An Email To Me From Andy Of

Don Croft
08 Aug 2008 12:25
Subject: An Email to me from Andy of
I read today a news article regarding pRes Bush speaking to
a group of citizens in small-town Ohio somewhere. (I’m not
big on details) and after his dumass speech he asked if anyone
had any questions. No one did. No one. So he bullshitted for a little
longer then left.

I would have had a few questions.

My first one would have been; “How many square-feet of underground-
base is there under the 98,500 acres you bought in Paraguay?”

Or something.

Or maybe, “Is it true blood tastes better than V-8?”


The various “election” operatives are doing an amazing job
of making it appear as if it were a real election! That Obama
guy is a perfect choice by the Zionsts, he is charming as
Hell and has a cute family. His color, name, Oreo-ness is
all so perfect for a year 2008, American candidate. Those
thinktank dudes that designed this guy out-did themselves.

What a scam.



Andy, I posted your note in the Miscellaneous section. Why not post stuff like this on your own? Good conversation material.

My jaw dropped in early June, when O’Bomber apparentlty gave his presidential inaugural address to the Chicago Zionists (Meyer Lansky’s people) and promised them that he was going to nuke Persia for them ASAP Wink

Another question I might ask the fake president: Is it true that your grandad was Aleister Crowley? Cool


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