Cell Phone Signal Source

Apologies if this has already been dealt with on this forum but if not couldn’t we all have a dig around and try and find and post some ‘official’ data regarding the source of cell phone signals?
We know those towers aren’t for our cell phones – I’m with the 02 network and I stood beside a supposed O2 tower with my phone in hand last week and still couldn’t get more than 2 signal strength bars on my phone!

Most of the signals come from satellites but surely there must be some evidence of this.
A few links posted here to illuminate this would be great.

I guarantee the signals do NOT come from satellites (not that they don’t bathe us in bad stuff from satellites because they do). Your cell phone doesn’t have the power to reach the next town let alone a satellite thats 22236 miles above earth (geosynchronous orbit). They used satellites in place of undersea cable for international calls for a while but had to abandon the practice because the appreciable round-trip delay was driving people nuts (its a noticeable fraction of a second). They’re now using undersea fiber optic networks where you don’t even noticed the round-trip delay.

Cell phone towers usually do have antennas specifically for cell phones. Thats how cell technology works. Its a grid and when you move across a “cell” into a different “cell”, you get handed off to the base station of the cell you’re now in. This is all dynamic and done without your knowing. There are always degenerate situations where a cell site can’t figure out where you are and as such the hand-off to a closer one doesn’t happen and this depends on how many cell sites there are and how far apart they are. This is a HUGE mess and the computing horsepower in a single cell site to figure it all out and control it properly is mind-boggling, maybe even dwarfing the power of a Cray supercomputer (I’m serious). This is definitely NOT simple technology.

The antennas are rather directional. Do not assume that because you’re standing in front of a cell tower that you should be bathed in the energy and as such get a good signal. IF you are still, due to some reason, being serviced by the cell site in the next cell, your signal strength won’t change.

Remember, only the antenna pointing your way on the tower above the cell site that is servicing your current phone activity is actually participating. Each antenna is VERY directional. Your signal does not get broadcast to ALL cell towers simultaneously. As stated, the antennas on the towers ARE directional which is why they’re always set up on 4 quadrants or more or in a ring. Even if your standing next to a cell tower and you happen to have walked around it to where the antenna servicing you is on the other side pointing away from you, where the site can’t figure out that your direction has changed (if you’re this close maybe it can’t), your signal is being sent AWAY from you, not toward you and your signal strength would probably diminish because of this. And yes it works this way. The sites figure out where you are and assign your call a particular antenna controlled by the base station below the tower its on and it only handles you for the length of time you’re within the directional range of the particular antenna you’ve been assigned to. Like I said, this is NOT simple technology.

“Cell” refers to the fact that one antenna/cell site services phones geographically located within the confines of the cell (think graph paper with 1 antenna per cell – move outside the cell and you’re handed off to another site in the cell your at).

I worked for Bell Labs for 25 years till the corporate raiders drove it into the ground. We invented cell phone technology and it was an intensive 10 year development effort with more high power talent (PHDs and the like) than you could even imagine. No body knows this because Bell labs being part of AT&T at the time which was a US monopoly, could not compete in the private sector so they struck a deal with Motorola to commercialize it and somehow Motorola got the credit for developing it or at least people think so. They didn’t! Bell Labs did.

Now, taking a look at most towers, the lower “ring” of antennas are usually the death tech. Drum antennas are usually psi-amplifiers used to amplify psychic abilities of the shitbird psychics and to do mind control (they’re ELF antennas that operate in the range that our brain does with brainwaves). Sometimes on really high power ones you’ll see a grating between the upper antennas which are legit and stuff below which is bad guy tech. This is a groundplane to prevent the high power bad guy tech from French-frying the legit cell antennas, which it will if the real cell phone antennas are not protected from these high power signals.

Each legit cell antenna operates at a very low wattage – usually below 5 watts total. Bad guy tech doesn’t. Just look how thick the cables leading up to the stuff is.

