Ancient Orgone Generators

Earlier this year while visiting stone henge, me and a friend passed Silbury Hill

We stopped and stood there, admiring the ancient hill
we noticed a sign – it said that the hill was made of alternating layers of soil and gravel……

soil is organic
gravel is inorganic

I thought “wow! we are looking at an ancient orgone generator…… But where is a the quartz?” I thought and i left it at that.

But I just read this thread by monsoon gecko -

Sand contains quartz – and some sand/quartz is bound to be present in the soil…

How cool!!

Any thoughts??

I’d say ‘yep’. I’d thought the same thing about old time log houses built with interleaved layers of concrete-like mud.

Most stone is quartz or contains quartz. Quartz is nothing more than silicon dioxide and it makes up most of the “rock” that makes up the Earth. Pretty sure bet that perhaps though that gravel isn’t crystalline quartz, there’s a dose of quartz in there.

The only thing I could see being less good about sand is that it contains impurities and may not be as regular a crystalline structure as a piece of quartz crystal but in large quantities like that hill, this probably doesn’t matter much.

Been meaning to make a TB using maybe a teaspoon or two of washed kiddie sand (which seems to be really pure, clean sand and under a microscope a lot of it is clear/transparent) to see what the energy signature of it looks like as compared to an equivalent device made with a piece of quartz crystal but haven’t gotten that far down on my to-do list yet. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if a teaspoon of kiddie sand works well enough to use in place of a quartz crystal chip! Of course, I’m not making any such claim at this point as I haven’t done the experiment yet but I’m sure the device will work – just not sure how well till I make it.

Pretty much any “rock” thats transparent to mildly translucent is most assuredly quartz. If you break it up and look at the cleaved surfaces and it has that kind of irregular shiny but not mottled appearance, its pretty well crystalline and VERY usable in orgonite. If its shiny but has a kind of mottled appearance as if it were made of smaller bits pressed together, its not wholely crystalline and not quite as good to use. Granite is like this as an example. That “speckly” appearance is a dead giveaway.

Topaz, citrine, amethyst, garnet, ruby, emerald, peridot, rose quartz, sapphire, carnelian, and on and on are ALL forms of quartz. ANY of these will work just fine in orgonite in place of clear quartz crystal. Look around your area. You might be amazed at what you find.

You may even luck out at a landscaping supply place or decorative stone place. Better vendors carry boulders of rose quartz. Though its usually of lesser quality being veined with white quartz, maybe a little iron or other impurities, in a pinch, this stuff will work also. I picked such a boulder up (I’d consider a 54# “rock” a boulder – wink) for a whopping 35 cents per pound! Not that I’d use this exclusively as I have good Arkansas quartz crystal chips to use but I toss a small piece in with each device to add a little more love. Funny thing is, because of the impurities (tiny bit of iron and what looks like a little mica of all things), somehow the energy signature of this stuff feels more masculine that rose quartz normally does (rose quartz feels more feminine to me – that yin/yang energy thing). Regardless it has a very pleasant energy signature and for this price I can afford to toss a chickpea sized piece of this in every TB I make.

To me the energy signature of a TB made with just a quartz crystal chip and aluminum has a very cold feel where with the piece of rose quartz it feels warmer and more appealing – like the difference between a cold white fluorescent bulb and that of a warm white bulb. Maybe its just me but I feel better about tossing devices with a warm energy feel to them – have a funny feeling the energy may be more appealing to the wild life in the area and rose quartz being a love stone, there’s no such thing as too much love (wink).

The ancients knew about the energetic properties of different minerals.
But also certain stome was always used for pyramid casings and another one for the core and they were chosen for enegetic properties. Also the platforms of south american pyramids were made of alternating layers of mica and some kind of pitch.
I wouldn’t say it’s orgonite though. After all, “Orgonite” is not the only way to manipulate etheric energy.* It just seems to be the most powerful and fool proof way to always achieve positive, life enhancing results.


*That’s probably at the core of the misunderstanding with the “plasterite” dudes and all manner of other esotericicts who can obviosly feel something happen with various non-orgonite arrangemenbts and concoctions.

Some people are making what they think is a newer form of orgonite but they’re coming up with accumulators. Which as Reich discovered, is fine if they’re near healthy orgone energy for it to accumulate but if it’s near stagnant deadly energy, they will accumulate that as well. I created a type of accumulator device once to check the theory out : it accumulated the nastiness from an electrical wiring box in the house and I nearly threw up after touching it. On the other hand, I have beeswax accumulators I put near orgonite devices and my hair has stood on end from them releasing the healthy orgone energy. Orgone accumulators : you get what goes in. And they are not orgone generators.

Orgone generators are sort of like electronic capacitors (actually, capacitors are a type of orgone accumulator with how they’re constructed). They concentrate orgone but are not picky about what kind.

If there’s a net negative (DOR) balance in the environment they’re placed, what comes out will have a stronger DOR balance. If there’s a net positive (POR) balance, more POR comes out than DOR.

Think of them kind of like a big tank fed with a small inlet. They accumulate the energy of the ambient environement so now you have a bigger reservoir concentrated in one place BUT it will still have the same energy balance the ambient environment has. Only orgonite transmutes DOR into POR so what Becca said about accumulating the POR from orgonite devices makes perfect sense.

If you’re squeamish about using common sand, get white / pure sandblasting sand from a building supply. Quartz galore, impurities nil.

Washed kiddie play sand (for sand boxes) is nearly this clean – just a hint of color which I take are minor iron deposits (all quartz coming out of the ground has some iron deposits – crystal mines have to soak the crystals in oxalic acid solution for days to get it off which is unnecessary when making TB’s or HHG’s with them) but a good deal of this table sugar fine sand when looked at under a high power magnifier, is clear or slightly translucent so it has to be crystalline.

I’ll have to look for the blasting sand. I’m thinking it might be available in a more coarse form which might be better for making orgonite (if it works well).