Blocked Correspondence To An Old Friend:

Don Croft
19 Dec 2008 21:15
Subject: Blocked Correspondence to an Old Friend:
The following is a reply to an email I got today from someone I ran around Boston with in the early 1970s and who is now an energy worker who wants to get busy with orgonite and zapping. I sent her and her sis (an old girlfriend) zappers over a week ago and Inanna just got hers today, though she’s in the US and her sis lives abroad (got hers last week).

I’m pretty confident that she won’t mind having to read my response here. I tried and tried to copy the following from my Word program into my email response but was blocked. I usually ahve no trouble doing this, of course. Also, I’ve been using an Apple computer since June (thanks, David in Maui!) and have never been hacked until today. I just figure that the CIA doesn’t want any of my old friends to get into this work and this gal is quite independent, interesting and resourceful, like the rest of us Wink .

I’m in a Starbucks in Coeur d’Alene, waiting for Carol to finish some errands. When I come to town with her I usually spend a few hours here to catch up with email but, today, after I tried to reply to Inanna’s note everything went haywire on my 'puter and I had to reboot a couple of times. I still can’t copy my reply from Word to email but can copy it here and, otherwise, the hackers have dropped away. The Word program is an Apple-friendly version of MS Word, so maybe there’s some hidden spyware in there for the always-watchful CIA ptashki govnow. There’s almost always a way around these felonious schmucks, apparently Cool and can you imagine how hard it must be for them to achieve this when someone’s using an Apple with none of their predator-friendly Bill gates?



Glad you finally got it, Inanna. When there’s that much delay we assume the $#!+birds are involved but that’s an unwitting compliment from them to you, if so Wink

Over the past six years several of us have been poisoned so many times that the cumulative effect made the attacks worse and worse until we started out liver/colon cleanse in the beginning of October. It’s been a long healing crisis for Carol but only started affecting me in late Nov. We’re almost done and both feel bettter than we have in six years. The feds have a variety of ways to poison people and we’ve probably experienced them all. I wrote a post about all that, earlier today. They’ve probably triend injecting us and a few other friends with cancer but even teh simplest zappers cure cancer fast and everyone we know uses zappers.

Poison is poison, whether it comes from a CIA/Army lab or from some other planet and most of it seems to be directed at our livers. They tried to stop our hearts (Carol and I) with beryllium dust four years ago but maybe they quit doing that after I published the evidence. They similarly poisoned one of our very prolific friends in Canada with lead, then, and another friend with some other toxic metal. All of this showed up in the hair samples that Dr von Peters collected. He’s the one who formulated ChemBuster, by the way, and most naturopaths are not like him at all: he actually cures and heals ‘hoplessly sick’ people, as does our friend in Missoula, Doc Stevo, and our friend in Uganda, Doc

I don’t remember the name of the liver/colon cleanse we’re completing but it’s a combination of herbs in capsules for the liver, some probiotics in capsules and some psillium-based product for the colon–very ‘productive.’ I’ll probably promote it soon. David Wolfe apparently endorses it and Carol found out about it at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona in September. Lots of solid folks were there and, by the way, the feds sprayed aerosol poison overr the crowd on the last day–go figure. Carol saw some of the hired rent-a-cops doing it. I think all those private security companies were drafted into Homeland Sekurity after the feds blew up the World Trade Center.

The felonious feds and a few other corporate/terrorist agencies have ways to get themselves out of our time phase temporarily–stealth tech based on Project Rainbow and Montauk stuff, and they also have had the time/space tunnel tech since the 50s or so. All of that is Vryal-sourced, of course–there are no national considerations at that level of the corporate world order–nor was there even in WWI or WWII. They use a lot of ways to get close to us but orgonite in the vicinity makes it harder for them, so they don’t do the creepier ways as much as they’d probably like.