Yes there are rather “naked” towers or rings around water towers or water tanks or the like with maybe 1 ring of antennas. I seriously doubt that real cell antennas can do double duty as entropy generators but perhaps they mix the good with the bad around the ring – good, bad, good bad or something like that. Usually when there are multiple levels, the upper ones are all legit and the lower ones are bad. Entropy generators actually fire downward so their being at the lowest level on the tower makes perfect sense.

Now, exactly where the control for the bad guy tech comes from, thats the 10 thousand dollar question. Most assuredly, not nearby and probably from an underground base though they could even use legit cell phone connections as a control link. I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work though I most certainly do not know for sure. Thank God we don’t have to know how all this stuff works to bust it (er, I mean FIX it – its broken to start with, we’re merely repairing it .

Thanks Gene, very imformative.

On this side of the pond we have lots of stand alone towers (normally situated on busy roads leading into/out of cities) which are disguised as lamposts, there is a kind of wider dome housing which conceals a single antenna about 1/5th from the top, there is only enough room for 1 antenna inside that casing, so I’ve no idea which way any of them would be pointing in which underlines what you said about my not being able to receive a strong signal even though I was standing beside the tower.

Beside these “lamposts” are always at least one large steel electrical box, very often up to three such boxes, I’ve seen them open, they are jammed with cables – I gift these whenever I come across them, based on how many I’ve gifted in my local area (semi rural) so far, I would estimate there being hundreds of thousands of these stand alone towers in the UK, maybe over a million, but nobody takes any notice of them.

When a tower is ‘gifted’, is that tower then unable to send out the frequencies which are used by the psi-shitbirds to carry out mind control?
I thought when you gifted a tower you were essentially drawing all DOR into the TB which was then converted into POR with another effect being the equipment in the tower itself was now only able to send out POR.
Are the frequencies for mind control used by the psi-shitbirds powered by DOR?

If they are then that would explain how they are nullified when you gift a tower.

The great thing about gifting is you can try to grasp the technology involved and understand how it all works, you can examine the world from a political and/or religious standpoint, you can try and grasp the Reptilian influences, you can indulge yourself as much as you like or you can just take a TB and throw it in a bush.
What seems to be true for most people (judging by the posts in this forum), including myself, is the more you gift the higher your sense of self worth.

People who have never heard of orgonite and who have happened upon this forum might read this and think I’m nuts, how could throwing a lump of resin and metal shavings into a bush make you feel great?

Instead of buying a pizza this Friday night, use the money instead to buy the cheapest TB’s you can find, track down some “cell towers” (there’s probably 20 within a few miles all around your house) and throw them where they can’t be found within a distance of four football pitches of the tower, but no closer than 50 yards – don’t let anyone see you do it.

By the time you get back home you’ll no longer think I’m nuts.

OOps! That information is only useful I think in the US.

In most of Europe they use a different standard called GSM and honestly I don’t have much experience with it.

I will yield to what you say. If its a single antenna it can’t be directional though it could still be that its somewhat cell based (serviced by the cell you’re nearest to where there could still be degenerate situations where your call doesn’t get handed off for any of a number of reasons).

For these I’d definitely gift one per antenna with maybe a couple extra if there’s a large number of them in a small locality.

Here in the US they mount large drumhead antennas on bigger, uglier towers that aren’t what they seem. I’m even suspecting there’s some kind of mobius coil (scalar device, radionics) in them from what I sense.

If the psi-amplifier stuff is simply ELF, its either audio (below the lowest frequency humans can hear) or electromagnetic and in either case I can’t see how orgonite would interfere with its operation. EM waves are “waves”. DOR is a “field” meaning static, unmoving. Waves move. Thats why orgonite doesn’t interfere with normal cell phone communication or any type of normal EM communications for that matter.

A TB creates a conversion zone around any DOR emitter. Inside there is darker more grayish DORy energy a dark line conversion zone and much brighter than ambient energy outside this as the POR emerges and merges back into the normal ambient. The towers still generate DOR but now, the don’t get more than maybe half a foot outside the tower before they’re converted to POR. Thats why its better to let them put up a tower and gift it heavily than chase them away if you can. A well gifted tower will contribute a helluva lot more POR to the area than TB’s sprinkled around with no tower there to start with. Think of a gifted tower as a HUGE (powered) HHG.

As you say, the best way to"grasp" things is to gift and watch what happens and learn as you go. Ask the operators to help you learn. They will.

Feel great? Sure, because you know you’re helping the whole area. Also, if you happen to be energy sensitive, deleting DOR from an area can have you floating on a cloud. When I drive through areas where there is a high DOR concentration, it damn near makes me sick even though I have a pendant on and orgonite in the car. I think the reason is that the neutralization process doesn’t happen at light speed. Its slow moving and the car isn’t so I get hit with the full brunt of it.

I remember one time driving to a friends the next state over. That route is horrible though a much bigger project than I could even afford to gift now. I did gift for 3 or 4 miles up the highway from his home. The next time I was heading out his way the energy was as usual, nasty. All of a sudden I got to an area where I felt amazing and clear and the air was light and I was confused. That was till I remembered I’d just crossed into the area I’d gifted last time and I only tossed about 6 TB’s. Yup, they sure are powerful alright.

The cheapest TB’s you can find are the ones you make yourself. Metal shavings and lathe turnings are cheap from a scrap dealer if you can’t find them for free. A pound of them will make 1-2 dozen TB’s (I go heavy at 1#/dozen – more metal makes them more powerful). Resin by the gallon is about $39 from Lowes or Home Depot. Thats about 30 cents per oz and you use about 2.5oz/tb, for about 75 cents each, yielding you about 50+ TB’s per gallon. A cheap cupcake pan or cleaned out 6oz yogurt cups, some “grease” (cooking spray or something else slippery as a mold release), some quartz crystal chips (about the size of your pointer finger is plenty big enough – trust me, it is) and you’re good to go. Fill the cells with metal but don’t pack it so the resin flows through it, stuff a crystal chip or piece in each, mix up some resin/hardener, pour over the tb’s and maybe poke a bit with a chopstick to quickly settle the resin, walk away for 2-3 hours and you are now the proud owner of the worlds cheapest dozen TB’s ever. Do that for 4 evenings straight and you’ve used up the gallon of resin and now have about 50+ TB’s to go give the bad guys hell. Hit all the death tech first starting closest to your home and increase your radius of coverage as you have money to make more TB’s. After you’ve covered about 3-5 mile radius, now look to see if there are patches of DOR where you need to grid gift a bit. You can ask the slyphs to help where you simply now pay attention as to where they camp out as if to tell you “there’s one over here that needs gifting”. Trust me, they do this – have for me several times already.

And yes, it may be metal scrap, a broken crystal chip and some plastic resin BUT its a VERY powerful etheric device and you will be surprised after you get a couple dozen around your general vicinity as to exactly how powerful these “plastic cupcakes” actually are.

It gives you a good feeling when you finally realize that your 75 cent piece of metal, resin and crystal just neutralized a piece of tech that probably cost the bad guys upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more (cell sites are NOT cheap by a long-shot).

For most people, this is something you have to do/experience to appreciate so do it and see what happens. You might just surprise yourself.

Thanks Gene,

Over here our cities are divided into what we call ‘housing estates’, these are where the majority of people live, I can only speak for Plymouth but there does not seem to be any significant number of cell towers on the actual estates themselves (most towers being on main roads or atop city centre buildings, the police station has 13 antennas – lovely!), although there are several enormous towers dotted around – over here we tend to kick up a storm whenever planning applications are made public regarding the erection of another huge tower, people will go to any lengths to prevent these things from being put up on their doorstep (including peaceful & not so peaceful means) and it kind of surprises me after having seen on this forum the photo’s of massive towers in your neighbourhoods that you don’t do the same thing on your side of the pond.

