Can ORGONITE make people more compassionate?

(louisonder) #1

Okay I’ll give you a couple bonified examples. There is a guy at the place I have worked for years and he HAD a sarcastic personality and seemed to rub 95% of the folks he came in contact with the wrong way. After you work somewhere for several years you can pretty much form an accurate opinion about someone just from the factor of time alone, and most people did not like him because of this fact. Well I went into Home Depot or Lowes and bought a 2-pack of the 2 inch long by ½ inch wide by 1/4 inch thick strong ceramic magnets and super glued one on a tower buster and attached under his metal desk where nobody would ever find it. I also gave him an hhg to take home and he actually loved it (I was floored by this). After a couple of months I noticed a complete 180 degree positive turn around in this fellow and so has everyone else. To this day I can honestly say he is always 90 to 100% nicer and 100% more compassionate at work and I find it interesting to talk to him now and so does everyone else I have asked.

I also did it to another guy at work who really liked to put on a show for everyone by verbally blowing someone out loud usually in the hallway atleast once a month. These types of predators know how to spot soft spoken people who are usually easy pickin’s for their monthly rituals. Well this guy calmed down in a couple of months and went to work somewhere else in town I hear. I actually heard him discussing things with people in the hallway and he made sure his tone was down 99% lower and unoffensive. These 2 people had been in their nasty modes for years and it did not take orgonite long at all to help them to see their faults and convince them to make marked improvements in their daily lives that other people could easily notice, and when average everyday people notice these things who are not aware of orgonite, it makes the case a lot stronger in the favor of orgonite. These are only a couple of the many case histories I have been witness to.

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(bmosley) #2

thanks for the chance to talk about this. my first experience was about 5 years ago, i brought the first hhg I ever made to work and a “forman” went wild on me, fired me. I want to relate this to the other post about “gay” doctors. my experience would agree that the most henious sh-t heads are roarin poufters. I caught this guy doing the “hand-shake” with a sales-“man” and called him on it, it was like I caught him wanking. It’s weird till one starts to know what’s really going on, then evrything thing seems so obvious. Putting orgone energy devices around the work place is the first thing one should do.



(jackson) #3

you bet it makes people more compassionate. i once put orgonite in a school i workrd in for the purpose of seeing what it would do. students helped me make and install it. one year later i asked an office friend of mine to run the violent behavior stats for me for the year before and the year of orgonite installation in that school. the numbers stated that there was a full 54% drop in violent behavior. when i asked the assistant principal if he could explain the sudden drop in violent behavior he said he couldn’t attribute it to anything he knew of and gave a “knock on wood” gesture. well i proceded to tell him what i did and it was almost too amazing for him because he could not refute my claim or the statistics. i gave him an hhg for his desk and he called me ‘crystal’ for the rest of the year. gift the oceans, gift the land and for goodness sake, gift people.