Another Radio Interview With Carol And I

Don Croft
29 Oct 2008 10:12
Subject: Another Radio Interview with Carol and I
Pat Timpone will interview us again tomorrow night: Thursday, Oct 30, 7PM US Central Time

This time, we’ll use the landline at DeSofina’z Coffee Garden in Athol, Idaho, so the felonious feds can’t bugger our cellphones again Cool

Here’s the link if you want to listen to the live show:

The next day, Halloween, is Carol’s favorite day of the year (for a few days around Halloween it’s easiest to see the dead–even I’ve seen them, then Wink ) and she’ll put on a costume and schedule psychic readings all day at the coffee shop. I’ll try to get a picture of that.


Don Croft
31 Oct 2008 01:40
Subject: Re: Another Radio Interview with Carol and I
Carol had made an appointment with a midwife for her daughter, Jenny, so wasn’t able to do the interview but Patrick and I had a blast for an hour, during which I was able to plug a whole bunch of our associates around the world.

Next week, Ron Paul will be on his program and Patrick is going to suggest that RP abandon Congress and run for governor in Texas, so that Texas can secede, ASAP Cool

His radio station is KLBJ in Austin, Texas–a really big one in that state Wink


Don Croft
31 Oct 2008 11:19
Subject: Re: Another Radio Interview with Carol and I
Just got this from Patrick, whom we might meet in Anaheim, California in a couple of weeks:

Hi Don,

Great fun last night. Here is a clean link to our show that you can put on
your site.

Your visitors can pop right to the show slick and clean.

Thanks so much. I look forward to having Carol on, maybe put together
something with her friend the psychic
At same time…good idea? Or not?

Let me know.




Would be kind of cool for Carol and Coach Dooney to get some air time with Patrick, don’t you agree? Cool

Don’t Touch That Dial!


Andy Schwarm
31 Oct 2008 12:09
Subject: Re: Another Radio Interview With Carol And I
I’m listening to the interview right now, it’s great!

Just heard my name mentioned and a big fat plug!
Also, the show-host Patrick Timpone, is a customer!
He bought some Tower Busters. He related to Don
how he drove around the 'hood and distributed them,
what fun it was, pretty cool.

Great interview Don. You cover a heck of a lot of topics.

OK, I’m out, want to hear the rest…


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