Boosting Needed For My Girlfriend

Today at 08:14
Subject: Boosting Needed For My Girlfriend
Greetings all

My girlfriend is very ill. We suspect that she is attacked psychically. She is pregnant but there is no amniotic liquid anymore. She really loses amniotic liquid but the tests made by the doctors reveals that she does not lose amniotic liquid ! And, it seems that the kidney of the fetus is OK (and it should produce amniotic liquid every 5 hours) but it does not produce enough amniotic liquid. Doctors want to wait 10 days and they will probably stop her pregnancy. The doctors say that there is no explanation to all that (because the test should be positive and because the kidney of the fetus seems OK so he should produce liquid). Personnally I think that there could be fasciolopsis buskii in the kidney of the fetus but I can’t test because I don’t have any way to. I know I should use a zapper, and I’ve got one which is broken so I’ll try to repair it. And I have another Super Deluxe Zapper by H.Clark but it is clearly written that we should not use it on a pregnant woman. Anyway it is the last chance for us so I’ll try to use the Super Deluxe Zapper and if I can repair the basic zapper then I’ll use it also…

So if any of you could boost my girlfriend, at least to give her strength not to be depressive with all that, at best to try to make the fetus recover from all that and produce enough amniotic liquid to avoid the worst…

Thank you.

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