Archeo and Radar map, targets on the fly

An interesting triangle of archeologial ancient sites and 2 weather ball radars.

It is interesting the way it happened to find it. I was investigating that 3 archeological sites of North Italy are equidistant almost exactly, on a line that at 35 degrees points from North Italy to France, finding its end in Montpellier after passing trough Avignon (papal place).

After I joined the first 3 points that are Golasecca nectropolis, Cavaglià stone circles, Magic Mount Musine’ (near Turin), I prosecuted the line and found it hit a place with a interesting name Fort Mont-Dauphin (Dolphin Mountain).

Since I was using to trace the line the software had a mind of its own and started adding extra points, which I had to remove, then again it went off and hit toward Livorno in Tuscany, where there is a weather ball radar. When I saw the shape It reminded me a trianglew and also the new is very relevant is also bisect another radas location. The site of Settepani in Liguria, near Finale Ligure. When I completed the traingle I saw that at least 2 archeo sites related to other civilisations where involved in the geometry.

The first site that occour is near Parma and it is the Votive Bath, the Vasca Votiva of Noceto a rectangulat constrution made with wood beams of 14 meters. The Terramare people built this and filled its compartments with water and then submerged the vootive offers objects and manufacts inside,

The second site is the Montorfano near Brescia, it has paleololythic era findings, and is said to be the oldest single mount of the Italian area. (formerly probably an island)

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There are a few more findings, each side is 199-200 MILES, so its a perfectly formed triangle. The bisecting lines from the upper apex and the base cuts exactly trough the preromam city of Ticinum now called Pavia. There are various arrays on this middle line, near Genova the Sacred Ligurian mount Beigua, another montain top array its is neighbour Mount Leco by the Bocchetta Pass, and in the middle there is another in the Val Grue near Tortona, and getting trivial by the village of Fabbrica and Piaggio in the Val Grue.

The network of cell towers and other weaponry evidently laid over a planetary network of energy lines and spots which had been known to the old people at least since the time of megalithic constructions. One could say the cell towers of today are like a modern, “upgraded” version of those old antenna-constructions, such as the various types of temples.
Dowsers have known of and found these lines since the beggining, the same way they find water - it was perhaps also a lot more common to dowse back then, I think. After all, dowsing is just one form of exercising the psychic abilities. We know how the sewer rats employ an army of psychics - they have probably kept psychics in their ranks since their beginning.

You may find this interesting…;kmldown=1 it is maps (files) with megalithic locations.

If you can find or make maps that show the location of energy lines, those maps certainly are useful for finding targets and confirm the organized nature of the global parasite over the centuries - ‘organized’ as opposed to the ‘history is random’ claptrap they teach at school. Real history is something important they’ve been furiously trying to hide from us but the network used for pirating the worldwide energy grid is something that cannot be hidden, even from bare eyes. Anyone can get a city map and mark down the death-towers, then have a bit of fun with a ruler and a pen, finding the different lines that connect those death tower locations.


I fell there is another map that is worth showing. With the other it has common the North West Italy, the pre-roman foundations orgins, the geometry, (and the fact that these maps are now available, orginated by someone who made the connections after having being in some of the places highlighted because of the orgonite gifting volunteer activity). The geometry here is an hexagon where the centre point is on the 45th parallell where the 213 battle of the Trebbia river took place with Hannibal of Cartage and with support by Celts descendents defeated the Romans. There are other interesting connotations, according to ley lines map, there are 2 ley lines that crosses in the middle point, approximately by the Castle of Rivalta Trebbia, there is also a prehistoric parc site in the nighbour Rivergaro, another village on the river Trebbia. And there is an antenna array on the hills in the close by Pigazzano. And another village called Gossolengo that is there has a army place, with no apparent function, but lays on the 45th parallel line.

All other points in the Hexagon are true cities that existed at least for 20-30 centuries, with the exception of the Mont Beigua that is mentioned as a sacred mountain of the Ligurians, and it is the host of a main antenna arrays of the Ligurian region (about 25 antennas).

At this point I think is possible the opinion that the Ligurians and the Celts, plotted the geography of North Italy, and founded cities according to geometrical schemes on the territory, and tjhat they includes ley lines and vortexes.

Note that the point choosen on most of the cities is a Fortress or Castle, one word about the point on the Garda Lake, that is called Sirnione promontory, where there is a Roman Villa the Grotte of Catullo about 1st century BC, the nearby Torri of Benaco have archeological site dated around 2000 BC (near the Garda city promontory, site of interest is also the German War cemetery of Costermano on the hills above Garda).

The actuall names of the ciities on the map: Lecco, Modena, La Spezia, Vercelli, Sirmione.

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