Asian Tsunami was nuke

EW psychics have seen it that way and so it’s not a big surprise to any of you, but it may be some valuable confirmation to get some strong 3D indications that this may be true.

In September, when travelling in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, I talked to a friend who had gone to Aceh peninsula as a voluntary rescue worker. with the “Technisches Hilfswerk” a German technical asistance agency that has also sent strong contingents to New Orleans after the fake Hurricane flooding there.

This friend now, I will call him X for his protection, started noticing that dead bodies were floating and not decoposing and no sharks there to eat them. Sharks had been around the first few days and then dissappeared, together with all other marine wildlife.

X and his team found that very strange and started taking water samples…

They were strongly dradioactive. (Geiger counter and other more sophisticated gear are standard in the THW)

After the guys started raising some questions, they were suddenly called off their mission. Longe before scheduled departure.

At the airport back in Frankfurt they were called aside into a special chamber and interviewed by some nasty secret service types . All their samples, notes and Laptop computers were confiscated. They were forced to sign some kind of non disclosure paper.

We all know by now that a special contingent of 2000 US marines invaded Aceh province after that, who had strangely been ready on their ships in the vicinity and were heavily armed (and with no “humanitarian goods”) to facilitate a part autonomy from Indonesia for that oil rich province. Wonder who created the “rebel movement” that these marines came to bring to power? Wonder who got the oil contracts?

Strangely enough, Joe Vialls, ( who was always well informed about and happy to expose such shenanigans suddenly died at his table shortly after the stories broke and after exposing that marine contingent that was on standby to exploit the chaos from this “natural disaster”…