Boosts for Norman Mailer

My grandfather, Norman Mailer, is being hammered bigtime by the serial killers at Mt. Sinai in New York. They say he only has 36 hours to live max. Any boosts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here’s a current photo:

Boosting Norman for you Alejandro !

This a quote of Norman’s
“There are two kinds of brave men: those who are brave by the grace of nature, and those who are brave by an act of will.”

Hang in there Norman .

I saw Norman in the idiot box(tv) not long ago being interviewed, he looked tired and sick, so he certainly could use a good Orgone boost .

Norman Mailer once blamed the cia for whacking Marilyn Monroe, so this could be a payback for that.

We’ll work on him again in the chat, Ale. Too bad he won’t use the zapper, though. I think that would have fixed him. He’s an amazing man but when we’re sick we’re less likely to make good choices about healing, after all, also more susceptible to the serial killers’ (MDs’) threats and rants. I wonder how many MDs at that hospital are Mossadomites.


Norman Mailer passed away earlier today.

My condolences goes out to his family and friends.


Boosting directed to Ale and his family now, all in NY.

can’t wait to hug you, love…

A few hours too late…

Rest in Peace Grandpa.

There will come a day when these bastard Serial Killers will be all behind bars.

Norman’s last words (written) were “Glorious End”

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