Can Vita Baltica inspire a similarly successful, non-violent

I recently asked Karlis, in Latvia, to describe the process that led to Russia withdrawing from Latvia because I doubt any of that was covered in the American press or media at the time, or ever. I found out in my travels that there’s a huge amount of important news that never gets reported in my benighted country and it’s only gotten worse, lately.

I hope you’ll be as touched by these reports as I was. I decided not to edit because, like most Americans, I rather appreciate foreign accents and usages as little glimpses into others’ interesting cultures.

Thanks, Karlis!



Hello. Don,

That time was very excited, breth-taking. Soviet order was marginally
rotten, it would to happen earlier or later, only it may be very bloody.
There was a prophet before war, quite popular between people. He said,
where are stolen things, missed people, who is murderer etc. There is a book

  • his life-story, too. It was well-documented, that he said, – after the war
    Latvia will have hard times. Latvia will be free again in the year, witch
    reads equally from both sides (in fact, 1991, next possible be 2002). The
    will start to go better, when a woman will become a leader (our President
    Vaira Vike-Freiberg). All as he said.
    A movement started with Gorbachov’s perestroika, before this, a wrong
    may be a cause for way to Siberia.
    VIA BALTICA was an activit of all three Baltics’ Peoples Fronts’ headship,
    as action against Moscow’s (Russian, no American) unappreciated existence
    of maleficent Molotow-Ribbentropp pact, throwing all Baltics to Russia.
    The date was 23th August, 1989.
    I didn’t find enough stuff in English. Now there opened new site in
    English , about a week ago. Temporarily there is few stuff, but
    will be more, a history, too. My writing in English is extremaly slow
    with frequent looking in dictionary. I’m poor source.
    I’m quoting a part of one my essay, made about a year ago. It helps to You
    to understand a Latvian spirit for a little.
    Via Baltica was massive-translated by foreign jornalists, too. Moscow’s
    reaction was beastly hysterical, but there wasn’t any crime in peoples

Latvia is a nation who sings. Soviets crushing time is called “Singing
Revolution”. 1991. Barricades. Agonizing Soviet troops. Some victims. It may
be much more of them, but there were many journalists from Western
mass-media. Every event was hot-online translated (via satellite channels)
to their agencies. Communists were afraiding international scandals. But
people were singing everywhere, indoors and on streets.
There are tens and hundreds amateur choirs, many of them of
professional-quality. It is worth to tell you about one phenomenon – 130
year old tradition, what exists only in Baltics, nowhere other in the world.
This is so called Song-festivals. (This translation isn’t adequate, sooner
it may be named Song-rithuals). Hundreds of choirs troughout the land are 5
years hard working to get up and polish a special repertoire of songs. Then
follows competition and selection the best. The result is choir with about
20,000 voices, well-trained and full of spirit. About the same number are
folk-dancers. There are a special place in Riga (in Vilnius and Tallinn,
too), with giant scene and public places. The main event lasts 3 days,
exclusive of arrangement.

Imagine late still summer evening, after the sunset. It is dark. 20,000
lighting candles in singers’ hands. Deep silence, then the choir quietly
starts singing “The Prayer”. What an egregor is raising upwards to Heaven!

It had been a success to defend this tradition in socialism, only the
repertoire was different – glory to Stalin, glory to Party, Russian and
brother-republics’ songs, and only some Latvian classic songs. Every five

If I’d have a success in searching this material in English, it will be
no problem

to give it to You.

I have a bit to say about underground bases and antenna arays, but it is

much for today.

All the best – Karl.

—-- O</pre>

In a following email, Karlis sent me this link:

Here’s the copy:

On August 23, 1939, foreign ministers Vyacheslav Molotov and Joachim von Ribbentrop, as ordered by their superiors Stalin and Hitler, signed a treaty which affected the fate of Europe for half a century. This pact and the secret clauses it contained destroyed Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and brought great suffering to Poland.

50 years later the three nations living by the Baltic Sea got back on their feet and, to the surprise of the entire world, took hold of each other’s hands. The 600 km human chain reached from the foot of Toompea to the foot of the Gediminas Tower, crossing River Daugava on its way.

Many ambassadors of the UN have told me how 10 years ago they watched this chain on TV as the main news. All of them still remember this event. For many, this was the first time they acknowledged the existence of the Baltic States. Exactly like for a cab driver in New York! The Baltic States have had similar fates. Even though each of us is different from the other in its character, we need each other in order to secure our future both economically as well as in terms of political security. We have to support each other!

The modern Via Baltica is like the everyday, future-oriented embodiment of that chain we saw ten years ago. On August 23 of this year we will not forget the 60th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, since official Moscow has still not apologised to Tallinn, Riga or Vilnius. It has apologised to Warsaw, Prague and Budapest. This is why we have to recall this black anniversary again. At the same time we also remember the Baltic solidarity of ten years ago – with fires, songs, planting trees and everything else.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have not forgotten each other. Together we move on to Europe, hand in hand.

Member of Riigikogu of the Republic of Estonia

Karlis sent me the following Wikipedia reference. I realize that newagers have attempted similar events in the US and elsewhere to draw attention to their own cults but in those cases it was just creepy and was probably designed to siphon energy from the chumps who fell for it.

The Wikipedia article puts this singular, timely Baltic event in historical and cultural perspective. If/when a peaceful revolution happens in America it’s going to be uniquely American, of course–maybe it will simply start when someone with a public profile openly challenges the draconian travel restrictions which are increasing each year in spite of the blatant lack of ‘terrorism.’ Maybe an officially-declared terrorist like me can pull that stunt off, for instance.

