Brain Fogged!

It was a dark and rainey evening; the wolves could be heard howling at the thunderous sky while the eves shuddered under the enormous weight of the hoary blasts, coming from the direction of pure evil. It lurched-along, each step crushing rock and shaking the very foundations of the Earth…

OK, now that I have your attention, what really happened was, I drove down the street in my car and as I rounded the corner onto Foothill Blvd. I suddenly was lost! WTF! Where am I? What’s happening to me? None of this looks familar. The blood drains from my face as I feel faint, maybe I better pull over……oh, OK. There’s Von’s and there’s the damn bank.

Things came slowly back into focus, familiarity-wise and I did pull over. That was weird!!! Am I about to have a stroke? WTF???

This has happened <em>many</em> times over the last few months! But only on a two-block long stretch of this street. When I go down my street it happens whether I turn right or left onto Foothill. This brain-fog, “lost” pheneomena has never happened to me anywhere else. Only in this brief stretch of road. It doesn’t happen everytime I go through there, but often. It happens if I am not thinking about it, anticipating it!

It hasn’t happened again since I re-programmed my 12V skull SP. My car has two Boneheads. I’m one of them. :O) I have enlisted my car’s 12V Bonehead to send back any brain-fogging BS right back to it’s confused, immoral, effed-up source. I think about this everytime I go down my street now, so I am working with Mr. Bonehead actively, not just program once and forget it.

When I got into the orgone-chemtrailbusting milieu five or so years ago, stories like the one I just told, made me roll my eyes and cluck like the coo-coo bird. Now I are one! Coo-Coo. I’m not laughing anymore, though. Even my left-brained way of thinking can see that there’s a pattern here that’s outside of ME.

Any thoughts?