Bruised And Battered: Zambezi Expedition In Trouble

Dammn, I think we underestimated the logistical and etheric challenges involved in this expedition. Despite careful planning for months.
It took us 5 days to get up to Lake Cahora Bassa, the biggest hydroelectric scheme in Africa, a manmade lake of some 240km length. On the horrible roads up there the wheels from the boat trailer came off 4x and we replaced all ball bearings. That we even made it with the boat relatively intact is a miracle and cost us enormous energy and mental reserves.
Thanks to Tino who is an ex-army pilot with a lot of mechanical trouble shooting experienmce we managed to get it rolling again and again against all odds.
We did manage to go through Macossa, one of the 5 corners of the satanic pentagram that Francie identified as casting a bad spell over Zimbabwe.
Imagine pulling the battered trailer with my precious boat through dry river beds and rutted dirt roads – phew. The last leg of some 480km took us more than 18 hours to drive.
How elated we were, when we had finally arrived at Songo, the town at the dam wall of Cahora Bassa and checked into our Camping site Ugezi Tiger Lodge.
The boat was tested the next day and found working well.
Now it was preparing for the big jump to Zumbo on the other side of the lake, some 240km straight line.
No infrastructure, supply or rescue in between and even Zumbo only supplied by a once weekly miniferry from Songo.
People who live in the <first world> cannot imagine these conditions.
We got up very early at 4 in the morning in order to have the boat ready at 6. All seemd to go well, except we noticed that the boat was severely overloaded with all 4 of us on board + 200litres of fuel and 300RTBs, a CB and several other orgonites, food, camping gear etc.
So 2 had to stay back and some Camping stuff unloaded.
Finally Tino and I set of full of optimism, after we had regained the speed and manouverability we would need.
Did a good gifting run along the dam wall and then continued about 40km in direction of our goal.
Then suddenly one of the engines of the boat started losing power.
We checked everything, even dismantled the carburetor out on the lake, to no avail.
We had to break it off, as with one engine and the heavy load we were reduced to an unacceptably low speed.
We just made it "back to base"by nightfall.
We felt utterly dejected.
Now a frantic day of fault finding started. 2 seperate people volunteered to look at the negine and helped eliminate one probable cause after the other.
It is quite amazing how people who live so far on the “edge of civilisation” are so much more wuilling to help when you’re in trouble than city dwelle4rs.
People out here count their time differntly.
Finally the only thing left 3was to strip the engine and see what’s happening inside because all othe causes were eliminated by switching parts around with the healthy engine and findfing they were working.
To cut a long story short: both pistons are burnt. We have absolutely no idea how this is possible on almost new engines, but it’s a fact.
Even worse: spare parts are not available in Mozambique and even in South Africa they have to be ordered from the manufacturer in Japan which takes 2-3 weeks.
Yet we don’t give up that easily. My three compadres have now embarked on the slow but safe journey on that once weekly ferry, a ramshackle pontoon with a shade roof and two ancient diesels that crawls up and down the lake to supply scattered outposts and hunting camps with a meagre tickle of supplies (mostly booze and cigarettes, I think) and bring some locals to far away little fishing villages.
It will be more than a week until I see them again, while I w’ll explore all possible avenues to get the boat fixed and ready for the rest of the down river journey.

Please boost the Zambezi team and support us in all possible ways.

Georg (Songo, Cahora Bassa, Mozambique)

You must have been broadcasting on the etheric airwaves long before posting because I was really thinking of your expedition a lot this week, and particularly today. With the new baby I only get to the computer a few days a week, and today I got here specifically to write to you to ask about the expedition, wondering when it was scheduled, and if I could even reach you by email. While confirmation of etheric communication is always good, I am very sorry to hear it’s been rough. I’ll be boosting you, and doing my best to help in any way I can.


We boosted you from here. My boosting partner got sick and I was exhausted. My feeling is that you are gifting in sensitive areas in the “belly of the beast.” Your courage is immense. Much appreciated…all the best…Hong Kong John.

