Are We Ready To Discard Parasitic Tyranny?

Don Croft
04 Dec 2008 11:42
Subject: Are We Ready to Discard Parasitic Tyranny?
Elry, a gifter in Riverside, California, sent me the following and I’m extremely heartened by his comments because it’s now ‘dialogue’ on EW, instead of merely monologue from Motormouth Don Wink :

I finished the Hitler book, it makes the point that there are two ways to maintain a society; one is command and control, the other is free enterprise. Our constitution has been the most successful one in history, (now totally out of control). I have been reading your posts for a while. I feel that for your idea of society to work, we need a jump in consciousness. I do not know if orgonite can do it.


I actually believe that free enterprise is elbowing ‘command and conrol’ out of position by now. Remember that all of the world order’s ‘organs’ are corporations, which is to say that they’re business enterprises. The London bankers moved on all of continental Europe in Napoleon’s day, using Napolean the way they later used Hitler: to get rid of the competetion. In the case of Napolean, that dictator wiped the slate clear of all of the old, noncooperative aristocracies so that the London bankers could install the Guelph, or Black Nobility in their places. That was the seeding of Europe for the later growth of corporations, all controlled by the Black Nobility.

In Hitler’s case, they created a European common market by using him to essentially smack down national sovereignty. They used Stalin to do the same thing from the other direction and to clear China of all of the warlords through Stalin’s ally, Mao. General DeGaulle gave them a run for their money and managed to salvage some national sovereignty for France but in the essential ways, France is still under London’s boot. They farmed Khomeini for London, for instance, and Sion (freemasonry’s mean, ugly sister) is mostly a French corporate order, serving London.

The Germans gave London a run for their money before WWI by making a move on the Middle East at the same time that London was undermining the Turks. The Orient Express was destined to reach Baghdad but the Germans were stopped with WWI). The train line only made it as far as Istanbul, which is just over the line from Europe. The Germans would have industrialized the Mideast, thus enabling free enterprise to work its magic, there, instead of London’s subsequent and continuing rape of the region. London’s implacable hatred of freedom through free enterprise has been unabated, though Peking has lately pulled the rug out from under these aristocratic thugs and Peking’s regime’s continuing survival depends entirely on the billion Chinese people reaping the rewards of their own labors (free enterprise). I wonder if Peking ever seriously considered that Marxism had a chance. All of Russia’s commisariats became corporations in a heartbeat in the early 1990s Cool

Some of us wonder whether the hidden elite in China have been pulling London’s strings all along and this is their end game. They sure never foresaw orgonite, so maybe orgonite is the magic bullet to peacefully but irresistably bring Peking down rather than to bring the more extrovert London/Washington/TelAviv mass murderers down.

In a way, the dried up, blood-sucking corporate freaks are only ruling the world because not enough of us regular folks stepped up to challenge them in the late 1800s, when ‘command and control’ was already being seen to be obsolete. There were quite a few newspaper editors in the late 1800s and early 1900s who openly challenged the London-based corporations and banker bullies but the bullies got their way, in those days, by terrorizing the public with a series of manipulated ‘depressions.’ It was easier for them, before now, because just about everything you can think of was cenralized and controlled by a few coordinating families and clans, sort of like how the diamond business is still controlled and conducted by a few families to keep the price of diamonds artificially high.

Notice that the same banking families have been trying since the 1980s to create a similar, devastating depression but they’ve been failing, right along. I think that more and more people are waking up to how empty the endlessly (boringly by now) prognosticating Chicken Littles’ doomsaying is on that count. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying precious metals but it seems obvious to some folks, by now, that free enterprise is conquering these corporate freaks and money is worth whatever we believe it is. We could decide to base currency on Chiclets and probably wouldn’t miss a beat.

It might be that the key to continuing success is to prevent the London/Washington/TelAviv parasites from committing any more false flag attacks. They’ve appparently tried to escalate beyond murdering 1300 innocents in their controlled demolotion of the World Trade Center to nuking several US cities but all of the latter attempts were foiled, partly with our help, I believe. Even without any orgonite, I think people would generally still be inclined to hope for more peace and prosperity in the world. That unexpressed hearts’ desire is stronger than just shooting the corporate bastards would be, of course, and I think the main reason the corporations contrive to commit false flag attacks is to distract the PJ folks from their own higher aims (peace and prosperity) and thus shut down the positive energy force that emits from those high aims and desires. Everything in creation is a subtle energy dynamic, first, then becomes physical reality.

I won’t credit the PJ folks for desiring dynamic unity becuase that would denote intellectual activity. As long as they’re not terrorized, though, they’ll do what they can to get along with each other and that’s good enough for me Cool

Dynamic unity might be the purview of the few people on the planet who think it’s worth pursuing. In that case, people who exercise free enterprise will continue to voluntarily comply with practical effforts at standardization, smoothly moving goods to market, healthy competition (sans corporate control of governments), international barter (common in African countries, already), adopting an auxiliary world language (English is now the default but maybe we can make a new one or pick a more practical one, like español), adopting a global currency, adopting grassroot-accessible free energy tech (already here, waiting for the agencies to stop extorting the many inventors), adopting cheap zappers (Chinese, no doubt Wink ), etc. Some of the barriers are already down: intellegentia all acknowledge that men and women are equal, national and racial prejudice are in sharp decline, most people are literate, nobody but the outlaw governments of UK, US and Israel are keen to wage war, etc. I think you get the picture. Is all of this unreasonable simply becuase it’s not mentioned on the What To Think Network?

The really imiportant historic trends are never noticed in a timely way by the PJ folks; only a few rational, observant people ever care to see and act on these trends and that’s enough to ‘midwife’ these natural, organic process. Let’s all choose to be the latter.

Putting orgonite out simply helps to guarantee that the currrent process of species-wide awakening because people who live around orgonite just feel happier. This will continue and perhaps accelerate, thanks to orgonite. Maybe hunting for and disabling the corporate predators’ plots to commit mass murder does more to guarantee the timely end of tyranny more than orgonite distribution does but all of us who gift are kind of addicted to the sweet energy and ambience that our casual, spontaneous towerbuster tossing efforts perpetually generate–do we need more motivation than that?


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