Are these terrorists?

Last week, Carol wired money via Money Gram to us (to pay for the hosting and fixing of the old forum, thanks to Eduardo). Don had warned us of the trouble it was for them wiring money abroad. A real pain in the butt. We never imagined to what extent this was.

On Wednesday we went to Money Gram’s office with the transference number. Turns out that the number was incorrect, only seven digits when money Gram’s transference number always has eight digits… we thought maybe I (when copying the number from the email) or Don (when writing the number) had made a mistake. None of the above, they had just given the Croft’s a wrong number. Coincidence?

So they sent it again. This time the number was right but we still couldn’t get the money. When the guy entered the number in the computer, an alert sign appeared on his screen… the message was to call the main office back in the states and consult. He talked for about three minutes on the phone, finally said:

“I’m sorry, there was a problem with the transaction, the money went to Honduras”.

Honduras! Coincidence again? You’ll be the judge.

We had never encountered this problem before, and we’ve also had several other money wires this week and there was no problem at all.

Don warned us of the problems this would bring, and he was absolutely right. He himself cannot even enter a transaction in the system (money wire), that is why Carol was the one to try this time. She apparently can enter the money, but it will not arrive its destiny successfully or without some kind of trouble.

Now, why would anyone be interested in that the Croft’s couldn’t wire money?

Well, I guess they must be doing something right

Thanks for posting that, Javi. It’s a good idea to discuss the specific ways that the world odor interferes with us all because exposure is a powerful weapon against tyranny.

Carol spent four hours getting a refund in the MoneyGram office where she attempted to wire the money to Chile. I think the CIA hates Chile, and especially you and Alejandro, with a burning, dirty passion, so the money was routed to someone in Honduras, which is still controlled by the CIA

Anyone who’s had trouble from PayPal can take a look at how thoroughly the CIA infiltrates the money system, which is arguably set up, at least in America, to launder the Whore of Babylon’s (QEII and entourage) drug money. Since the CIA is the operative arm of The City’s (London) global dope cartel it’s not hard to see why they pester us so much.

The MoneyGram people started asking me hard questions about the money I was sending to Africa, a couple of years ago, then they eventually told me that they wouldn’t be sending any more money for me because I’m on the federal government’s ‘list of people of interest.’ It’s gratifying to know that they think I’m interesting. The FBI thugs in Lewiston, Idaho, used to tell people that ‘Don Croft is Idaho’s Number One Terrorist,’ some years ago. I hope I’m not number two by now.

If a tyrannical Western government considers you a terrorist, that’s a compliment, since the only real terrorists in the world are these governments and they feel threatened by you.

I think we’re done with MOneyGram, though. PayPal stays more or less reliable but maybe they’re more sensitive to open discussions on the internet than MOneyGram is. PayPal only sends Carol a small fraction of the order notifications in email, though. She has to check PayPal online records each day to make sure she gets all the orders filled. As long as CIA sabotage through PayPal stays at that level of pettiness we’ll keep using it.

The bigger threat to our businesses, in the past year or so, seems to be radionics setups aimed at erasing us from public awareness. So far, we’ve mainly seen the CIA and NSA doing that and it’s mainly been aimed at STevo, Carol, Andy and me. I suspect they’re now trying to erase our Chilean partners’ business on account of their timely help as new hosts of Etheric Warriors.

The nice part of their ‘resistance’ to our successful trend is that when they’re finally made to release their paranoid grip, it might be a slingshot effect <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” border=“0” alt=“Cool” title=“Cool” />

This putrid agency had several radionics setups running against each of our individual businesses so that when the psychics found one and we disabled it they wouldn’t lose much momentum. As we progressed through their infrastructure, though, we noticed that they had to get these radionics bad-juju weapons closer and closer to us, physically. They started out at Langley, for instance, then moved to underground bases in teh mountain ranges near us all. Dr Stebo’s clinic out of the dark by now, apparently, and one of the latest radionics setup we destroyed was at the underground base near him in Hamilton, MOntana, where Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever was developed and released into the population, long ago.

On Wednesday night, in a chat session, the psyhchics found three radionics setups within five miles of our new place in Athol, Idaho. One of them was at Farragut State Park, which hosts a vast underground base associated with the well-known (at least locally) underwater submarine base. I recently obtained a picture of a Poseidon Missile coming up out of nearby Lake Pend Oreille, by the way. Those missiles can only be launched from very big, nuclear subs. We get our drinking water from that lake <img src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-undecided.gif” border=“0” alt=“Undecided” title=“Undecided” /> but it may be that the subs stopped visiting after we heavily gifted the lake last November. That day, a huge sub nearly surfaced right beside our boat. We knew it was there because a big wave (pushed up by the top of the conning tower, apparently) was travelling along with us in the calm lake on a parallel course, about a hundred feet away. When STevo and I whipped over there the sub apparently dove but its massive engine then vibrated our boat for a few moments while it sped away.

The US Navy (along with the Whore of Babylon’s Navy) has been trying to commit genocide on the world’s cetaceans but they’re apparently kind of shy around ordinary people in boats.

Steve suggested putting earthpipes on the energy lines that connected the three facilities with our property. We did two of them after Carol found them with dowsing and got an immediate physical confirmation in the form of a spontaneous rain shower, then a rainbow. The cloud that gave us the rain formed really fast and looked ominous, like a HaARP-generated tornado cloud, then some holes appeared in it after I drove the first EP in the ground and it was entirely gone a few moments after the second earthpipe was driven in. We’ll gift all three radionics locations, too, including the ‘park’ which has signs warning people not to get off the trail because it’s also a shooting range (sure it is . The psychics clearely saw the three facilities and their ground features. What would we do without our terrific psychics?

By the way, we noticed that the chemtrails have been disappearing faster and faster since last fall, when we gifted the three largest lakes in the region. We first saw that peculiar effect of large-scale water gifting in Florida, so seeing it here simply confirms that it’s a consistent feature of this sort of gifting. Let’s see what happens if my dream of gifting the entire US West Coast waters from teh air is realized. Maybe we can finally disable HAARP that way and finish reversing the Southwest desert regions.


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