Aviationary Update

I’ve got 22 hours on the Phantom and am starting to get proficient enough to fly cross country. I’ve done hundreds of takeoffs and landings and flew 7,000 feet up to test the limits of the carburetor on the Rotax 503 motor (that’s the limit

There haven’t been any cumulus clouds for a couple of weeks and when they were around, it was just too windy for me to fly. The cruise speed of the plane is around 45mph, so the winds aloft on days like that would leave me hovering.

On a suitable day–not much wind but plenty of cumulus clouds–I’ll start to school myself on catching thermals up to the cloud bases. I’ve been reading about that and the illustrations in the book are of the same plane I have.

I think Roger is also getting more confidence in me because he offered to fly his ultralight with me to another airport to the west in a few days. I’m painting a sign for his private airfield south of here, which will be another landing spot for me.

Cowboy Bob on Cape Cod suggested a quick-turnaround move which he mastered when he was fifteen in a Piper Cub. He said it later saved his live in the Aleutians when he was unable to get over a mountain pass and was about to hit a rock wall that surrounded him on three sides. After trying it on my flight simulator a few times, I did it successfully over the big practice pasture near us. I’ll need to do it a hundred times or so to get consistent results, of course, so I’ll do it a few times every time I go up. Half the time I end up stalled and in a steep dive and a quarter of the time I do it right. When it’s done right it’s a nearly zero-gravity move, with literally no loss in altitude and I bet it looks really cool from the ground. Carol’s going to film me doing it at 500’ up.

I gifted the remaining mountaintop death ray array in our region, a few days ago. I didn’t go there, before, because it’s a quite tall mountain surrounded by forest on one side and Lake Pend Oreille (underground/underwater base) on the other but when I got there I could see that there were plenty of big fields within glide distance, after all. At the time, Carol and her buddies were setting up camp across the lake from there, having just arrived in the Zodiac. It’s a cool campground that’s mainly accessible by boat. She could see the mountain top but didn’t see me do it but she said I succeeded in turning that 6-tower weapon into a life force generating station. I love flying in the mountains. I want to go to Alaska for bush-flying lessons before long.

I’m setting up to build the Affordaplane and have received the engine, Joe Cell, landing gear and in-flight adjustable prop. Next stage is to get some welding lessons and just start putting it together from scratch. I intend to add a folding-wings feature so that I can pick it up with a trailer if I land somewhere that I can’t take off from. Also, if I have to land on a highway I can fold the wings immediately after landing so that I wont’ be a menace to traffic.

Last year, I started busting the mountain top death ray arrays before I was ready to fly cross country and that cost me the plane and almost a year of waiting to get back in the air.

Now, there are several pilots posting on EW, each one far more experienced than I am. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Funny how that works. A similar trend materialized with gifters interacting with dolphins and whales: I think David on Maui is racking up the most experience with that, now, so Carol and I will seek to play catch-up next winter in Florida, grid willing. We heard about a pod of dolphins that started swimming with people at the south end of Daytona Beach, which I hope is yet another positive trend. They sure like orgonite, so that’s good incentive for anyone who can get to the ocean to toss the stuff into the sea for them to distribute and perhaps interact with the gifter.


Laozu Kelly lives in Pullman, Washington, about a hundred miles south of us. We visit each other when opportunities arise and, yesterday, he had some errands in Spokane, a city not far from us, so he dropped by for an afternoon visit.

I asked him if he wanted to see me fly and he did, so though it was quite turbulent and windy, I did a takeoff and landing for him. When I got to the end of the runway on my climbout the engine sputtered. I was only 200’ up but would have been able to land on a nearby straight road but I rather kept climing and turned around. I gained enough altitude to finish the landing pattern and touched down near our hangar at the other end of the runway.

Carol heard the engine trouble and I asked her, this morning to look at it psychicly. She saw two feds standing in front of the motor in daylight and one of them did something with a screwdriver. I took her over to the plane and pointed out where a screw driver might be applied and we found a broken fuel pump bracket, there. This would have caused the fuel pump to vibrate pretty violently. I’m so proud of her! The feds evidently wanted to frighten Kelly by causing trouble with my little demo flight and Carol adn I were in town, doing errands all morning–got home a few minutes before Kelly showed up. He’s very punctual, by the way.

