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05 Dec 2008 13:04
Subject: Act Locally
In chats I mention stuff and then Don tells me it would be good to post about it, but I hardly ever do! So here is a catch-up on the ‘homework’ , sorry if it’s a bit of a hotch-potch.

Starting at the beginning, there are three of us here around Aberdeen, Scotland, who have been looking into conspiracy reality for over three years now; my discovering orgonite was very much part of that. We have gone through the whole set of world view permutations that everyone who wakes up to what is really going on has to go through – and that doesn’t ever stop as more and more layers are uncovered.

After we had met regularly, read a great number of books and websites, we realised that we couldn’t just sit on this information, we had to somehow communicate it to other people. And just at that moment, one of us was asked could he give a presentation on 9/11. From the interest sparked by this talk emerged a whole series of talks on financial fraud, pharma & vaccine scam, global warming hoax, depopulation agenda, the spiritual background to all this etc, etc.

As happens to anyone who begins to realise what’s going on, at first we overwhelmed people with the amount of information as we felt that we had to communicate so much, there are so many ramifications and everything hangs together. This seems necessary, but there is only so much people can take before getting information overload, so the format of our evenings evolved into a discussion group with one of us giving a short introduction followed by an open exchange of views. This is working very well and it never ceases to amaze me how every time we meet we are able to create some real spiritual substance; I think this happens because we have, over time, organically established a protocol whereby we all listen respectfully to what others have to say and let our personal ideologies or world views take a back seat. Of course we get excited occasionally and there are disagreements, thank goodness, but I daresay we have all learnt to be more open and flexible, learning to recognise and acknowledge each others’ value.

Isn’t that just a talking shop, you might ask, and what’s it got to do with ridding the planet of parasites? My answer to that is that consciousness is everything; once it wakes up it in us, it creates ever more of itself in a virtuous spiral of growth and is not bound by the physical limits of our body. By shining its light on all the Old World Odour’s misdeeds we add to the awareness globally, even if we’re not personally in touch with every awake individual. The fact that so many people are unaware, unconscious of the Deception is what keeps the latter going; every individual who wakes up throws a much bigger spanner in the works than they think. Why do you think the sewer rats go to such length to discourage single gifters? Just read Carolien’s report at … 5397#p5397

This group has now been going for well over 18 months, its e-mail membership has increased though there are relatively few who come to the monthly meetings and they are always eager for the next one. This fact is an indicator that we are onto something real and that transformations are happening at a personal level. At some point in the not too distant future I will give a presentation on orgonite, when the time feels right. I have already given TBs out to various people and quite a few are aware of what I’m doing so making it more widely known will not be a huge step.

One of the big issues we have brought to people’s attention is the global warming hoax, something that many good people have a hard time accepting as a lie. So Richard has written an overview for such folks here Without going into the deeper levels of deception and dark occult machinations this article gently but firmly dismantles the mass psychosis created by Al Goreblimey’s film. I would also add the link to Constance Cumbey here that Khalil posted a few weeks back, this video really shows the smelly pedigree of the New Age and some of the environmental movements…ew-age-movement All this stuff bears repeating and we bring it up in the group every now and again, along with all the other things we’re looking into.

It is my personal view that the new universal religion is communication, i.e. talking with other people. This is a religion that has 6 billion plus followers, though most of them don’t know it yet [Image Can Not Be Found]! Have you noticed that many of our civilisation’s contraptions seem designed to isolate us from each other: the car, the TV, the computer, the personal stereo etc? I’ve never been much of a one for groups, so our group has been a real discovery for me; the enthusiasm that is naturally generated by like-minded people is a powerful means to create a better future. We didn’t start out with a fixed goal of creating such an assemblage of different individuals, it just happened, though we are very aware of this dynamic and make sure that we follow its promptings rather than going in a predetermined direction. We are also aware of the possibility of infiltration and actually thwarted one such occurrence with the help of the chat group.

I originally wanted to post something like this in response to the post about the Swedish poker champion who wrote a long email to Don (can’t find the post) because it shows a similar awakening to what happened to us round here, undoubtedly orgonite had its hand in this Wink .

More to follow on some of the other talk and walk we are working on, I hope.


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