Ben Fulford's Paid Site - Subscriber Collaboration Efforts

I must say that something Extraordinary is happening within Benjamin Fulford’s Paid Site

There is a core of maybe a dozen or so Subscribers, including myself, that are collaborating to filter through the Blogosphere, and other information sources, and attempt to strip the disinfo from usable intel and news (as best we can). Last week, there were over 250 posts. This week there are now 500. There are obvious disinfo agents within the Subscribers; however, the core group is pretty solid and I am highly impressed with the quality of human beings that I am corresponding with.

Regardless, of whether or not Fulford, himself is on the level, and I am tending to believe that he is being truthful (whether or not he is being manipulated unwittingly is another matter), the work being done by his Subscribers is extraordinary, and a source of encouragement to me.

Additionally, Orgonite is quickly crystallizing within this core as a critically important tool in our fight for Liberty. There are at least 3 new CB building projects announced, people are buying materials to make TBs and gift their neighborhoods, and teaching their friends and families about Orgonite. I am hopeful that other such spontaneous collaborations are occurring all over the place now. Let us pray that it is

That’s really good news Azti that the use and gifting of orgonite is gaining ground with this network. We are going to need it everywhere on the planet. Also I think your take on the Fulford material is balanced and I appreciate your objective nature regarding it all. “We’ll see…in the mean time toss a TB!”

All the best…hkj

I think Fulford is the only person, besides a few of us, who is telling about China’s current role at the top of the corporate world order dungheap.

Whenever someone is promoted, here, by anyone then EW is automatically identified with that person in many (enough, I think) of our readers’ minds, please understand.

Also, promoting personalities automatically polarizes people, no matter whether that person being promoted has integrity or not. It’s just like favoring one religion over another, here.

I think EW’s good reputation is partly based on its inclusiveness. It’s so easy to shatter that. I hope it’s clear that my comments are not an assessment of Benjamin Fulford. I don’t even know the guy. I do know that what we’re all doing, here, is not tied to a personality and that’s one of the strengths of this unorganized movement.

The best conspiracy authors document a lot; the less useful ones don’t document at all and, in fact, usually plagiarize the more substantive ones. I think it’s safe enough to promote the authors who document their claims and not quite prudent to promote authors who, it is assumed, should be believed simply because they say so because they’re charismatic. I’ve run into some trouble in the past on account of this policy but in the long run I think it pays off. I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone.

Some of us say some pretty outlandish things but the reason it usually works, here, is that we insist that these are our subjective impressions and deduced observations. That’s a long, long way from expecting someone to believe us based on assumed personal authority.

We little folks are the ones making a difference, though, as the record shows. This has always been true, I think.

It’s a narrow. sometimes uncomfortable and lonely path we’re treading; really easy to get knocked off if we’re not paying attention. Popularity should never be confused with substance, I think.


Whenever someone presents a packsged worldview that includes a lot of new (to some) information our first impulse might be to promote that person. He tells tales about stuff that can’t be documented. He doesn’t offer the caveat that this is just his opinion or seems to be true based on circumstantial evidence. This is more than just a courtesy, by the way–it’s an accountability issue.

If someone has rather done a reasonable amount of reading and watching on his own, though, one is less inclined to fall in line with a charismatic personality. I think this sort of discernment and accountability is one of humanity’s biggest challenges, right now.

The Icke phenomenon is a case in point. A lot of people who carried his banner ten years ago are feeling a little sheepish by now, having discovered that all of the usable information he presented was already available from other published sources. It’s kind of easy to get caught up in someone’s showmanship.

A good test to see whether we’ve been sucked into personality worship is to take note if we’re using that personality as a standard for our own discernment.

Another drawback of getting in line behind a personality is that we will tend to distrust our own intuitive promptings after that.

Whenever I start hearing a name being promoted a lot, unless that person has done something remarkably new, like introduce a free energy engine or bring the dead back to life, I automatically wonder who’s doing the promoting, and why and this might have nothing to do with whether or not that person is genuine. I see this sort of promotion through personal email lists every day, exactly the same way that disinformation is promoted most effectively.

The periodic Jew-bashing campaigns are a case in point–those are not spontaneous; they’re probably financed and organized, probably by the Zionists [Image Can Not Be Found] but it’s sent to a few people who have huge personal mailing lists and those people dutifully pass it along, probably assuming that it’s ‘important new information.’ There’s a LOT of that going on (the Jew-bashing is one of many popular, enraging subjects) but caveat emptor, because if one is willing to use his discernment he can just discard this junk when it shows up. I often ‘reply to all’ with some balanced comments and that’s gotten me removed from a whole lot of people’s lists. Thinking rationally is uncomfortable for people who are caught up in emotions.