Lately there’s been some new (to us) alien poison tech involving insect species, used by the Triads, mostly. The Triads are the very ancient Chinese verrsion of the CIA/MI6/Theosophy/masons/Sion and teh latter are now subservient to the Triads, now, as are KGB and the Mossadomites®. All the rest of the shitbird agencies in teh world are subservient to one of the lower tier, of course, but the Vryal, who temporarily put on black uniforms and called themselves ‘the SS’ for a few years, are found throughout the lower tier organizations.

The oldEuropean illuminati families are apparently trying to trash our economy to get at the Chinese but of course The Operators are ultimately in control and all these dried up old farts’ efforts are backfiring, making them expose themselves to teh PJ folks–fatal mistake for them. They desperately want the Pajama People to think of them as all-powerful if they’re unable to entirely hide. One of the Big Secrets is that they’re merely parasites, of course, and are more vulnerable to the new vital magic and tech than we are to their old, crappy magic and death-energy based infrastructure.

Meanwhile, we’re systematically (etherically, with directed and focused love energy) assaulting all these old families in the two international chatrooms. Since the Chinese took over the world order, four + years ago, these old predatory families are no longer powerful or even united but they still have to be contended with.

The Chinese gov’t is entirely vulnerable to teh sort of grassroot propagation of orgonite info that’s taking down the world order’s death-energy inrastructure throughout the world. I don’t think it will be long before instructions for making and deploying simple orgonite devices are finally on the Chinese internet. It’s entirely separate from the WWW, as you may know, because it’s a different code language. Some Chinese in Hong Kong have already translated the material into Mandarin and Cantonese and are attempting to get it available to Chinese on the mainland but they’re being blocked for now. The gifting info’s spread will be like a thousand Tienanmen Square events, except that the gov’t reprisal will be impossible in this case and what we’re participating in is an entirely bloodless but irresistable world revolution. Carol and I started it, 8 years ago, but it’s certainly not personality based.

The future is pretty bright from where we sit. We’re just going to pay attention to our signals to avoid getting erased. I don’t want to be a martyr for this. An African was murdered for it last week but I’m hoping this will fuel the spread of this info throughout the continent. The more attention we draw to Africans, the safer they’re going to be, by the way.

No need to sting yourself with teh zapper–inst’s cover that. Sure, if your liver is backed up your body is going to be happyt to turn a skin sore into another little temporary, annoying a$$hole but why not rather focus on getting the liver in shape? Wink After that you won’t be acidic any more, so the skin wont’ be used as a surrogate bile duct.

Great to be in touch with you! If you get comfortable with gifting, have some insights and want to share them after that it would be cool if you post on our forum. Our readers would get a big kick out of it. Just a thought–most gifterrs obviously don’t participate in public forums and that’s a good sign for any genuine grassroot movement… Everyone who does this work assimilates teh info at his/her own speed; nobody can directly transfer knowledge or experience, after all.

If you want to stop the $#!+birds from bothering you, check out okay? You can get some online coaching from here there, too. I think you’ll resonate with it. this is the condensed version of what the psychics have collectively been learning to do to protect themselves and to go after mass murderers over the past 8 years and anyone can apply these practical techniques. There’s no need to bend over for the corporate world order, any more and you can probably tell that we have a lot of fun.

If you’re serious about getting the $#!+tbirds out of your life I’d be honored to make a Succor Punch for you. Carol and I developed this simple device when we first started getting frequently pestered by the aliens that ally with the US corporate/military government (you know: the unlawful gov’t that runs/ruins everything Wink ), 8 yrs ago, and it’s like training wheels for anyone who wants to learn, fast, how to toss energy at predators. It’s also a formidable healing device, of course.

By the way, the strength of this unorganization is that we’re not afraid to be challenged. This is probably because we don’t make many claims—most of what we present are considered suppositions except for the reports about the solid results we get from intelligent gifting. On the other hand, when a lot of people see the same thing, again and again, that becomes empirical evidence, which has more credibility than the mutterings of pedants and institutionalized scientists, after all. So, don’t be hesitant to challenge anything I tell you, okay? This generates consultation and that’s a powerful weapon against programmed ignorance.


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