Antennea Websites

Does anyone know more links to base station antennea sites?
I am particularly interested in websites about locations in European countries.

(United Kingdom)


Hmm, I’m not sure about Europe, but I’ve found a great site for locating towers in the US. I’ve used this site to find and bust many towers in my area, including one cleverly hidden as a small antenna on the side of a volunteer fire department.

All you have to do is type in the city and state in the box either below or on the right, and you get your choice of satellite map, street map, or hybrid (both). This site also has a great zoom capability via satellite map. For more rural towers, you can usually make out the location of cleverly hidden access roads with maximum zoom.


(Germany) I don’t know why but you have to allow pop ups for this page else it won’t load


If you don’t speak german it’s somehow kind of hard to figure out the name of these websites in switzerland and germany

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