A couple of years after Rense failed to stop this unorganized movement by condemning our work on his syndicated radio show for a couple of months, he started requiring people to pay for participation on his website, if memory serves. So did Stewart Swerdlow. I think that was done to stem the tide of departing credibility in both cases.

Drunvalo was the guy who first published Flower of Life data, which some of us now use productively, but a lot of people who fell in line with him now regret it. I think the masons had kept that FOL secret, before, and needed an ‘infusion’ just to survive as an organization so they let it out in a controlled way. I never found the fellow actually applying this information toward a productive end but Cesco and Kelly sure have done that. We did start seeing younger masons after the young, charismatic official gurus, including that one, got busy in the 90s. Before that, the masons were all retired WWII guys with yellow teeth, who talked too loud and wore funny hats. These younger ones look a little scary to me [Image Can Not Be Found]

The nicest compliment I get from readers is that EW is a rarity: someplace for them to go for empowering information from a lot of regular folks. I think real stuff will only ever appeal to a small percentage of people but these are the ones who improve the world, after all, so relative obscurity is actually a blessing.

Orgonite is spreading all over the world, no matter what we do or don’t. I learned, last week, that there are a a lot of orgonite manufacturers in Greece and they’re quite competitive with each other. Someone in Greece told me that. How would we know, otherwise? Most Greeks don’t use English, nor even the Roman alphabet [Image Can Not Be Found]

I doubt they know or care about ‘Croft’ and that’s in order. Genuinely empowering information almost always sneaks in through the back door; it’s hardly ever popularly promoted. I figure that if we can keep EW clean and viable we’ll at least get footnotes someday and Carol and I will always be content to have our little share of this dynamic market.

I think the MMS thing is another example of this kind of promotion and it’s apparently run its course: almost two years of very aggressive, seemingly grassroot dissemination (as is so often done with charismatic personalities) but nobody I know has yet heard of one personal account of a MMS cure or conclusive benefit and I’m hearing of MMS less and less. That’s an example, I think, of compelling popularity without substance.

Fulford needs to earn his credibility, just like the rest of us Making pronouncements might have its uses but sooner or later, like with Icke these days, the piper will need to be paid.


The most remarkable people I’ve known were careful to avoid popularity. I think we need to resist the temptation to assume that something has to be popularized in the media (internet is media) in order to gain respectability. Popularity is more likely to become a misrepresentation these days. If you take a look at how this is now spreading in East Africa–entirely without publicity–I think my argument is conclusive

I heard about someone in Brazil who has healed millions of people but avoids the limelight. The gov’t even threw him in prison for awhile. Carol wants to go check him out. She was impressed with the evident geunuineness and ability of Ama Ji, who also resists promotion. Dooney and Stevo met another remarkable man who knows a lot of stuff but isn’t broadcasting it. I bet a bunch of us have learned essential information from teachers who avoid popular exposure or gathering a personal following. They likely insisted that we develop our own discernment rather than parrot them.

The contributors to EW whom our readers like the most of the people who mainly produce substantive gifting reports. That produces credibility in a real and lasting way. We don’t need to have all the answers or point to someone who allegedly does in order to earn a good reputation.

Capt Azti saved our bacon last month, during a massive technical sabotage event against EW, so his place of honor is assured . Before he set up EW’s protective measures our site had been destroyed several times over the years and a lot of important reports were lost.

Hong Kong Johnny is doing his best to inform China about orgonite and has even deposited orgonite extensively in China. He’s also seeing Sylphs over Hong Kong regularly. Since it’s a recent development and he’s the only gifter, there, as far as we know, I think he earned credit for that positive affirmation in the sky.



I take Fulford with a ‘big’ grain of salt. Ergo the caveats that I put in regarding the veracity of what he claims. However, I take your point, and agree as I think about it–that people who make unsubstantiated claims, from a position of personal popularity, are dangerous. The point of my original post was not so much about Fulford himself, or his claims, but regarding the contributions of a core of subscribers that comment on his Blog. That was what I found extraordinary, not Fulford per say. I didn’t think about the repercussions that would result from my EVEN naming him, from my 'place of ‘honor’ here on EW; by the way, honor that I NEVER sought, my motivation, from the very beginning, being solely to yield my knowledge, experience, and resources in the cause of Liberty and Humanity in our mutual fight against Tyranny.

