Birth of the Air Irregulars ;-)

Chuck (Azti) and his wife, Joan, are visiting from Virginia and, yesterday, Chuck and I perfected the droppable earthpipe, also made progress with a droppable HHg that lands upright.

We took turns flying my ultralight and observing on the ground. The earthpipe tumbles a little for a couple hundred feet, then starts spinning and drops like a rocket, burying about halfway in hard earth. 500 feet above ground is a good, workable altitude because one sees the target area clearly and it’s a safe height.

Today, Chuck will visit the adjacent underground base with six of them. We don’t advocate dropping anything from an airplane because that’s against federal rules and I can’t conceive of leaving evidence for them in forum posts that we do this.

We’d dropped a lot of earthpipes in the lake, over the base, but not yet on the land portion. I think the sewer rats tend to expand their bases outward when earthpipes have been deployed but, strategically, it’s easier for us to just occasionally deploy some earthpipes than it is for them to dig out several cubic miles of rock [Image Can Not Be Found] . Some of the bases, evidently including this one, are particularly precious to the sewer rats, which makes me even more eager to ruin their fun.

Brent Mosley is the first pilot among us to sweeten the environment from the air when he rented a bush plane to gift an expanse of northern Alberta, years ago. AndySchwarm rented a helicopter to grace some poisoned desert area near LA. Now that there’s at least four of us (after today) maybe we can say that we’re an air force! Unorganized Etheric Air Force is my choice since it mustn’t be formally organized. Chuck is fond of ‘Air Irregulars.’

I found an ad in an aviation newspaper for painting emblems on the back of leather flying jackets and I feel pretty tempted to decorate mine.


I want to say for the record that we got a wonderful confirmation of the success of Chuck’s aerial ‘mission’ with earthpipes in the nearby mountains: Carol and I can now get wireless internet signal in the house. That signal has been jammed for two years from that direction, underground according to what Carol saw.

We took care of the base facilities under Lake Pend Oreille but not the facilities under those adjacent mountains.

Another victory for the Air Irregulars!!


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