Bad Words About Don And Carol On Another American Forum

29 Oct 2008 02:59
Subject: Bad Words About Don And Carol On Another American Forum
Yesterday someone wrote an email to me about a topic that was not kind about Don and Carol on another american forum (W…… ……). I then went to read it and what was written (by S…… ……) was really bad minded so I replied to the topic in a cool way and explained why the topic was bad and why he should remove it. Also, I thanked the guy for having posted such bad words because this showed us his real face. And I asked him to remove it.

Today the topic has been deleted Smile

Don Croft
29 Oct 2008 10:25
Subject: Re: Bad Words About Don And Carol On Another American Forum
Very proactive of you, Didier, thanks, and I think it’s a good sign that the slander was removed at your request.

The owner/operator of that forum had generated and promoted but that, too, has been taken down. I had been referring people to to see a sample of how the CIA operates on the internet when they can’t provide substantive negative material about activists. Too bad for them that I’m not greedy, jealous, exploitive, a liar, pedophile, plagiarist, guru or thief, for instance. If I were any of that, they’d have owned me, years ago. They sent clever people to try to connvince me that I’m a prophet, for instance. Langley schmucks.

Jeff Rense had aggressively attacked our work in several of his radio shows between December, 2002 and February, 2003, also had a lot of disinformation about orgonite cloudbusters on his website but when it became clear that his attacks had increased public interest in our work, he abruptly stopped doing it and removed all the slander from his website. Somebody had just gifted his estate then, too. Funny that he never mentioned Carol or I, nor did Trevor Constable, who was Rense’s point man (technical expert) in the public attacks. Trevor Contable has done a lot of good, pioneering work, by the way, and will probably continue to do so.


louis onder
29 Oct 2008 16:24
Subject: Re: Bad Words About Don And Carol On Another American Forum
If it weren’t for Don and Carol Croft

None of us (orgonite related vendors) would have a job
The earth’s atmosphere would have depreciated exponentially by now
There would be no orgonite related forums
The elite would already be in total control of the planet

just to name a few….


Don Croft
29 Oct 2008 19:49
Subject: Re: Bad Words About Don And Carol On Another American Forum
Thanks, partner, and there’s room for everyone, like you and ourselves, who is willing to treat the customer right Wink

If Carol and I didn’t start this thing, somebody else surely would have done so, or something else just as good or better, would likely have been introduced from The Operators to repair thise beleaguered world and undermine the hegemony of corporate parasites. We’re sure not indispensible.

Our main interests, in terms of the biz, is to maintain some personal credibility, keep coming up with new stuff and to ensure that the legitimate vendors will all reap the benefits when orgonite gets to mainstream awareness. After that happens, there will be successful orgonite (and zapper) makers in every town and village on the planet before long.

The fakers tried their best to do an end run, with some help from the media and a whole lot of help from Google and other CIA internet assets. They’ve failed and discredited themselves, so far, and I’m hoping that we targetted workers will be the last ones standing when recognition finally comes.

It’s happening by small steps, by the way, which is the best way to grow any organic, unorganized movement.


Denis Couture
29 Oct 2008 21:01
Subject: Re: Bad Words About Don And Carol On Another American Forum
The Operators have placed a call upon many of us but Don and Carol had the finest ears Razz

30 Oct 2008 00:35
Subject: Re: Bad Words About Don And Carol On Another American Forum
Greetings all Smile

Today, on the other website they have put the post back online…

And I’m their new enemy Smile It’s funny to see their strategy of trying to manipulate my(our) minds using words !



Don Croft
31 Oct 2008 02:59
Subject: Re: Bad Words About Don And Carol On Another American Forum
Join the club, Didier. I cut my teeth on three successive CIA-sponsored ‘open membership’ cloudbuster/orgonite forums, though the first one, on Yahoo, was in good shape until I got booted off. I was the administrator and it was my show, by the way, but whomever owns Yahoo cut me out the day after I posted instructions for disabling the then-new but omnipresent death towers: May, 2002. Carol and I had just spent a week or so, travelling around busting the new towers in order to see if simple orgonite did it consistently well. The NSA, who owns Earthlink, which I was using for email, started erasing all my business mail that day, also erased my sizeable address book. Yahoo was hosting our then-current business website,, and they locked us out of it that day, so I hastily set up, then, and we stayed in business.

