Black line buster

I have put a page up to the Laozu’s and McGinty’s 6 TB arrangement that busts black lines

This IMO is one of the Holy Grails of geopathic dowsing, I never had any faith in copper rods or the stone arrangement my dowser used to use. The main dowser of lines in the UK tells you to move house if you have one on some bad lines! Also with the long history in the UK you can get lines going through burial grounds which are all over the place, often right under houses. They put a supermarket carpark over one huge one from one of the older wars. I don’t fancy being on top of of one myself. According to one psychic they used to hang people in the large room of the Court, and they dropped into the cellar where those nasty entities are, maybe they are attracted to that old fear/death energy?

Reminds me of when they wanted to build a road through a tribal burial ground. Don Genaro decided that wasn’t on, so did a dance over the site and none of their machines would work, so they had to go around. How’s that for power?

Strangely the folder with the pics I took of the CBs on lines with the Court in the background completely vanished off my computer and the internet, and all copies I had taken of my site. Must be the same entity that has trashed my member profile.


As I recall, Cesco and I used the 6 TB version first in June of 2005 at Rainer’s apartment in a town near Stuttgart, Germany. We first set it up on a bad line which coursed through the living room, found that it worked, and then placed a permanent version underground in the yard just outside the building (still on the line).

A more recent experience happened in Malaysia. Hari’s family had moved not too long ago from their home in Kuala Lumpur to a new one. It had been on the market for a time without selling, and Hari’s father Siva took me over to have a look. There was a bad line running through the house, from front yard to back yard, and into the house behind. I noticed that the part of the line which lay beneath Hari’s old place had a part of some negative entity connected with it. Going upstairs, I found that the entity was much stronger, and centered in one room

We went out back and Siva and I buried the 6 TB configuration on the line, just inside the back fence. The line became positive, but more interestingly, the entity which was attached to it became upset and almost immediately began losing strength. It was still there, but quite weak when we left the place about a quarter hour later.

This experience is similar to one which Cesco and I had at Salem Church outside Stockholm this past summer

Looking at that image on just makes my head spin!
Instead of a hexagram i see a very nice round circle.

It seems very effective and i will certainly use it. I already tried it, but with a far more larger hexagram, this method is just like trowing a very large ring into space! Thank you soo much for sharing! It will help much on those hard to reach spots!