Boston Dolphin Strandings

Eight dolphins strand themselves in Boston Harbor

QUINCY, Mass. --Eight dolphins were discovered early Sunday on a beach in Quincy in what scientists are calling a rare mass stranding in Boston Harbor.

Passers-by discovered the dolphins at about 7 a.m. on Wollaston Beach. They were able to help two of the eight back into the water. The other six were dead.

"They had probably been high and dry since the low tide overnight," said Tony LaCasse, a spokesman for the New England Aquarium. "The best guess is that these guys were pretty disoriented."

LaCasse said no one at the aquarium could remember a similar mass stranding of dolphins in Boston Harbor, although dolphin strandings have become more common on Cape Cod, especially in winter when the dolphins may be in search of food in marshy areas.

Four of the dead dolphins were taken to the aquarium to try to determine why they may have become stranded in Boston Harbor. Two were taken to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Falmouth.

LaCasse said that while it’s understandable why people would want to help the living dolphins back into the water, it’s probably not a good idea because they could easily become stranded again. It’s better to call police and have a dolphin rescue team evaluate the health of the dolphins and release them in deeper waters.

LaCasse said the aquarium had just moved some of its rescue staff to the outer tip of Long Island in New York to help with rescues there.

The stranding is the latest and most dramatic incident in a string of recent dolphin strandings in Massachusetts.

Two more dolphins found dead on Cape Cod beaches
By Associated Press
Thursday, January 4, 2007 – Updated: 09:31 AM EST

RLEANS – Two more dolphins have been found dead on Cape Cod beaches, bringing the total number of strandings in the past week to 17.

Of the 17 stranded, eight have either been found dead or have had to be euthanized.

Rescuers are worried about a repeat of last year.

"It’s very reminiscent of last January where we had 100 (dolphins strand) in the first week of 2006," said Sarah Herzig, the stranding coordinator for the Cape Cod Stranding Network.

The dead dolphins found Wednesday were in Orleans and Brewster. A dead dolphin was found Tuesday night in Orleans. All were common dolphins, the same species that has been stranding on Cape Cod beaches since last Friday.

The Cape’s hook shape, combined with a labyrinth of sandbars and marshes, can confuse and trap animals, especially if they are sick. The recent full moon may have exacerbated the problem because it allows dolphins to chase prey deeper into the flooded marshes, marine biologists say.

The these guys need our attention, since our prescious Navy is most likely responsible for forcing them out of the water .

Looks like it would be a good idea to get a lot of orgonite into those waters.

According to what the psychics have seen, these events are most often the result of US Navy sonar assaults on specific pods of dolphins. I’ll ask the psychics to look into applying some reprisals to the Navy freaks who may have done this but when we put orgonite in the water, the dolphins pick it up and take it to sonar death transmitters on the seabed, which are apparently US Navy weaponry, deployed against dolphins and whales.

The fact that almost nobody knows about this ongoing war against cetaceans is pretty unfortunate, especially since some of the top scientists/predators have reputations for being friends of dolphins.

Thanks for posting this, Eric!


Leaving nothing to chance, I will go drop a couple dozen tb’s into the harbor


I don’t know how well cupcake shaped tb’s move around the harbor floor, but

if the dolphins are trying to get my attention by killing themselves I owe them at least a

trip up to Boston and a gallon of resin.

Why is it that the poorest of poor do this work ?

I did it, don’t ask me how, but I got 2 hhg’s and 20 tb’s into the outer Boston harbor today.

It’s all I had in inventory without making more. I’ll gift the harbor in a week with another

50 tb’s and hopefully that will please are dolphfriends

Well done, Eric!

Dooney adn STevo are visiting for the weekend and we went to work on the dolphin murderers last night. Here’s the play by play:

The psychics all found a very fast, new US Navy submarine with nuke-powered sonar weaponry, hunting dolphin pods in Massachusetts Bay and along Long Island, further south, where more beached dolphins were found near MOntauk.

This is apparently ‘next generation’ tech, mass produced with robotics & nanotech at the huge base in the Bahamas–joint British, American and draconian project. Stevo had seen next-generation mainframe computers the week before, by the way, apparently dedicated to some of this work. We can’t figure out exactly why the world odor and their draconian powerbase are so intent on destroying the cetaceans but they’re clearly not getting it done as they had hoped, in spite of glitzy new tech. Apparently, most of the new stuff is remote controlled, perhaps because human sailors won’t go out on these murder missions any more.

They found a correlation between the new sub/weapons and the HAARPicane in Northern Europe, by teh way. Apparently the HAARP apparatus on the seabed is just too vulnerable to ocean gifting. I expect that all of that will be disabled by orgonite-hauling dolphins and whales pretty soon and the sewer rats are aware of this. I hope you’ll consider throwing as much orgonite into teh sea as you can in coming days. Dave Emmett has thrown thousands of TBs in the water around Barbados and the psychics see his gifts scattered all the way to Africa and far into the Caribbean.

Stevo found a lot of dracs at the big old base in the Bahamas, including a 30 foot tall one, which he apparently beheaded. The big bosses are large . Carol also saw them after he pointed them out.

Stevo filled the place up with dodecs because there were so many targets. Carol was out of hte room at the time and when she came back she said, ‘that place looks like a bagfull of dodecahedrons!’

When we were boosting STevo I saw a lot of dark water, funneling down as though into a big drain. The water had flecks of gold light in it and I asked them what I was seeing. They always chide me for saying I’m not psychic, of course, but I only get impressions like that once in a great while & they get them constantly. Stevo said the whales had breached the enormous dome over the ancient base and I was seeing the water going in the top. The gold flecks were the energy that the whales were putting into the water. We’re just beginning to understand the potential of energized water and its uses, of course, but we’ll get more and more info/instructions about that before long, I think.

All of the psychics see the whales boosting our dodecs in these sessions and say that the whales have simply been patiently waiting for people to take this initiative, since it’s our planet. Dooney got the dodec instructions from dolphins last year and the tactic continues to be refined.

Remember when sonar weapons were destroying dolphins with depressing regularity? I think the last time dolphins were murdered this was last spring, just south of where our Kenyan cohorts handed dolphins a bunch of orgonite from a boat near Mombassa. The weaponry that we found and destroyed last night was a lot worse than what the US Navy used to destroy the dolphins off the coast of Zanzibar, then.

This reinforces, for me, the notion that we need to work even harder to disable the world odor now that they can probably see the end of their parasitic rule coming. I bet they want to take us all along with them–sore losers


Wow, that’s good intel Don.

I had a thought if I put magnets in the tb’s that make them stick to metal the dolphins would figure it out and stick them on the subs or underwater towers ?

The HHG"S were DorkBoy’s so they’re packing more juice than the ones I make !

Dorkboy doing the dirty work silently

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