the website on account of that but we prefer to sell products by direct customer referral so it’s not a big defeat.

This ever-present threat is why we keep a motorhome in another state, of course Cool; the bloated enemy are generally too lazy to pursue a moving target and we’ve had to resort to that twice since 2000. Not long after I started the zapper business in '96 I casually named it, ‘Guerilla Manufacturing and Marketing,’ because when I began getting routine reports of cancer cures from my customers at the time I was absolutely sure that I would never succeed in this business in the ‘traditional’ way–at least for as long as the world was ruled by parasites and at the time I didn’t foresee an end to that cancer in the body politic.

This may not directly relate to the subject of the thread but I’ve found, over the years, that the internet is unbelievably powerful for helping us protect ourselves. All we need to do in this case, when under attack or when an assault is being planned by the Old Parasite, is to simply announce it on even the most obscure public venue. Maybe it’s a little like how the enemy have to announce all of their grisly plans and accomplishments publicly, even if it’s just in a goofy Hollywood B-movie’s script. That’s why Carol and I pay close attention to what Hollywood is telling us constantly.

It certainly does relate in terms of the Old Parasite being luciferic. They actually believe this Babylonian crap, apparently–evidence of that is Bohemian Grove. I love reading Miles Mathis’ papers and he realizes that the felons who rule the world practice satanic rituals but he hasn’t yet come to terms with the reality of magic, perhaps because of his institutional science training, but I think he’s moving in that direction.

I need to explore how the old Greek gnosticism programming may have been a predecessor to theosophy for brainwashing the weaker-minded majority of faux-awake people into assuming a luciferic worldview. Theosophy leans heavily on this older programming in their current drive to ‘own’ the Magdalene traditions so maybe that’s a good place to start. Maybe I need to go to France and get acquainted with some genuine Cathars in order to get a starting point. This fake spirituality stuff is always ego-oriented–have you noticed? I think it’s the root of the luciferic con that ‘you can be like God.’ I used to wonder why only unstable people really believed this old scam Cool but now it’s pretty obvious.