Another Unstoppable Gifter is Born

I mean that in the context of ‘A Star is Born.’

Someone who knows something said that both health and misery are contagious, but that misery is more contagious than health. I took that to mean that we just have to work harder to transmit health than the terrorist world order has to work to transmit hopelessness and discord, though many folks are seeing that it’s getting harder for them to do it, now.

An example of this, for me, is how one directed and unfair public criticism can do so much harm while some genuine praise might go overlooked.

Well, I got the following email from a woman who has just discovered and I felt uplifted by it, so I think you will, too:

Many thanks, Don, for your very thoughtful and comprehensive response to my questions.

I’ve been camped out at the Etheric Warriors website for the last several days (and nights). What an amazing education I’m getting and what beautiful individuals I’m encountering there. It’s not too much to say that I’ve been catapulted into a whole new view of things.

I ordered one of Carol’s Harmonic Protectors. This too comes as a response to an unspoken prayer.

The whole experience of connecting with your website and your work has awakened in me so much joy. I’m sure it’s because of the joy and dominion and light, -yes, and the love- that positively radiates from the work you’re doing. You (collectively) have looked into the heart of darkness and have beheld the face of God. No wonder there is such a happy feeling among you. This, for me, has been an encounter with genuine spirituality. I feel unspeakably blessed! How to return the gift but to begin “gifting.”

All blessings to you.

Thank you Don for posting this and welcome Elizabeth!

It is, of course, too easy to get caught up in all the negativity that we work against. Negativity simply gets more air-time. I believe that even more folks are touched by the noble work reported here, but are just afraid to say so. To those I’d say fear not! Do not fall into the trap of learned helplessness. Free yourself from those bonds and distribute life-force!

Great letter.

The dot connector magazine has EW and your name spread through it so thats good.

I remember a report that negative comments stick more than positive ones. In fact I believe the ratio was 1 negative needs 10 positives to cancel it out. Getting trapped in one of their disfunction systems doesn’t help and can grind one down.

I had this idea for a T-shirt “Mr Schadenfreude is my emeny”


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