You have all my best boosts Georg! [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found]

The Latest Update on Georg and his friends (from Friederike, at home in Johannesbug ):

Georg is grounded at the Lodge st Cahorra Bassa!
Day before yesterday his drove down to the next town and was stopped by some overexited soldiers and send back to the lodge. Next day he was interviewed by six somewhat more polite and englishspeeking military guys. They actually wanted to arrest him, but were persuaded by the lodgeowner to let him and his car stay at the lodge. They took his papers and some orgonite for forensic examination. Georg has to stay there for the time being. Today the others arrived in Tete, very upbeat and not knowing of any trouble. Thats the situation now on Monday morning.

Thanks for all your support and boosts etc… It is very much appreciated. I´ll keep you posted.


We spent much of Saturday’s chat session, most of Sunday’s and part of Wednesday’s helping Georg and crew (this being Thursday, Apr. 23) and we’ll keep on this during each session until it’s resolved. We were on hand during Georg’s and Axel’s frightful imprisonment in lawless Zimbabwe, which ended fairly quickly and well in spite of evident plans to disappear them, and this situation seems a lot less onerous to the psychics than that one did.

The psychics feel confident that the outcome will be positive and that some of the difficulties these guys experienced were probably blessings in disguise. I’m glad to know that the gifting of the long reservoir was at least accomplished from the miniferry.

The image of these guys driving on those African roads reminds me of the adventure Georg and I had in Uganda, some of which was on roads that required us passengers to get out and hold up one corner of the vehicle so that Georg could get the necessary traction on three wheels to get past a rut that seemed like a mini canyon to me. That guy can drive! [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’m very glad to know that you John and Laurent are boosting these fellows, as many others no doubt are. It all sure counts. We’ve been spending time in each session also boosting Friederike.


From Friederike:

Just to give you an update:
They are still in jail and over the weekend there is nothing going to change
about that, i´m afraid.
I´m in contact with the lawyer and I spoke to Georg Thursday and Friday. The
biggest problem is now , that the police concocted some testresults, that
say, that the TB´s they put into the damm are “corrosiv”, whatever that
means. The judge at the bail-hearing was quite fair and not to impressed by
the police-story, but didn´t grant bail, it seems, at least not immediately.
I tried on Friday to get some kind of material analysis done, that would
show the harmlessnes of the product, but wasted my time. None of these
people I talked to had any idea where to start and what parameters to apply,
although they where very symathetic. Problem is it willtake endless time to
do an examination like this(not to mention the cost). The best source is
probably our resin-supplier. I got some spec sheet from them allready, but I
hope I can get more info out of that source, like toxicity in water etc.
The whole story has obviously caused some major turmoil and came even to the
attention of the president.So the police will do everything not to loose
face.I geuss it is just a matter of time, until the matter is resolved , but
I have no idea, how long it will take.
If you have any ideas aubout product information on polyesterresin, just
tell me.

I would realy appreciate, Don, if you could post this on eth. Warriors.

Thank you all for your support,


Francie (one of the four psychics on EW) posted that during Dooney’s chat session, this morning.

We spent nearly the whole session on Georg’s situation, also chased down a Jesuit parasite who was evidently trying to mess with Friederike’s head over this. Those guys were something like formidable before Igor and John gifted all of their sewer sanctora in and around Rome a few years ago. Now, they’re like the occasional psychic horse fly. I once knocked a bothersome horsefly out of the air with a badminton racket—that was fun.

The psychics still see a bright outcome, perhaps resolved within a week. The main feature, today, was an apparent plan by The Operators to use this event to spread popular awareness of orgonite in or from Mozambique.

A feature that Georg and I have in common is a tendency to learn our lessons the hard way. I crashed my first airplane, for instance, because I was in a hurry to go bust mountain top arrays–didn’t spend the requisite 20 hours or so getting intimately acquainted with my aircraft, nor did I adequately study micrometeorology.