The Americans already have the rampant fascist capitalism that soon replaced communism in eastern Europe in the flipflop that followed Gorbachev’s Soviet debacle, so in a way, we’re already a step ahead of the former communist countries. I’m hoping our own coming peaceful flipflop will be from excessively centrailze political/economic power to genuinely democratic, community-based political/economic power. Everyone who thinks, understands that unaccountable, excessively centralized power is the only real evil in this world, after all.

Nobody else, yet, is factoring in the fact that China now drives the global economy. This obvious fact is as studiously uniscussed as the wandering earth axis an moon orbit are [Image Can Not Be Found] and this might be the key, in a strange way, to unlock our understanding of the ambiguous nature of money. After all, the money organizations they gained control of, including the City of London and it’s subsidiary, the Federal Reserve Corporation, are parasites which have thrived on the scam that their own fiat money is worth something. China took control of that fiat money tree, only.

Let’s see if they’ve got the stones and manpower to invade an try to occupy a country with an armed populace of 300 million <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” /> or even National-Socialist Europe. I don’t think they could even take the Pyrranes. Without enough of the death towers still on line in these ‘gifted’ nations they’d have to fight for every scrap of territory and if Russia’s mighty army and our own Speical Forces couldn’t defeat pistol-packing little Chechnya, what do you reckon China’s chances are of militarily taking over a world which has awakened from the nightmare of foreign fiat money? Remember that communist China is simply one of the components of the World Odor. The planned invasion of North America and Europe by Russia and China failed because the ‘victim’ governments (including the BushSr regime) who would have extended the invitation are, themselves, in disarray, the chemtrails failed to reduce the populations in time and the exposed, gifted death towers aren’t doing the World Odor much good any more.

When I first started large-scale gifting, four years ago, Carol and I had bought a hundred pounds of brown rice and the Zapporium was kept prepared to drive us up into the Bitteroot Mountains. We had armed ourselves after the first blatant murder attempt in the previous year. I frankly didn’t look forward to a life as a guerrilla fighter, either. Remember how martial law felt imminent, then? At least the chemtrial agenda had collapsed by then, thanks to the rapid an timely erection of thousands of orgonite cloubusters in the previous year.

Uganda’s been surviving quite well outside of London’s alleged largesse since the 1980s. The government, national defense (in this case they actually have had to defend the borders from CIA and MI6 sponsored invaders) and economy subsist on international barter and they’d be prospering if it weren’t for the economic blockade around them, which Britain imposed and the CIA is helping to enforce. Since the What To Think Network and your Marxist college professors never mention things like this I hope you’ve developed the power to see the marvellous significance of Ugands’s survival in the face of the World Odor’s disapproval.

The reason this un-named grassroot gifting/blasting network is thriving is that we’ve all grown into what we’re doing. Because we’re careful to collect our 3D and other confirmations, thus comprehend a few basic truths, this is an achievement which no amount of opposition or subterfuge can take away from us. It’s leading each of us into the realization that genuine power in this world can only be healthy when it comes from the ground up, which is to say locally and from the accountable electorate.

It’s also thriving because it’s not personality-based. Carol and I started the movement and Etheric Warriors provides a standard for it but I grouse if I get more than three hours’ worth of email in a day and nobody’s beating a path to our door to ‘sit at the feet of the masters,’ because we’re all just too busy and too happy making our own discoveries, one of those discoveries being who we are, another being a profound sense of worth and purpose. When the peaceful revolution happens in America it won’t be personality-based, either–it will be a grassroot effort, just like this one.

Can you appreciate our unique position in a world where millenia of centralized patriarchy has resulted in an artificial paradigm in which the individual believes he/she is powerless? I don’t think there’s a single one of us who dares to contemplate the full implication of our newfound, untouchable empowerment but you can bet the World Odor recognizes the nature of it, which is why regular, large-scale NSA and MI6 hacker onslaughts are launched at this fairly obscure forum and why a few of us in the front row have experienced murder attempts.

The Baltic people overthrew martial law with a singular, peaceful act which was spontaneous but actually required several years of preparation. I believe that when Americans finally thrown down this treasonous, draconian regime we’ll all be holding hands virtually, on the internet <img border=“0” alt=“Wink” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-wink.gif” />


Here’s the Wikipedia link:

Dear Don,

Sorry, You have a mistake. VITA in Latin means LIFE. Of course it is good, too.
But in our case it is VIA, what means WAY. Please, correct it, if possible.
Now with this name VIA BALTICA happens a great project – a speed highway from
Tallinn thru Baltics to Central Europe, including ferry-bridge from Scandinavia.

I had asked Karlis about an alleged weather warfare facility outside of Riga that I’d read about in COSMIC CONSPIRACY, twenty years ago. We call weather warfare ‘HAARP’ now but back then it was top secret tech, so never discussed publicly.

At first, he couldn’t recall seeing a field of transmitters resembling the well-publicized HAARP array near Anchorage, Alaska and Alice Springs, in the center of Australia but here’s what he sent me a couple of days ago:

<pre>I’d tried several times to tell You about following thing. Hier you are.
Not so far from Riga’s border, but far from highways, there was a secret object – a
about several square miles full with towers, poles and antennas – radio receiving
This was not secret for me – there was working my fellow-student from university times.
Once I had droped him to his work with my little car and saw this with my eyes, from
distant, of course. Soviets kept under control every inch of ether, non-stop. Only
there was forbidden to operate any transmitter, to non-bother receiving. Maybe this
is the place, about witch You wrote? Surely today all the metal there is utilized and
swept clean.
In that times there were 2-3 towers in every middle-sized town – the “saw” . Its
task was to bother listening of “Voice of America”, “Free Europe”, “Deutsche Welle”
and others, broadcasting in Latvian and Russian. No more there such a towers.

Till next time – Karl.

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