Boxes of light - each lightbox had a orgone generator inside of it

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As I just discovered how I can put pictures in my postings I dug out some old pictures from my brothers computer.
These are from 2003 and were part of an exhibition I had here in Reykjavik, a brief description:

The installation contained 7 handmade wooden lightboxes with very detailed ink drawings on paper, each lightbox had a orgone generator inside of it(perhaps making it the first exhibition to include orgonite?).
In front of each lightbox was a big white silk pillow, from the white pillows golden threads spread in a pattern like form across the floor were they entered into 7 square stones that were carefully balanced on old rusty nails found near the ocean shore.
The golden threads went into the stones that had bandages around them and came out through a wound like part on top of the stone and rose into the air were they hooked onto a steel cage.
The steel cage held a very special monkey statue surrounded by a myriad of small white notes with red words written on them.
The room also had an audio installtion accompanying it by Canadian group: A Silver Mt.Zion, titled: “13 angels standing guard round the side of your bed”
On the vernissage homebrewed Icelandic tea was served and my mother flew in, it was her birthday and I was very proud of having her there.
Every visitor had to take off their shoes before entering the gallery space, it was my aim that as many senses as possible would be awakened upon entering, i fell short on a deliberate smell:)

I am working on small ideas inside of myself that might manifest slowly into a new exhibition for a gallery space.
I have already made a few concrete sculptures that will be placed outside and some of them will have orgonite embedded inside.

Enjoy the pictures and feel free to comment.

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It seems like the photos do not show…

I will try again:

I will see if I can upload the audio file as well.
More to come