They also saw some special benefits being bestowed on Carlos–a sort of quicktime initiation by The Operators for him.


hello all,

may I suggest you to boost along with Georg’s situation also the swine flu attemptredflagfalseevent in Mexico and also the courageous Jane Burermeister’s suing against dr Chang of WHO.

We can make it and that’s fun [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found];


From: Jane Burgermeister ([email protected])
Date: April 25, 2009
Subject: Criminal Charges to be filed against Dr M Chan and WHO for mass murder

Dear Dr Margaret Chan,

I am sending this email to inform you that I intend to file criminal charges on Monday Aril 27th against you as well as other employees in the WHO and allied organisations, for your role in exposing the populations of the world to the risk of a pandemic virus that could kill billions of people using laws to fight international racketeering influenced organised crime as well as the UN convention for the prevention and punishment of genocide.

As a public servant employed in an international organisation, the Director-General of the World Health Organisation based in Geneva, you have the duty as part of your official capacity to act at all times in such a way as to safeguard the health of the world’s population, specifically to prevent the “misuse” of pandemic declaration by organisations, companies, government bodies or other entities intent on unleashing a pandemic virus and then carrying through a mass vaccination programme with contaminated material in order to gain political and economic advantages from mass murder.

Media reports indicate that your organisation is abusing its administrative structures, personnel and services to play up the danger of the swine flu virus to justify just such a mass vaccination programme with an untried and untested vaccine.

The WHO has ordered all WHO officers to man the “Pandemic Control Room” 24/7 for the 1st time in response to the swine flu cases reported in the media yesterday, and is about to declare a “pandemic”.

The WHO “Pandemic Control Room” is designed to map and track the spread of a pandemic virus, and is thus equipped with super-computers tied to all U.N. member government’s security forces.

This “control room” is where any declarations of “pandemic” will originate from, and I would be grateful if you could list the names of the people working in that control room.

When WHO sends such a “declaration” to President Obama, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security “Pandemic Task Forces” will be deployed according to my information.

Each State Governor will be notified that the provisions of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) will be implemented. This means that all Americans must consent to mass vaccinations, or be guilty of a FELONY crime.

Would it not, Dr Chan, be better just to ask people who refuse to wear a surgical mask if there is, indeed, a real danger of a pandemic? Why force through a vaccination on pain of being shot?

The legal situation is that anyone who refuses the vaccine, and/or resists forced relocation to a prepared “quarantine compound”, can “legally” be shot and killed. (Justified “deadly force”.) See … State.html

You must be aware of this facts.

This is such a drastic scenario that you in your capacity as a public servant must have real evidence of a dire threat to the population and be prove beyond a doubt that your actions will address that threat and that there is a good reason why you don’t simply recommend people were surgical masks if they don’t want to take the vaccination.

From media reports, it seems that the new strain of swine flu is a synthetic structural recombinant, it contains genes from birds, humans, and pigs from many different continents. It therefore is reasonable to assume it came out of a laboratory, specifically a bioweapons laboratory.

Wouldn’t the WHO be better advised to investigate the lab that manufactured and released this synthetic virus and prosecute them or else recommend people wear surgical masks rather than declare a mass vaccination programme?

According to a report in Fox News below, your assessment of the dangers of this swine flu is by far the most pessimistic with the CDC recommending just customary precautions. How do you explain that?

How do explain why you have identified so many fatalities already while the Mexican government has confirmed only 16 from this new flu strain? What is the scientific basis for your identification? Are you using a correct procedure? Can you prove it in court that you are using the correct procedure and that simply recommending people wear surgical masks is not adequate.

Also, I note that the new strain of the swine flu has appeared in Mexico and America simultaneously, and under “mysterious circumstances” also indicating a deliberate, planned and coordinated release of the synthetic laboratory engineered viruses. Shouldn’t you be investigating such a “mysterious” incident? Have you declared an investigation? Who are you investigating? Please give details?

WHO is obliged to exhaust all other avenues before declaring a pandemic and initiating a mass vaccination programme because you must – as part of your duties to be informed as the holder of such an office – know that the 1976 swine flu mass vaccination programme was abandoned by the US government because of the mounting evidence that the risk to the general public was greater from the vaccination programme than from the actual swine flu.

It is your especial duty, given this precedent in 1976, to make sure no mass vaccination programme is implemented unless that causes injury to the general public is implemented under your auspices by your declaring a pandemic prematurely and without having adequate safeguards in place to ensure the high quality and safety of any vaccine material.

You also need to show that recommending surgical masks is not a viable alternative approach in dealing with any so-called pandemic.

I contend that you are not fulfilling your duty to a) provide accurate information to the public about the threats posed to them by the swine flu and b) to ensure you do not declare a pandemic prematurely as a pretext to rush through a contaminated or faulty vaccine material that could result in death or injury to people as happened in 1976.

As a public servant whose body is currently investigation the involvement of Baxter and Avir in the release of bird flu pandemic material in Austria, you are obliged to be fully aware also of the details of this case and the role that a pharmaceutical company, namely Baxter, played in almost triggering a pandemic.

You might also be aware of the criminal charges I filed against Baxter and other bodies, including the WHO, in respect of this case on April 8th with the Vienna City Prosecutor since they are available on a blog.

The WHO reference center provided Baxter with the particularly lethal wild type bird flu virus that ended up contaminating ordinary human flu material and being distributed to 16 laboratories in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany under a false label, and so nearly sparking a bird flu pandemic this winter in the estimation of experts and the media.

Virus mix-up by lab could have resulted in pandemic (6 Mar 2009) … 230882.cms

In the Baxter case of this winter, there is therefore a clear, well documented link between WHO and the release of pandemic bird flu material in Europe this winter.

The WHO is, according to reports, conducting an investigation into Baxter and Avir’s role in producing and distributing this material, but has so far not made public the results of its investigation or made recommendations in respect of stricter biosecurity rules for laboratories working with the highly pathogenic bird flu virus. Why not?

I contend your failure to conduct a full and detailed investigation into this incident, and to make those findings public or to make clear recommendations as to how to prevent a repeat of this incident is not merely a failure to perform your duty as a public servant but evidence of your role in covering up the real origin of the pandemic virus, specifically, in WHO’s own reference center.

In my criminal charges filed with the Vienna City Prosecutor on April 8th, 2009, I alleged that Baxter deliberately tried to trigger a pandemic with the aim of profiting from it by sealing in advance lucrative contracts to supply a vaccination for the bird flu with the Austrian Health Ministry in 2006, specifically the contract sealed with Austrian Health Minister Maria Rauch-Kallat involved supplying 16 million vaccine shots in the event that WHO declared a bird flu pandemic.

In Germany, a vaccination bird flu shot is mandatory ensuring more profits for pharmaceutical companies, and adding to the motivation for companies to trigger a pandemic because they will profit from it, and to take steps to exercise undue influence on members of WHO to declare a pandemic without adequate reason.

Referring to laws on racketeering influenced crime organisations, I argued that high offices in organisations such as the WHO have been annexed by criminal elements who are actually helping to further a criminal agenda of committing murder with the motive of robbery – albeit using covert bioweapons programmes.

As a result of the actions of Baxter, at least 35 people in Austria and in the Czech Republic were given preventative treatment against bird flu and the ordinary human flu in hospital. This underlines that in the professional opinion of the medical personnel there was a real, concrete and specific danger from Baxter and WHO’s contaminated material to the health of those individuals, such that administering medicines was considered necessary. I understand the Czech laboratory staff who came into contact with Baxter’s contaminated and who first reported it on February 6th material were placed in quarantine.

Given the fact that this incident happened only a few weeks ago and your organisation is involved in it in as far as it supplied a) a lethal strain of the bird flu virus and b) is investigating the incident, it is your duty to be aware of all details, allegations of criminal intent, evidence for those allegations and refutations of those allegations because there are so many parallels with this new “swine flu” case, also involving a synthetic structure that has mysteriously appeared in two places simultaneously.

In particular, you are obliged to be informed about the fact that Baxter uses biosafety level 3 regulations when handling the highly pathogenic bird flu virus that WHO sent the company from its reference center, and that under these biosafety 3 regulations an accidental contamination of the deadly bird flu virus strain you sent you’re your reference center to Baxter with a human flu is virtually impossible.

You must also be aware of the research of Jeffery K. Taubenberger of the Department of Molecular Pathology, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology into the bird flu virus and specifically his reconstruction of the deadly strain of the bird flu virus from the genetic material retrieved from victims of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1919.

Although many researchers and NGOs issued warnings that resurrecting this lethal virus was dangerous to the public, the WHO has been one of the biggest supporters of continuing research into this bioengineered virus and into its “antidotes” spending millions of tax payers dollars on research and prevention programmes.

You must be aware that it was only last summer that scientists published in scientific journals evidence that showed that the bird flu can mix with the human flu virus to produce a pandemic virus in a laboratory situation.

You must also be aware of the ongoing criminal investigation in Poland into the deaths of homeless people after they were given a bird flu trial vaccination by doctors and nurses last summer.

There is therefore, I argue, ample evidence within the public domain to show that pharmaceutical companies and government organisations and other agents are knowingly and intentionally creating pandemic virus material and, as we saw in Austria, this winter unleashing it on the population, and trying to cover up their involvement.

Should you and WHO now declare a pandemic for the swine flu in the USA, and should people die as a direct result of the vaccination programme you initiate, or should there be significant evidence of harm or injury to people as a direct result of the mass vaccination programme you initiate, as happened in 1976, you could find yourself charged not with a conspiracy to mass murder but with mass murder itself.

Furthermore, the WHO, as far as I am informed, has published a study outlining the economic impact of a pandemic virus.

If you as part of your office help criminal organisations who have annexed high offices of state to carry out their crimes, to ignite and then declare a pandemic, that disrupts the economy, then you, other leading individuals working for WHO in an official capacity and WHO, as an organisation, could also liable not only for criminal charges but also for damages flowing from class action lawsuits filed not just by citizens of American but by citizens or company around the world that see their revenues decline as a direct result of the pandemic being unleashed, and the subsequent havoc to the economy.

If there is a pandemic declaration by WHO and mass deaths from the vaccination programme, I foresee a situation were you and the WHO could find thousands of people are filing criminal charges but also class action law suits.

I contend there is evidence from the pattern of your activities concerning the Baxter case that you, under the color of your office while purporting to act in an official capacity, are actually acting on behalf of hidden crime interests intent on igniting a pandemic and misusing a declaration of a pandemic to gain political and financial advantages, a group which I designate as the Illuminati crime gang.

The declaration of a pandemic by WHO has direct political and financial and other advantages to elements in the US government, especially elements I argue belong to the Illuminati/New World Order/CIA/Freemason crime gang, who are now being considered for investigation for sanctioning torture in Guantanamo in violation of the US and international law, specifically Donald Rumsfeld (who has financial connections with an anti bird flu Tamiflu producer), Richard Cheney and Alberto Gonzales.

The imposition of martial law will help anyone suspected of violating laws to torture to avoid prosecution in the United States, although a case is pending in Spain.

I contend that you are abusing your office as Director General of WHO, knowingly and intentionally, to help the Illuminati achieve their political and financial goals.

I contend there is already today, Saturday, evidence that you are intentionally manipulating information on the swine flu outbreak that allegedly started yesterday to play up the danger of a pandemic in order to justify the implementation of a mass vaccination programme while ignoring and suppressing information that indicates this response is not proportionate to the risk.

Finally, I ask you to please provide me by Monday 10am April 27th Central European Time in the form of email attachments, links, legal memos etc the following documentation so that I can review it before submitting fresh criminal charges related to this matter.

Specifically, I ask you to send me or to instruct one of your personnel to send me

  1. The studies you have to date on the swine flu vaccination you intend to inoculate the US population with, with clear evidence from respected scientific sources such as clinical trials reported in peer reviewed scientific journals as to their unequivocal safety:

  2. Information as to the genetic sequence of the swine flu strain detected by WHO in victims of the “swine flu” outbreak in Mexico and America so far;

  3. Information as to which companies WHO has contracted to provide a swine flu vaccination and under what terms and conditions, including quality assurance, financial terms and conditions;

  4. A detailed account of all the safety procedures and independent reviews that WHO has put into place for ensuring any vaccination meets recognised standards of safety and quality;

  5. Documents proving that you have the legal authority in the case of a swine flu to declare a pandemic and enforce mass vaccinations for the swine flu on the population in the form of legal memos, rulings etc.

Please send all the above documents as email attachments.

If you miss the Monday deadline, I will argue in my submission to the court that you do not have the documents.

I ask you to make sure you keep a copy of the email to me so that you can prove to a court that you a) had all the requisite authority and documents and b) that you had them at hand and available for public and legal scrutiny at short notice in an emergency situation as is your obligation as a public servant.

I will argue that if you have ordered your WHO officers to man the pandemic control room 24/7 from Friday April 24, as reported in the media, then you have an extra obligation to be on duty yourself this weekend and your failure to be on duty in the event of an emergency you have declared is a violation of the rules of conduct of your office.

As you have sufficient personnel at hand, I will argue, you can delegate this job of collecting the documents and materials I request in 1)-5) to a member of your staff and still be available to follow the “pandemic” which you claim is occurring.

If you send me these documents after the Monday deadline, please make sure to keep a copy of the email so that you can prove in a court of law that you had the necessary authority, and documents proving you had that authority at hand, and could present them speedily as is required of a public servant in such an “emergency”.

In case you wish to study the criminal charges I have filed on April 8th and wish to be able to better comprehend the legal basis for the criminal charges that I will file on Monday April the 27th, I attach a copy in German.

I can also suggest my blog where I have published the charges in an English translation, though only the first 20 pages or so have so far been translated.

The introduction on the blog, however, also gives an outline of my evidence and arguments.

I am also copying in below two media reports that give substance to some of the allegations I make in this email, underlining relevant points, including the information indicating this new strain of a swine flu could be a bioweapon “mysteriously” released.

If you have any comments or would like to point out any facts you think are errors please get back to me as soon as possible. I would be happy to answer any questions.

Regards, Jane

Thx, Laurent–we went hunting for possible plots around the event in Mexico that you mentioned but all the psychics found was a typical scare campaign. The pharma cartel sponsor one or two of these each year but, so far, none of it has gotten people paranoid. I personally question reports like that which are not corroborated. The only person I’ve ever corresponded with, for instance, who had experienced SARS disease was a sick nurse who worked in the Toronto hospital where the ‘epidemic’ originated, years before.

Surprisingly, it was the Chinese triads who attacked the psychics when they went looking for a genuine bioterror threat around this issue. We’ll follow through with that. I wonder if Dr Chan is connected to that old group.

It’s nice that someone reputable is finally going after the World Health Organization, which is a criminal syndicate and the enforcing arm of the pharmaceutical cartel. I’m going to post followup in another thread.

When Friederike mentioned soliciting the German embassy for possible help, analyzing orgonite for the Mozambique cops, I felt kind of encouraged. During the chat I remembered that when we took Alejandro and Javiera to the airport the Gestapo, there, made them miss their flight while they called for a Homeland Security official to come to the airport to take a look at some orgoniite they had with them. We’d never heaerd of that happening, except for the time I had taken a bag full of towerbusters with me at the same airport (in my carry-on bag) on my way to Washington, DC, 6 years ago. That time, they stole my orgonite but made the plane wait a half hour for me [Image Can Not Be Found] but Carol got the impression that they were just intimidating/bullying our visitors.

The Homeland Security (it seems more expedient for me to call them the SS) guy was very courteous (they’re usually heavy handed thugs) and told them that his organization knew all about orgonite and that it’s harmless. I’ll suggest to Friederike that the Moz cops can call the Amerrican SS for advice about orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found]


that looks like the usual scare story following on from SARS, Bird flu, West Nile virus etc

they hype the ‘new man made virus’ thingy to get the scare going as few folks will fall for it otherwise

A Zapper, or colloidal silver or any other method not accepted by the mainstream establishment will neutralize that thing anyway, if it does exists [Image Can Not Be Found]

Similarly to what is written on

I also think this is just to scare people, an article on, yeah I know this is disinfo so I never claim it is true or accurate, it just leads to the same conclusion.

[quote:3jmy9cuc]I am making a plea to everyone who reads this, please, please DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINE THAT IS PURPORTED TO ‘PREVENT’ THIS FLU.

Remember 1976 and the so called Swine Flu outbreak that was purported to be a coming pandemic? It only infected recruits at Ft. Dix. Why? Because I believe that the so called Swine Flu virus infected the recruits due to the vaccines they were given. Whether the government developed the Swine Flu 1976 virus and infected the recruits as a means to test the public to see if people would comply with a call to take vaccination against Swine Flu, or the recruits became infected via contaminated vaccine they were given as part of the recruit regimen, that outbreak was as phony as they come. I was one of the people duped into taking a Swine Flu shot and it made me so sick. I was sick in bed for three months after taking the vaccine.[/quote:3jmy9cuc]

They are exagerating all this hype like in 1918 with the spanish flu; trying to scare people so these poor people run to their doctor to get a flu shot which in fact will not protect them of anything but will infect these people with some kind of new bioengineered disease.

Please boost Georg, Friederike and the whole expedition. Friederike writes that tomorrow should be the decisive day.

Update frome Friederike:

Just talked to the lawyer, who spend the whole day at court . He told me
that some guys from the government arrived today at Cahorra Bassa . They
seem to have the"results" of the orgonite tests. It seems tomorrow is going
to be decisive for the case. I will also be able to talk to Georg tomorrow,
who can probably explain the situation better, the lawyers english is a bit
limited. More I don´t know. So we have to be patient and positive and
hopefully it will all dissolve.

Strange enough, I saw something on TV yesterday about the Cahorra Bassa Dam
and the Carriba Dam. The Moz. Government wants to build another dam
downstream from Kahorra Bassa. Of course a controversial project, specially
with the danger of earthquakes in this part of the Great Rift Valley. So
there are things going on in that area!

Thanks for your support,
Greetings from a increasingly winterly Johannesburg


I wrote back to Friederike to suggest she look at Mark Bennett’s article on orgonite for gardening. Perhaps their lawyer could use it as he describes orgonite. It shows orgonite in a very good light.

Friederike wrote back:

Hallo- Thanks for posting the update and the article looks very good. I just spoke to Georg and he is quite desperate. He had a fever at night and his leg is giving him trouble, it may be that cellulitis again, that he had two years ago. There is a hearing scheduled for today with some top prosecutors from Maputo, all in shiny cars etc… I´m not sure if this is a good sign, but lets hope for the best.


Some good news from Friederike!

Some good news, that I wouldn’t keep to myself until tomorrow. There was a
hearing today and Georg and Carlos were questioned by those top-brass
prosecutors. Georg told me afterward that it went very well.

So tomorrow Tino and Prophet will be grilled, just to see if they contradict the others.

We hope it is going to be finished tomorrow. Georg also got something to
treat his foot and was feeling better.
Tell you more tomorrow.