Petty of them, don’t you think? Georg Carliin said, ‘Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.’ Cool

If I were a fast study I’d have started my own forum, right after Yahoo did that hatchet job, but I apparently needed to be dragged around by a succession of clever, professional CIA and MI6 $#!+slingers (just like the ones who are trashing you, Didier) for a couple more years to learn that simple life lesson. I think the younger generations are generally more attentive than I was, that way. Etheric Warriors is the fruit of my three year education at the hands of the $#!+slingers. I wonder if I could earn an honorary college degree for that, someday Laughing

The most irritating part of that experience were the noisy Greek choruses of Monarch assets whom the agency ‘old hands’ were easily able to manipulate. More like a strident, cacaphonous Chinese opera, perhaps. When Genghis Kilroy came along it got fun, though our innocent hijinx at the expense of the sleepless poison pros got me kicked off, which Stuart Jackson had allegedly set up for me, right after the Yahoo debacle.

Stuart closed those doors about a year and a half later for lack of interrest. His swan song was sent out on April Fool’s Day, which I thought was delicious. What wasn’t so funny was that he gratuitously destroyed DB’s website in the meantime. DB had kept all the agents out of that forum during the crucial period when Rense was attacking our work. Stuart kicked me out several months after Rense shut up about us. DB was so good at exposing the professionals that Stuart had to kick them out for a little while Wink and it was actually pretty productive there, then. Without the booted CIA handlers’ direction and programming cues, the Greek chorus was silent during that period. The main reason open-membership forums, in English, are inadvisable is because the CIA and MI6 launch an armada of Monarch-programmed drones at evvery single open membership forum, then seed each forum with enough handlers to keep the Greek chorus drowning out any substantive poster who might wander in there.

Let’s see if they put back up on that forum since I mentioned it Cool because the lapwing affectations that CIA disinformants use had served them well until lately. They hate to give up their older tricks, even when they fail to work any more.

I’ll talk about the current, still-breathing CIA/MI6-sponsored orgonite forums in more detail after their voluntary demise, in the interest of history, and I’ll meanwhile continue to be as patient about them as I was about Stuart Jackson when he was the agency focal poiint on the fringe of this dynamic, unorganized movement. Camp followers (whores, pickpockets, lawyers, preachers, usurers, chest-pounding gurus, etc.) have always been a feature of any progressive movement, of course, but the agencies, after WWII, simply refined and greatly expanded that demographic, that’s all. The Monarch-programmed Greek Choruses seek to drown out the small voice of reason and accountability with character assaults and assignations but they’re now showing the agencies’ controlling hand to more and more people. I remember that not long ago you couldn’t attend any public gathering (especially in the US) that wasn’t dominated by them and thrown into chaos. The agencies have been profoundly thorough, that way, and obviously thought they couldn’t be defeated. Maybe thinking, observant people like George Carlin felt overwhelmed by antics like this. He said, ‘Getting born in this world is a ticket to a freak show; being born in the US gets you a seat in the front row.’

This antisocial ugliness that characterizes open-membership forums, PTA meetings, town meetings, the US Congress, church suppers, newage weekend workshops, Harvard Medical School and the dope-dealing gang in the abandoned warehouse down the street hasn’t been quite as problematic for forums that are conducted in other languages, though these agencies infiltrate and poison them, too, when they’re able. The main $#!+bird agencies are obviously more comfortable with the English language.

Speaking of history, this is not a new problem but before the $#!+bird agencies came to prominence the job of social poisoning was always carried out by clergy: inquisitors, witch hunters and missionaries, with a smattering of freemasons since the middle ages.


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