Biggest Crystals Ever, So Far

30 Sep 2008 16:44
Subject: Biggest Crystals Ever, So Far.
You’ve got to see this. I just wonder would you put one of those pieces in a device, how much resin would it swallow?

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30 Sep 2008 16:59
Subject: Re: Biggest Crystals Ever, So Far.
Those are the beautiful selenite caves of Chihuahua, Mexico. They were found in a silver and zinc mine. Imagine, selenite blades 11 metres long. That would be a very fascinating and relaxing place to visit if they put in air conditioning. It’s very hot and super humid inside ; the lower cave is 150 Farenheit. They’re hoping to develop it into a geo tourism attraction. I read that a looter once tried to steal one of the crystals but when it broke loose, it crushed him due to its massive size.


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