It didnt’ stop us from having a great visit and Kelly took home one of my 108 patterns. He has the original one, which he and Cesco built, in the field by his shop and he noticed, a few days ago, that it wasn’t working right. Four of the TBs were missing and when he replaced them, the device worked fine, again. This was a nice confirmation of Carol’s, Stevo’s and Dooney’s distinct impression that all 108 of the orgonite pieces need to be in place and centered in order for the device to work well. I’m looking forward to seeing more and more feedback about this incredible invention from other experimentors. This is ‘next level’ tech because it involves sacred geometry. I think Cowboy Bob is about to introduce some other ‘next level’ stuff to this effort and the biggest challenge I’m aware of is for us to keep up with progress. The next biggest challenge might be to keep out of the clever, sleepless $#!+birds’ psychiatrist/behavior-modification-specialist (Tavistock?) reach along the way [Image Can Not Be Found] and hence avoid turning this wonderful grassroot effort into a mere castrated personality cult.

I’ll fix that broken fuel pump bracket before I fly again. This is the second sabotage of my current airplane. I’ll be relieved when the wing racks for the airplane trailer are finished (LOT of work, half done) because it won’t be such a logistics challenge to retrieve the plane if I have to land somewhere on account of federal sabotage or genuine equipment failure [Image Can Not Be Found]

I really want to gift that 10-mile long Lemurian hyperdimensional city over in Montana (west of the Clark Fork River, from St Regis to Superior) that the psychics clearly saw. It’s on the way to Dooney’s and Stevo’s and I want to do it soon. I figure that anything we can do for the Lemurians will speed up the demise of this $#!++y old world order.


Kelly brought along the Holy Handgrenade that Rich Fosh made for him. The metal components are gold and silver leaf and there’s a dynamic combination of several types of crystals and gems. Carol was immensely impressed and inspired by the energy of the device it and it’s beautiful to look at. Rich’s website link in the right margin of ethericwarriors.com is ‘orgonitemoksha’ ~Don

The next day, I replaced the broken bracket, also moved it to a place that has a little less vibration from the engine.

As I see it, the danger of sabotage will continue to decrease, so that when it comes time to do large scale gifting from the air with a lot of capital investment, this won’t be a problem, any more.

We had some confirmation of that in today’s chat session: the psychics discovered the Triads working to destabilize the US Government some more in the interest of keeping the world’s economy stable. The US Gov’t is, of course, doing its best to destroy the world’s economy on behalf of the jilted Illuminati families of Europe, who sold out to China, after all.
We spent some time helping the psychics get a clear picture of what the Triads are doing but they successfully blocked the psychics from seeing, evidently because they hate the idea of working with us [Image Can Not Be Found] so the psychics let it go.

My wife, last week, was shocked when she moved off a hiking trail to make way for what she thought was another hiker, coming from the other direction. Katya was with her and asked her why she moved, which is when Carol realized that it was an elemental, not a person, moving along the trail. That usually only happens around Halloween, when the veil between the worlds is thinnest but, now, she’s having a harder and harder time distinguishing physical objects from etheric ones. She figures that this signals a three year cycle having just started and a positive aspect of this is that the $#!+birds are falling more and more into disarray because they have no control over this process and also have a harder and harder time hiding their agenda under teh circumstances.

So, she reckons that the working conditions in teh chatrooms are also undergoing a transformation–it will be a lot of fun to witness this.

