Beautiful Sylphs Adventure

Yesterday (May 30th, 2007), a sylph armada drifted over my village. I witnessed strange phenomena surrounding it. Since I am unable to post photo’s on EW, here’s another link. Only for very patient people to watch, for it takes ages to open the files…… But you will be rewarded for that! Carolien

Nice photos Carolien. Seem to be the real thing.

On the fourth one you wrote: That dark line isn’t some bird’s “signature” or dirt. WHAT IS IT?" ;I don’t know, but it does not feel good.

Posting for Carolien

Beautiful sylphs adventure (May 30 2007)

On my way to the grocery store, I saw sylphs over my village. Rapidly I went home to fetch my camera……. And was up for amazing discoveries!

First sylphs flying in at noon on May 30, 2007. Seen from the river dike. A local Chinook helicopter flew over within minutes, towards those sylphs.

At home I took a closer look. There were COUNTLESS little white objects of different size in the sylphs’ surrounding sky! I can’t edit them for you to see them all, but wait and see….there’s more to come! While attending to some business at the local municipal hall, sylphs closed in over the old village center. A bird was circling the church tower. (this sylph later drifted over my house, see further below)

Another sylph more to the right……don’t know what those objects next to that other white house are

I went home, to find the “church” sylph drifting right above my house now. It’s configuration had slightly changed into this BEAUTIFUL form…… A buzzard flew over to check it out. Then an unmarked white plane flew over…and another…and another. I took all of these pictures outside my house. The sky is FILLED with white objects I hadn’t noticed with my bare eyes!!! I am only showing you the parts that have something to compare the objects sizes with. But there are many, many more in the background of each photo. At the front of our house there was sylph activity too. I couldn’t focus my camera in the right way, though. As you can see, I shot the next pictures inside the house. And I desperately need to clean my windows……

But look at the enlargement! That dark line isn’t some bird’s “signature” or dirt. WHAT IS IT?

And for a last goodbye, there was this sylph making an “OK” gesture At least, that’s what it looked like. HA, WHAT A DAY!

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