Placement of TBs underneath the bed, and stacking TBs

Do you think it would be beneficial to place about 10 of these under one’s foam mattress for improved restorative sleep?

Also if you stack two or more on top of one another does that increase the potency?

It depends on the environment and the person, some people can find laying directly above orgonite can be energising and disrupt sleep, while others find it restful.
I think that ten TBs under a mattress is a little too much, but by all means give it a go. Generally one or two should be sufficient. You may wish to try having them slightly to the side if directly underneath is too energising.

Its advisable to have orgonite at bedside tables or shelves, the majority of people find them calming and beneficial to sleep when sleeping next to orgonite.

Stacking TBs on top of each other, or placing them in close proximity to each other doesn’t increase increase potency, just increases the processing capacity in the area with multiple TBs instead of one.
The only arrangement of TBs that seems to give more than the sum of their parts is when 6 are arranged in a hexagonal formation. People have used these outdoors, often buried, to change black lines into positive lines.


Some further reading regarding the 6 TBs hexagonal arrangement can be seen here: