Breaking Into Budapest

My girlfriend and I just spent a nice long weekend in Budapest for our birthday and christmas presents to one another.

Whilst we were there I gifted the Danube with 4HHg’s, wish it could have been much more (I planned on 10+ but didn’t factor in the need for warm clothing until it was too late to adjust), but hopefully it will help other get started or continue over there. The energy felt quite oppressive whilst there and the few times cloud cover broke a little we saw trails in the gaps.

Three of the HHg’s were in the stretch outside parlament there. The other towards the royal palace.

This isn’t really a gifting report, more a call to arms plea I guess.

Best Wishes


Thanks, Rich, for this report. I threw a few TB’s in the Danube a couple of years ago and gave some HHG’s to several friends who live in Budapest at that time, but always wanted to go back and really gift that eery, baroque city. I haven’t done so yet because my orgonite was always made in neighboring Romania and I wore out my welcome there as to finding sources for resin. After I purchased a large quantity of resin twice in 2 years, I was again grilled by the factory, but this time I had to show my I.D. and give an address where I was staying in Bucharest. A year later, I visited the elderly couple where I was staying and they told me what happened after I left. The newly formed Bush-inspired black uniformed antiterrorist security gestapo came knocking on their door and caused Granny, who remembered vividly the frightening Ceaucescu years, to run screaming to the bedroom and hide under the sheets. Her husband, a crusty old gentleman whom I admired immensely for his stories of those earlier years of destitution and tyrannical corruption, wasn’t so easily intimidated. He politely asked them in and they began questioning him about who I was and what was my intention in buying the resin. Their arrogance and newly minted self-importance finally wore out his patience, so the conversation went like this:

Them- “What did you and the tourist do when he was here?”

Gramps- “We just laughed a lot and told funny stories”.

Them- “But what did you do together?”

Gramps- “I just told you. Are you hard of hearing?”

Them- " But what activities did you do together?"

Gramps- “Well, let’s see, uh… we would go to a pub or a cafe and have a few drinks.”

Them- “Yes?”

Gramps- “Maybe after that, we’d go to a disco and dance with some pretty girls…”

Them- “Uh huh, and what else?”

Gramps- “We’d flirt with some girls and maybe dance the Manela with them.”

Them- “Yes? and then?”

Gramps- “Well, if it wasn’t too late and we still had a little time, we’d……”

Them- “Yes, yes?”

Gramps- " … blow up a couple of churches and a train station and kill lots of women and children."

That’s when the two jumped up shouting, “Are you making fun of us?”

Gramps-- "Of course I’m making fun of you! You’re a joke! Who are you trying to scare with your fascist tactics? Now get the hell out of my house! "

They left.

One of the guys in my German forum did a bit of gifting in Budapest in 2005. He’s a born Hungarian. Don’t think it was enough yet, but all beginings are slow.

Also Prague and some other Chech cities have received some gifts.

My feeling is, the thing is slowly gaining momentum in former “Eastern Europe”.

That impression is also supported by an increasing small trickle of ordres and inquiries we’re getting from former East Block countries like Slowenia, Poland, Chech Republic, Serbia.

I hear nothing from Russia, the mysterious giant, so far though.


Eddie-san, you’re the best! Thanks for that priceless account about Gramps and the Gestapo.

I regularly get single emails from one or another gifter or traveller in those regions who report blue holes in the chemsoup, vastly improved ambience, etc. This has apparently really caught on in some of those countries but the activists don’t speak English and/or still feel a little stung by previous fascist/commie conditions so that they’re not comfortable to freely commuicate over the internet, yet. There’s a well-visited Polish site that describes the work we’re doing, by the way/

This lack of internet freedom is apparently doubly true in Russia and China, where the secet police still haul people like you and me away in the middle of the night. I’ve never heard directly from gifters in either country (except from Didier in HOng Kong, if that counts) but I’ve gotten email reports from travellers who tell me about characteristic evidence that there are cloudbusters and field orgonite, at least in Russia and Ukraine.

Lauzu Kelly’s and Doc von Peters’ reports indicate that China’s atmosphere, at least, is as receptive to orgonite as Africa’s is. I wish to God the Chinese people and Russian people would finally stop enabling the vast armies of sewer rats to censure and bully them into not communicating with the rest of the world in private email, though.

Meta in Slovenia is demonsrating how receptive Eastern European people are to this new information, I think. The pschics say that the KGB types are so chastised by rising awareness in Slovenia, at least, that they won’t overtly interfere with Meta the way the new Homeland Security Abominations routinely do against some of us in North America. I think it would be delicious to see the PJ folks. here, realize that most Eastern Europeans have more freedom than we Americans do at the moment.

Japan is another case in point, probably due to language barrier: a whole lot of gifting and cloudbusting has been done there wihtout us ever having heard from teh gifters and CBers before Big Larry and Ed came along/ Years ago, Larry told me that he saw the blue holes in South Korea, too, where he regularly went for business. I’ve never heard from a Korean gifter but we sell plenty of stuff to customers in Korea who apparently read EW and our business site.

My impression that the barrier is more political than verbal might be confirmed by the fact that Georg’s networking friends in Western Europe are also not in touch with gifters in those regions.

Our Finnish friends recently gifted the enormous reptilian hive portal on Finland’s coast, which is something Carol and I have been hoping would happen for the past four years or so. Maybe Russia will soon slip through the grasp of the world odor on account of that. The other end of that huge underground hive is apparently in the Ural Mountains.

When the European gifters gifted the Malta portal I noticed that Britain’s hegemony over the globe’s sleepyheads becan to rapidly deteriorate and when Gert Botha, Karstin Roloff and I gifted the hive portal in Namibia in Dec '01, this stuff really started to spread in Southern Africa, mainly through Georg’s efforts.

To me, the most marvellous part of gifting is how it affects the physical and etheric realm, together, but produces phenomenal atmospheric confirmations for those of us who aren’t psychic enough to see the dynamics of the unseen realm, which is arguably more substantial than the physical one. This morning’s chat session underscored that for me. I thank God for our psychics!


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