I hope I’m not telling tales out of school, but Cowboy Bob sent me this link about an aircraft that might be ideal for long-range gifting on land and water:

[ http://dornierseaplane.com/content/image-gallery)

One reason I’m flying ultralights, now, is that the preflight checks are mostly certain to catch any sabotage done by federal agents becuase nothing on the plane is hidden. The more complex the aircraft, the easier it is for the feds to cleverly fix it to crash or explode, as history demonstrates. Every time the federal agents damage my airplane it causes me to be even more thorough in my preflight checks, so ‘Thanks, $#!+birds!’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

This morning some nice cumulus clouds showed up so I donned my new leather flying jacket and went up there. The temperature was a little low at altitude, so the fuel mix got kind of rich and I wasn’t able to quite get up to the base of those clouds, which were higher than ordinary cumuli. Shortly after I landed, some low Sylphs showed up right overhead, not far higher than where I was and I took that as a sign of encouragement. The jacket looks really cool–makes me look like a genuine pilot and it kept me toasty warm up there.


On Sunday my daughter, Nora, came over from Spokane to film me taking off and landing. I wanted to put something on YouTube to count a little bit of coup on the etheric criminals who interfered with my flying career, last year, and did a little followup sabotaging my current airplane in obvious ways, earlier this summer.

Nora kindly edited it down to just over a minute and changed her filming position, on the edge of the main runway, to the corner of our property, to film the deadstick (engine turned off) landing, which I performed on the short, crosswind runway.

I wanted a cool shot of me slipping the plane sideways to lose altitude slowly between those tall trees, then recovering right above ground to roll a couple hundred feet into our yard, past Nora. I wasn’t able to locate my movie camera, though, so she had to use her digital camera and it was really hard for her to follow me in the view finder on that one.

Carol and Irina are going to Bimini to swim with dolphins and eat raw food for a week (raw human food, not raw dolphin food [Image Can Not Be Found] ) and I was going to just stay home and work like a donkey but, yesterday, I realized that Doc
Stevo’s treatments for my poison-weakened heart have been much more productive than I had hoped, so now I’m able to do strenuous exercise, again, without damaging myself. So, I called up Paul in Wisonsin and arranged to finish my hang gliding lessons and retrieve the Doodlebug he’s been keeping for a year.

Launching a hundred-ten pound aircraft by running will be filmed, too, and this will count a little bit more coup on the sewer rats, who probably are not accustomed to their phederal pharmacopia failing to disable or get rid of irritants like Carol and me [Image Can Not Be Found] . I realize that the vast majority of people who read my reports don’t believe that tyeh CIA, NSA, ad nauseum are as bad as I say they are but I’m not writing these particular claims for the audience, except for the troglodytes under
Langley, Ft Meade, Whitehall St, Beijing and Tel Aviv. Schmucks.

Exposing their misdeeds, this way, has been very helpful at preventing them from poisoning my wife and me any more, evidently, and the beauty of that is that they have to resort to more etheric means of assault and in those realms anyone can kick their criminal butts: if you, too, are under the gun from these rats, please apply the useful techniques we’ve developed, as outlined on donebydooney.com . It really works and you don’t need to subject yourself to ideologues to pick it up.

I’ll be back home before Carol returns. I’ll need to be especially careful because they’re still looking pretty hard for ways to kill or disable me, of course. Good character training if I survive long enough to applaud the hopefully peaceful and definitely timely demise of this global police-state horror that calls itself our federal government–the dying corporate world syndicate’s legbreakers.


This is hte last post in the thread because I finally reached the level of confidence I need to fly cross country. I knew I’d turned a corner, last week, when I began to prefer flying on windy days. Before, I avoided turbulence because it made me fearful but, now, it’s suddenly fun. That happened after 40 hours of flying this plane.

Chuck (Azti on the forum) is visiting from Virginia and hadn’t flown an ultralight. He was an airline and charter pilot, years ago, and hadn’t flown anything in several years but he got comfortable flying my plane instantly. It was inspiring to see that.

My next airplane kit should arrive shortly and it’s a quick-build project, very simple. I’ll use the motor from my first (crashed) plane for that. It’s a Dream Classic, suited for taking off and landing in very, very short fields: perfect for trailering to the vicinity of hard targets. I’m hoping that Carol and I can work on rerversing the American desert this fall and winter. We saw lots of mountains, there, which put out a lot of DOR even when there are no deathray arrays on top of them, so that’s surely a factor in maintaining the desert and a really fun opportunity for us to interfere with the world odor.