I now recognize, acknowledge, and agree with your point… By my mentioning him (Fulford), and even granting him, based on my subjective ‘Feelings’, the benefit of the doubt regarding his truthfulness, that due to the respect that I might have herein on EW, I elevate his position in the minds of EW’s readership beyond any ‘demonstrated’ value that he has accrued.

I thank you for your wise counsel in this matter. I will keep it firmly in mind in the future.

I think this dialogue is enriching and honourable. It helps us get to the bottom of what is real. I think if some folks on this paid forum are tossing TB’s then that’s fantasic. I am careful of these “broadsweeping” predictions like the NESARA scam:

At the same time I’m wide open to a bunch of secret Chinese fellows wanting to make positive change in the world. But I won’t relax my gifting cos I think they are going to come flying in on their dragons and save me. I’d simply put them on my mojo bed and see how long they would last in that energy with a powerwand buzzing underneath and my orgone Howitzer turned on in the living room…I think it might be fun.

When I was a dragonboater here the Triads had a team in the races. They were always fun with their tattoos, women, whiskey and enlivening behaviour. Very human, but they were the lower level triads. Not the higher level energy master types, hiding out in a cave in Mongolia…with a black-mojo bamboo wand. So hard to say about Fulford with this secret Chinese society he is talking about. In his article on currencies he does mention 134.5 Trillion and then in the next paragraph 134.5 Billion…and then something about 10%…maybe the “t” and the “b” got mixed up or maybe the 10% math is right…but either way that is a huge amount of money to buy crystals and metal shavings and resin with. It all seems kinda big for me and maybe I just have a tiny mind. Maybe I’m jealous cos he had the whole CIA, Mossad and perhaps MI6 stand down in an attempt to kill him. I’ve never had that, sorry to say…

Anyway…we’ll see with all of this…it will all work out either way the more we gift and boost from the heart…

All the best…hkj

Thx, Johnny–I love a good story and reading something doesn’t require us to believe or disbelieve it. The CIA/NSA have the best writers, naturally–Hollywood is full of them. I read one terrific story by an obvious fed about Jack Parsons. It was the first thing that came up when I did a search on his name–go figure

The story ended as a pure fantasy about a ‘moon child’ with superhuman powers but at least in the beginning there were some barebone facts about his life and the circumstances of his alleged death. Also, when the story was done I found myself feeling like I’d been served a delicious but skimpy and unsatisfying portion of food in a restaurant. I’m sure that was designed into the story. It’s the subtle effects you get when reading disinformation that are the primary, intended effects of the employers of the authors, I’m sure.

Europeans are less likely to see through the NESARA lie. The Americans who fail to see the obvious are people I’ve known who are suckers for multi-level marketting or otherwise expect ‘free wealth.’ I don’t think I even know any of those people, any more. When I used to point out to them that when Congress was allegedly dreaming up ways to make all Americans wealthy by giving away money they were actually creating the Hitlerian Patriot Acts. I think there were only two or three Congressmen and Senators who were openly opposed to this tyranny so those would have been the ones creating NESARA if it were real. Three honest politicians don’t prevail over 500 parasitic and predatory ones.

Disinformants require us to abandon rational thinking in order to proceed. What is still unclear to many is that these websites are designed to maneuver the visitor away from rationality by cleverly , even subliminally persuading him/her to accept certain assumptions before moving forward.

DB used to visit a lot for intel but warned people that this website is like the ‘Roach Hotel,’ You can go in but you can’t get out
Theoretically, one can go trawl through disinformation sites for usable intel but I don’t actually know anyone who can remain unaffected by the subtle influences. I just avoid them because they feel creepy. When one’s titillation response to disinformation turns into revulsion, then progress is being made, I think.

To know that China is in control of the corporate world order, now, just look at the back pages of newspapers and watch the bankers and politicians in the West, who used to be on the top of the dungheap. For instance, Nathan Rotschild went begging to Peking for a loan to exploit India some more and was turned down, last year; America was forced, in a meeting in Peking, to remove N. Korea from the ‘nuclear terrorist’ list. That was publicized. You don’t need tales of intrigue in order to know that China is on top. China obviously bailed out the US Gov’t–who can’t see that, really? They didn’t do it out of kindness; there was a price that the politicians, bankers and military predators are paying to Peking for all that and none of this will ever be mentioned on network television.