Couple of years ago a company called Sita wanted to build an £800 million incinerator plant on the banks of the river Tamar right next to Ernesettle which is the housing estate I grew up on. The residents got together and formed a group called STIFLE – they made noise, lots of noise, and eventually Sita withdrew it’s application to build the incinerator, which by the way was going to be erected right next to an armaments depot….can you say ‘kaboom’.

We have a lot of low level raincloud here, but on clear days I’m pretty much assured of seeing Sylph’s (yes folks these things are for real and no they’re not clouds), couple of months ago I saw a sight, a Sylph was taking evasive action to get out of the way of either the spewplane or what was coming out of the spewplane, it (the Sylph) was bent in half in what was a desperate effort to change direction quickly, I stood there looking at this unfold (oblivious of people walking past me) for 10mins or so until the Sylph straightened itself out – that’s the most spectacular thing I’ve seen to date.

The chemtrails no longer stick like they used to, a year ago they’d hang in the air for hours and spread out and sometimes still be there the next day, I believe someone in/around Plymouth may have a CB.

Whether this is a common scenario regarding chemtrail distribution or not I’m not sure, but a few weeks back I was watching a spewplane and to my astonishment, I saw a craft without any wings or contrail fly directly under the spewplane and follow the line of the chemtrail, it didn’t alter it’s course it just flew directly under the chemtrail at the same speed until it disappeared into the distance.

It was what people call a UFO, although I doubt if it was piloted or designed by off-worlders, from it’s flight path it would seem to have been something to do with the chemtrail, perhaps trying to work out why the chem wasn’t taking – but it’s food for thought, if this is common then the more people watch spewplanes the higher the likelihood they’ll see what I saw.

If the psi-amplifier stuff is simply ELF, its either audio (below the lowest frequency humans can hear) or electromagnetic and in either case I can’t see how orgonite would interfere with its operation. EM waves are “waves”. DOR is a “field” meaning static, unmoving. Waves move. Thats why orgonite doesn’t interfere with normal cell phone communication or any type of normal EM communications for that matter.

One thing I wonder myself is what exactly the realtionship between the ELF waves and DOR. It’s from common understanding that DOR is what makes their Death tech work. I have the following experience:

For about 2 months after I discovered orgonite I had an ungifted tower about 500 meters from my home and couldn’t make orgonite them (I live in a small apartment where I study, I had to wait until I went to my family home). Typical death tower with about a dozen of panels displayed on 3 or 4 layers.

As soon as I steped home everyday after the college, I could feel an opressive atmosfere and I could hear a “WAwaWAwaWAwA” pulsing sound inside my head. I had felt that before but didn’t noticed it until I started reading about orgonite. I felt myself warm, like when you are about to have a fever, but wasn’t sick. It felt like being cooked in a microwave oven LOL. Every night was the same and was very hard to sleep, not to mention the direct psy-atacks.

Another thing that hapened was that it was pretty difficult to make phone calls to my family. I had to boost a lot everyday to make a call. And when I sucesfully made it, there was a lot of echo sound, like when the phone rings next to a stero box.

The evenning I gifted the tower as well as the surroundings, about 1 hour later, i noticed that:

-The WAwaWA sound stoped completly. It remained this way for some days, until they managed to aim some portable devices at me I guess. One can’t imagine how good is to listen the silence.

-The atmosphere felt completly normal, much ligther

-I could call my family easily, without hearing any echo

-The attack were ligther the following nights, until they had time to adjust their strategy to the new conditions (they seen to take some days to adapt everytime one makes a new defensive move)

So I guess the psi-amplifier wasn’t working well as their shitbird psys couldn’t bother me much that night without their Death tech support

It’s known that microwaves (ELF) can input sounds into the brain of people as it vibrates in a frequency that is well absorved by the brain tissue. And yet that night, after the gifting, I couldn’t hear it. Perhaps the ELF is just a byproduct of the DOR tech, perhaps it acts in a complementary way to the DOR (like a carrier wave???). DOR seens stagnant but it could still have a wave nature, like a standing wave perhaps?


