Blood Sacrifice

On my german weblog I point out the blood sacrifices committed by so called individual psychopaths within the new-moon phase (normally exactly at new moon, but also from 4 days before new moon).

This time one of the so called psychopaths committed a massacre in Belgium [as can be read here

I hesitated with commenting on it, because I had in mind to comment it as a blood sacrifice, but couldn´t find fitting words for the comment
However today mornig I read about another massacre in Oregon [as can be read here/url:2zsyvcfi

I also hadn´t checked out my email yesterday, but as I checked it today I had received a mail yesterday afternoon by some “Blood Sacrifice” as sender.
It was a link to an online shop with viking style articles…… nevertheless it contained the keywords I wanted to comment on. Strange experience.

“Blood Sacrifice” will surely be a good target for starting boosting a line of predators behind him/her.Vryal?

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