Another Whale Slaughter

01 Oct 2008 09:12
Subject: Another Whale Slaughter
please read!

more orgonite in the Canary Islands region will certainly help!

05 Oct 2008 08:46
Subject: Re: Another Whale Slaughter
That article shows an in depth look at the scientific investigation of how the British Navy murdered a group of beaked whales in the Canary Islands back in 2006. The graphic and rather gory evidence in this article clearly shows how the whales were killed. The Navy is still at it, of course. Beaked whales were killed in the Atlantic Ocean and washed up in Hebrides this April, killed by the same fine people.

Navy sonar blamed for death of beaked whales, April 2008

A recent article from The Times indicates possibly just how the Navy has been doing this :
British Navy’s killer sonar frquencies

From the article :

“Scientists may have found the explanation for the role of naval sonar in the mass stranding of whales and dolphins with the discovery that ships’ equipment uses the same frequencies as killer whales.”

“Naval sonar ranges include low frequencies of 3-10kHz, a range also used by killer whales. The MoD has confirmed that the sonar used in its June exercises had frequencies in the 2-50kHz range. Civilian ships and fishing vessels, by contrast, tend to use sonar with shorter pulses and higher frequencies. This may explain why they appear not to cause beachings.”

The whales and dolphins always can use more orgonite. Always.

Don Croft
06 Oct 2008 13:20
Subject: Re: Another Whale Slaughter
Thanks a lot for bringing this up, Becca, and welcome to EW.

Thanks, Axel, for directing more attention to the other slaughter, which I think Carolien has posted about. Carolien sent a bunch of orgonite for the whales to a gifter in the Canaries recently, I think.

Over teh past couple of months we haven’t devoted much attention to whale slaughters in the chatrooms, partly on account of the CERN threat and other possible world order-induced calamities, also becuase we’ve needed to help some wounded warriors but there are now two recent whale slaughters (the ones you and Axel mentioned), that I’m hoping we’ll find time to address and avenge next weekend:


It was the US Navy and British MI6 who spawned the CIA, by the way, so it’s no wonder that the US and British navies are the vanguard of the world order’s effort to commit genocide on the world’s dolphins and whales right now.

Anything that can be done, within the constraints of universal law, to destroy these navies is going to ensure the survival and vitality of our sponsors in the sea. I think we’ll get busy with this in a few days, as we’ve done from time to time over the past six years whenever we got news of new cetacean mass murder events by these horrid navies.

I hope anyone who is reading this and lives within driving distance of the sea will go toss more and more orgonite to the whales and dolphins, who will assuredly find and distribute it economically. Remember to get it out past the surf line or toss from a pier or seawall in water that’s deep enough for cetaceans to comfortably swim in.


06 Dec 2008 12:56
Subject: Re: Another Whale Slaughter
I just discovered about the whale slaughter in Faroe Islands, the images are so brutal

I cannot even comprehend how people can stand to watch such a horrible spectacle… Neutral

images from:…Marianne_Thieme

Don Croft
06 Dec 2008 13:22
Subject: Re: Another Whale Slaughter
Thanks for bringing that to our attention, Fabien! It may be that if someone will gift that bay there will be no more slaughters, there.

Tetsuzi and Eddie travelled to that bay in Japan where fishermen annually drive dolphins in for slaughter and they gifted the waters. I think the slaughters take place each October, there. They made the trip before the 2007 slaughter but I haven’t heard whether that and/or the 2008 slaughter were ‘successful.’ It would be terrific to get some feedback.

The fishermen who do that say that they need to kill the cetaceans because otherwise the fishermen couldn’t earn a livlihood but I believe they’re mistaken. There are still people in Iceland who kill small whales for food, by the way, also Eskimos do that, apparently. It may be that after more people finally recognize that dolphins and whales are here to teach us to be better people then none of these murders will be allowed any more. We don’t need governments to stop the slaughters; we need for humanity to look at these murders as actual crimes, rather than as foodgathering or commercial expediency.

There was a time when cannibalism was considered by many to be an acceptable lifestyle and an expedient way of gathering food but I don’t think there’s a single soul who condones that, any more. Let’s do what we can to make sure the same courtesy is extended to dolphins and whales! I feel like we’re years behind ‘schedule’ with donating orgonite to the cetaceans and that the recent slaughters are a case in poiint but I think that if we apply that anxious energy to tossing orgonite in the sea rather than to feeling guilty we’ll soon catch up with this historic trend and remain viable Cool


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