Be True - What does it really mean Being True?

(cesco) #1

Being true .

I often end my emails to friends with the phrase: Be True.
These two simple words actually has a quite complex and important meaning, or on the other hand for some they are the most natural and simple words expressed and fully understood.
What does it really mean Being True?
At times I question myself: Am I Being True?
One thing I know is that by trying to be true; is that trying is in opposition to being, although trying might lead to understanding being they are not the same.
I find it quite confusing at times living this strange life of mine but that is usually when I am either trying to understand it or when I expect something from this life as opposed to enjoying and Being Alive.
Deep inside of myself I know what is true, it is like a sweet melody that visits my souls ear and sings to it.
Usually the life around me is so noisy or I am making some awkward sounds that drown that Truthful melody…
I have found some of the sounds that disturb that Truthful melody and I am getting better at recognizing them, the most annoying sounds are:

The Lust Sound , disguised in fetishes and flowers, a Black Widows seductive string symphony.

The Greed Sound , a bottomless pit, ever wanting echoes of illusionary more.

The Vanity Sound , enchanting sister of The Lust Sound, also known as the mirror claptrap.

The Arrogant Sound , the proud smiling backstabber opera.

The Ignorant Sound , deliberate cacophonic besserwisser melodies.

The Anger Sound , black big beat dramatic and confrontational with a strong scent of destruction.

The Jealous Sound , egomaniacal horn symphonies in all red.

I have found that they all live in my dark basement and that they do their best at stopping me from reaching the staircase up to the first floor where the sunlight shines through my window calling me outside to play.
The basement is filled with music boxes, every box one can imagine but all is pretend and one is never free.
This brings me to childhood:
Growing up we are given all these music boxes from the basement, we fill our backpacks with them carrying their weight, proudly smiling, weeping and dragging ourselves along life’s mysterious path, encountering someone new we show them a box, not just any music box:
”The Most Beautiful Box”.
And we invite that new “friend” to come play in our lovely basement…

I think being true is walking up from the basement, lock the door, hang that key around your neck and leap outside and swim in the sunshine.
Once you have that key to the basement after searching a lot of boxes you can be more true and show people the way to that staircase so that they can enjoy some of that sweet sweet sunshine music.

Thank you for letting me share some of myself today.
Take care and Be True