Black helicopter attacking crop circle and his visitors with

this is an interesting article about AUM crop circle born 7/7/07 in weltshire, where black helicos unmarked sprayed radioactive material on crop circle and his visitors:

this is the newspaper article about aum crop and his manifestation::

(i cannot put the complete url…)

BY TRISTAN CORK [email protected]

08:00 – 20 July 2007
It could be the first and most compelling evidence of a mysterious creator of Wiltshire’s famous crop circles – a flash of white light and a crop circle appears in front of startled researchers.

And all this captured in the dead of night on an array of hi-tech cameras without a sniff of any hoaxers with ropes and boards.

Yesterday the crop circle community in Wiltshire was buzzing with probably the most significant single piece of evidence since the entire phenomenon began more than 30 years ago – a crop circle created in front of three eye-witnesses, a bank of light-sensitive video cameras and a mysterious flash minutes before the circle appeared.

The incident occurred two weeks ago, in the early hours of July 7.

Two croppies, Gary King and his friend Paula Presdee-Jones were sitting atop Knapp Hill with a UFO spotter Winston Keech, who was more interested in filming strange lights than crop circles.

Their testimony, released for the first time yesterday, is as mysterious as it is compelling.

Mr Keech had a series of cameras focussed on the Pewsey Vale below – the heart of crop circle country – and would make regular sweeps of the fields with another infra-red camera.

The trio were last able to see the famous East Field at Alton Barnes at 1.35am, before it got too dark to make out the wheat. With the rest of his cameras running, and capturing no light, movement or sound in the field, the trio watched the darkness until a blinding flash of light in the sky hit them at 3.13am.

At 3.20am – little over 100 minutes since they were last able to see the wheat – the cameras picked out a huge crop formation.

The circles themselves cover an area of more than two acres, and are more than 1,000ft long by 500ft wide. There are 150 individual large circles, with about 60 other smaller ‘satellite’ circles. It is the biggest formation of the year so far, and kick-started a frenzy of crop circle activity in the Wiltshire countryside – at least 10 other huge formations have been created in the week and a half since. Gary King said: "I have no idea how this formation was created. I just know that it wasn’t there at 1.35am, and it was there at 3.20am. Win had lots of cameras filming that field and they picked nothing up, so if there was a huge gang of people there, they used no lights, no lasers, no equipment and made no sound. And they created this huge circle in complete darkness in less than an hour and three-quarters. For me the flash of light is important. It was like sheet lightning, but it was a dull white light for a split second. I knew something had happened right then, and within 10 minutes we were filming the formation. When I was the first to go into the formation at 4am I felt blessed, a great deal of euphoria.

"Personally, I feel this should be a catalyst to serious study of what is going on here. This is vindication, it feels like confirmation of all the time and energy everyone has put into this phenomenon over the years."

Cameraman Winston Keech added: "I was careful to do things like make notes of any vehicles passing and stopping, and use handheld cameras to focus on them. If there was any hoax activity, there was an overlapping mesh of surveillance which would have seen that."

Crop circle experts filled the Memorial Hall at Alton Barnes yesterday for the first showing of the footage.

Norwegian crop circle expert Terje Toftenes said: "There has been much scientific analysis of things like what happens to the crops in formations and there is a floodgate that needs to be open now and all those scientists who have researched this should come forward."

Hi , those articles are quite amazing. Its incredible that the sewer rats would overtly spray people with some strange substance in such an obvious way, with so many cameras present. The obvious interpretation is that the rats wanted to intimidate these people away from crop circles or were trying to do something to the crop circle itself. I´ve always had mixed feeling about the whole crop-circle thing. There is alot of new-age and cultish stuff around crop circles, I know a couple of people that are heavily into this thing and they´re pretty crazy, like those newagy people that worship aliens. I´m not saying that everyone that’s into crop-circles is like this or that there are no serious researchers, I´m just saying that there’s alot of crap associated with crop circles. The most common fallacy that some crop circle people propagate is the notion that any race of aliens, more intelligent that humans, are therefore superior, enlightened beings that want to help humanity. I´m sure there are “good” aliens but also “bad” ones that in spite of their great intelligence and wit are totally corrupt, infested with what W. Reich called “The emotional plague”, being “evil” is just a mental and emotional disease, after all.

I saw this on one of the articles:

Physical Impact of East Field Circles On People

From our own experience being there, witnessing it, and feeling the energy that we felt, it was very electric! We were dancing on the top of Knap Hill when we saw it, too.

Since then, a number of people who have gone in the formation, including myself, we have had dry throats and headaches. And we’ve had kind of tired feelings and some of the symptoms you can get from going in formations that I’ve experienced over the years.


The symptoms described after being around these crop circles are the same as when being exposed to excessive DOR(Deadly Orgone). It is pretty clear to me that whoever created this crop circle was using technology based on DOR. All the "legit" crop circles produce some sort of mutation of the crops as well as other anomalies. People into crop circles use this evidence to say that aliens created the formations. This may be the case, but they also say that these aliens are here to help humanity evolve in consciousness and save them from impending doom. I don´t think its too smart to trust aliens that use DOR tech to transmit their messages. I also think that the whole black helicopter show was to validate the whole issue and propagate new-age theosophy.This reminds me of disinformants that fake interference to gain credibility. Some time after the best ever footage of crop circles being created was being filmed by some professional type cameras the world odor rats arrive in apaches fitted with sprayers and spew the circle and the people at close range, wow! I thinks it a bit too convinient. Its pretty obvious to me that the sewer rats are no longer preoccupied with censorship of information and controlling the rising awareness in people. Their aim is to seduce most of the semi-awake people into their disinformants most of which will ultimately lead to theosophy in any of its thousands of forms(candy coatings). Theosophy is very clever, it offers loads of "secret, ancient, sacred knowledge" derrived from all over occultism that will suposidly bestoy a kind of god status to the iniciate. What it really does is rigidly define the all of the etheric, spiritual, dream, whatever worlds and form ever increasingly complex irrational metal constructs in the devotee or initiate. Of course the only real way of really knowing about any of more subtle aspects of reality is working with them. this instead of bestowing a great god like status just provides ever increasing grattitude for life and being alive, all very humbling, that is if your working for life of course. Theosophy actually does deliver what they promise, a god-sized ego, its quite pathetic and sad, actually. The world odor operates purely by "psyops" that is psychological and psychic(etheric) warfare. All physical acts of violence are done for psychological effect. This "war" is essentially a mind game.

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