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My family are custodians of these trees. At least 30 yew trees over 2,000 years old, many over 5,000. The Celts used to worship them, the Magna carter was signed under one. Norse God Odin was a yew tree. Imagine sitting in the internal reality for 5,000 years and you will get some idea about the power of yew trees. Not to be messed with.

This one is 35 ft round [Image Can Not Be Found]

Doesn’t look too big in the photo but this Oak is the same size round

This yew is one that came from the roots of another one 30 yards away, which just has a few small stems left.

These trees are truly awe-inspiring.

When I travelled to Mexico a couple of years ago with Javi, we went to a town next to the city of Oaxaca who’s only “turist atraction” was the ancient Tule tree, next to the local church. The town was named after the tree of course(Santa Maria del Tule), since it had been there for at least a couple thousand years. Nobody really knows how old the Tule tree is, but some estimates are over 4,000 years old. It is said that it may be the largest (not tallest) living tree in the world it is over 40 meters tall, has a circumference of 58 meters and a diameter of 14m. As you can imagine this tree has quite a history and has been venerated by the locals for a long time.

Awesome tree for sure! Incredible [Image Can Not Be Found] . They say love of animals is a minor enlightenment, same for trees and nature I think. I certainly get great pleasure from both while I see people get absolutely none at all, so it is the first step for mind control, cutting us off from nature. They then get you hooked on the body (fashion, cosmetic industry etc) and/or the persona (celebrity culture). John Lilly would call that God as the Body, God as the Personality.

Next step is God as the Soul and reincarnation, another distraction.

The more you get into yew trees, so the experts tell me, the more they take over your life, no end to it. I have quite a few articles on the yew and a new book came out by Fred Hadager which is worth reading, still can’t believe a yew bow weighed 50kg.

Paddy was telling me "If you plant a circle of yews, you create a place where elemental beings can dance. This is according to a whole series of books I’ve read which document an ongoing co-operation between humans and elementals in northern Germany, the first volume is published in English

I found another circle of yew trees in a wood not far from that last yew I posted–that one moved 20 yards down hill and started again from a root, so the original tree was that size or bigger.

Not sure which one is the boss yew if there is one.


view of park, just see taller, smaller chesnuts on top left

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