By the way, I figured out how to gain more altitude: before, the engine was sputtering up there on account of keeping the throttle open too long. The cylinder head temperature was a hundred degrees below the recommended maximum but when I reduced throttle to climb slower the temp remained lower, so I got a lot higher–ten thousand feet. I’ll get up there and do some filming while gliding (engine off) around them. I feel like I need to be up there and if I’m lucky a Sylph will show up at that low altitude, as they’ve done occasionally around here.

I soared for the first time on that flight, catching thermals that were pushing me up at 1100 feet per minute. The climb rate for my plane is 600fpm. Chuck suggested tha I take lessons in a glider, which I’ll do this fall. He’s an accomplished glider pilot and mentioned some techniques for catching thermals. When you fly a low-powered airplane with a small gas tank it’s prudent to take advantage of natural lift in order to get up high. When I first started busting mountain top death ray arrays, last year, it took me a half tank just to get to the tops of the taller mountains. I can probably now do that with half as much gas.

The feds let me know, last week, that they’re still thinking of me. I keep an olive jar for testing the gas before each flight–mainly lookiing for water in the gas, which is clear and settles to the bottom. A little bit of water in the fuel line will stop my motor.

I usually leave the gas sample in the jar instead of unscrewing the cap on the gas tank and and putting it back in. It’s drained from a stopcock at the bottom of the gas tank. The gas has a red tinge because the oil I mix into it is red. Otherwise the gas is clear. A week ago the little jar was filled with yellow liquid [Image Can Not Be Found]

The sabotage to the nosewheel that caused me to damage the cowling on landing in late May has not been repeated, of course. After 30 more hours of flying, that nut has not come loose so of course someone had to have loosened it, before. It’s really hard to get to that nut, by the way. Those saboteurs got skills! [Image Can Not Be Found]

If you plan to gift from the air while the criminals in WAshington/London/TelAviv/Peking are still pretending to govern us please consider using an airplane that’s open enough for you to thoroughly check for sabotage on each preflight inspection. I don’t think they’d plant bombs on our airplanes because that would be too obvious and they can’t risk that level of exposure. The only part of my plane that’s vulnerable to beam weapons is the back of the engine: the magnetos that send electricity to the spark plugs. I’ve installed one of Andy’s magentized towerbusters right behind there so I’m confident that they can’t stop my engine from afar.

Chuck is fun and creative and we’ve had a great time. Next time we get together I’ll probably have at least two planes and more tools. He’s conceived a system of ‘hard points’ for wingstruts for carrying a lot of earthpipes and I think we could construct it. It’s a little awkward to carry a bag full of bulky earthpipes with fins in one’s lap in a little cockpit

Today I finally made it up to the clouds. The cloudbase was less than 4,000 feet above the ground and the sky was dotted .with pretty cumulus clouds.

I had just put a five gallon gas can in a rucksack, tied to the airframe right behind the gas tank, which is behind my seat. I wasn’t sure if it would make the plane tail-heavy. I did land kind of hard because I turned off the motor on my final approach and then failed to adjust to the slight shift in center of gravity but I’ll do better from now on. I put the weight back there in preparation for an upcoming cross-country gifting trip in some risky territory in a neighboring state. The extra gas will really extend my range. Details to follow

I couldn’t remove the $#!±eating grin on my face as I circled around the clouds above the airfield. It was just about the best feeling I’ve had in a long time and it felt like I was having an intimiate relationship with a new life form. These clouds were being fed by the cloudbsuter on our front deck, by the way, and my impression was that they had a blue tint, sort of like the snow did a couple of winters ago. Being close to the clouds and flying at a low speed (45mph) let me watch them being formed. I don’t know if that can be appreciated with a telescope or if you’re flying in a closed-cockpit in a faster plane.

Next step is to take a video camera up there, mount it on the airframe and, when I reach the tops of the clouds, turn off the engine and glide around the clouds, filming my shadow/rainbow as I approach a cloud directly.

I really can’t wait to get up there again… It finally feels like I belong there. If I’m lucky, one of the Sylphs will form at that altitude, as has happened a few times overhead. I’ll be courteous and humble, then, as Carol advises.


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