An Adventurous Blue Crab

A couple of days ago, Carol and I parked at the video store on the other side of the nearby buolevard and a couple of people were frantically herding what we supposed was a small animal that had gone under the car next to us.

One fellow had a long stick and he drove a large blue crab from underneat that car. We went in to get our movies and when we came out, the crab had climbed up inside our left front wheel, then into the engine compartment. When Carol started moving he came back down and as we were driving away, the other person, who had just moved here and had never seen a live crab before, dropped an open cardboard box on it.

That one was the same size as the blue crab that took up residence under our cloudbuster, which is in the corner of the deck. It dug in beside the CB, then hollowed out a chamber directly under the base. A half dozen other, smaller crabs burrowed in under the deck nearby but it’s been raining an awful lot,lately, and all their homes filled with water.

I half wondered whether he had sought our car as a refuge because it’s familiar. The crabs near our CB are much bolder than any we’ve seen and a couple of them will even come out of their holes when we’re out on the deck or when we come home. I’m kind of fond of them. Jeff says that blue crabs have to be fed corn meal for a week, otherwise they taste kind of gamey. I suppose I’ll cry the next time I eat crabcakes, like the walrus and carpenter did when eating oysters.

That afternoon, when Jeff was visiting, we told him about it and he speculated that the wandering crab had perhaps ingested so much orgone from the cloudbuster base that he undertook an extraordinary adventure across the boulevard. He said, ‘Imagine that you lived with a piece of orgonite the size of your easy chair over your head!’ and I laughed so hard, sitting in my easy chair, that I choked.


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