Here’s the most recent update from Friederike:

I haven´t had news for about 24 hours now. I last spoke to
Tino yesterday evening, just after they had finished the hearing. He was
confident that it would be over today, but so far I didn’t get anything.
The lines to Mozambique are overloaded it seems, because I can´t reach any
of the Moz. Numbers, it´s always busy. Maybe that’s the reason that I
didn’t hear anything. I will try later, maybe it gets less busy by 10.00.


From Friederike:


It seems all Mozambicans have converted their paycheck into airtime. It is
just impossible to get through. I was lucky and got our lawyer this
morning. Unfortunately the four are still in jail. They have to wait for
more results, this time from the Health Ministry in Maputo. Those are
hopefully going to be there on Monday and then it is finished. Hopefully!! It
is just such a drag. One of the reasons, the whole thing went up to higher
government levels is probably that there are just now environmentalists and
other campainers demonstrating at the dam against another dam that the
government wants to build downstream. That would be the third superdam on
the Zambesi after Kariba and Cahorra Bassa. So the authorities are probably
on red alert anyways and are happy to pounce on anything suspicious.

So we wait again and hope for the best,


I’m sorry for Georg and his group getting arrested.

How corrupt the judge is will decide their fate and of course some very good luck [Image Can Not Be Found] .

The 2 part POLYESTER RESIN in Orgonite is used mainly on BOATS and boats are used in water, so what’s the issue with
putting resin in the water ?

Then there is aluminum shavings in the mix and boat marinas use ALUMINUM tubing to build their docks.
The marine industry in general is loaded with useful products made from ALUMINUM, so again what is the issue
being put for forth by the corrupt cops ? It’s not to protect and serve and their argument to prosecute is
definitely not based on FACTS.

I left out CRYSTALS another ingredient in Orgonite. This is where it gets really complicated for the brain washed.

Quartz Crystals come from nature !

My suggestion to Georg and his Attorney is to keep it simple and stick to the ingredients in their defense.

Get a quart of resin, a handful of shavings and a few crystals and bring them to court and put them into evidence.

Let’s see the judge explain that away as something that is harmful .

The best this judge can do is extort money from them for littering.

This reminds me of when I was in court defending myself for making Magical Orgonite from NSA [Dr. C.J. Malanga/url:z6affqhj of the UNC Chapel Hill NC Neurology Dept four years ago.

The fix was in for me with a closed courtroom and a determined crooked judge to disappear me into a mental hospital,
but unbelievably my court appearance just happened to be on the same day as a school field trip to
observe the Concord District Court in session.

Picture it, me on the left side of the courtroom with my attorney. The sociopath Dr. C.J. Malanga and his monarch honeypot girlfriend a few rows behind, the crooked judge, his clerk and the two special NSA prosecutors, who bty were only in the Concord Courthouse to go after me that day . I confirmed this with the bailiff and then my angels, over 50 teenagers sitting on the right side of the courtroom.
The judge was visibly upset and livid that they were in the courtroom, but had no way to remove them.

What are the odds of that happening, 50 school children being in the courtroom with me that day ?

Funny thing is that sometime before that day in court day I wished for a bus load of nuns to be there with me, since I knew
I would be protected if there were a roomful of honest people to keep the judge on the up and up.
I ended up getting my wish and the charges were dropped and even though it wasn’t a busload of nuns it was a busload of school children in the courtroom that day that were there to protect me.

Stuff like that you can’t explain away. I’m blessed I guess.
Georg and his group will come out of this OK. It just has to be.

Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]

Update from Friederike:

Unfortunately there is not so much new. I have been busy now to involve as many people as possible, because the whole
case is somehow stuck. Today there was a press release from the police in Moz… It said, that four foreigners were arrested under suspicion (not being charged!!!) of sabotaging the Cahorra Bassa Dam Turbines with putting corrosive substances in the
water. Don´t ask me how they came up with this, but this is of course a serious matter.

Otherwise there was no communication with the lawyer or Georg today. There were some test results promised for this morning, but I don´t know , if they materialised.
So we still have to wait and see.


Mozambique arrests ‘dam plotters’.

From the BBC:

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