Wathever the way it works, one thing became clear to me that night: their tech, at least most of it, seens to be heavily dependent on the DOR component of the attack, wich is neutralized by orgonite, making it harmless. They don’t seem to make anything without DOR. Do the death towers still emits lots of ELF after gifiting? Or just the genuine communication small portion? Does orgonite filters the bad ELF or it keeps pulsing harmlessly witout its “DOR component”?

And a small experiment of mine:

Puting an 12 fl.oz HHG inside a microwave oven and turning it on results in lots of sparking and a nasty smell of burnt resin ( as well as uncontrolled laughing [Image Can Not Be Found]; ), so the HHG doens’t neutralize the oven microwaves or it isn’t powerfull enough to do it against a microwave oven ( by the way, does the microwave oven emits DOR and does it make food charged with it?).


ELF is most certainly not microwaves. ELF means extremely LOW frequency which operates in the range of 3Hz to 300Hz. Brain waves are in this range but only go up to 20-30Hz IIRC. Microwaves start at 300MHz and the band extends up to 300GHz.

Orgonite does not neutralize normal, legitimate EM (electromagnetic) waves. Microwaves are simply higher frequency EM.

DOR is a field. It saturates an area like a dark cloud and doesn’t move. EM waves move through the air in all directions unless the antenna is directional. Scalar energy (like what you get from a succor punch) is a field, not a wave thought the design of this device does impart a minimal motion to the energy in a helical shape. DOR from death tech is a rolling death – it saturates the area and hugs the ground. Its an entropy field. Everything bathed in it “decays”. They can also direct DOR as a beam up into the clouds as I’ve seen this on a few occasions.

TB’s neutralize the DOR causing it to continually be converted to POR. They affect nothing else.

It could be possible they use microwaves as a carrier for the ELF modulation but microwaves coming out of dish antenna are VERY line of sight directional so I’m not sure how that’d work.

I hear that sound too and also something that kind of sounds like a washing machine running and a high frequency tone and they also hit me early in the mornings with a vibration that makes it feel like I’m sleeping on a vibrator bed. I’m still not sure with this whether its actually coming through the ground or whether whatever they’re hitting me with is simply impressing energy into my nervous system causing me to feel the vibration directly.

I’ve gifted all the death tech around here for perhaps 5 mile radius of my home. I’ve grid-gifted heavily for about a 1 mile radius around my home. Its still happening. I have a LOT of orgonite in/around my home.

I still hear the sound too, especialy late in the night. Like I said the sound only ceassed JUST AFTER I gifted the nearby tower, so it became clear to me that the sound was linked to the death tower nearby. It came back one or two days after it, but weaker. They seemed to adopt a minimal efort policy, especialy on the beggining when I just had discovered orgonite and they wished to just scare me, I see this as a time gap until they relocated more resources toward pestering me. The same happened with the phone call “hacking” and the opressive atmosphere, it diminished greatly just after my first run against the local tower, but just after, not for long.

After a month or two, they managed to recover most of the gifts around my home, wich were few that time, and the tower wen’t back again, as I noticed by seeing a dirty patch of DOR cloud just above it, with a ripple HAARP-like wave pattern spreading from it to the nearby clouds, wich I never see over gifted towers.

At that time I noticed that the noise got stronger, so I checked the tower and them regifted it, resulting in weaker noise again. Some nights, when they try to attack harder, the noise increases, but rarely like when it was coming from the tower nearby. The noise is also much weaker here at my hometown wich is a smaller rural town, with less death junk nearby to be aimed at me than at city I study and live most part of my time.

When I emailed Don Croft, he said me that busting all the nearby towers doesn’t seens to resolve it, as they have portable devices they can deploy outside the gifting area, as well aiming it from underground, so I guess only earth-pipes will make it harder for them to operate their toys, altough can’t say for sure. He also said that assembling a TB 108 helped with what he described as an “feeling of hatred and foreboding”.

One thing I noticed is that neutralizing DOR is better done nearby the death tech than nearby its target (we!). Having the same amount of orgonite busting the death tech on the field is better than have it at your bedside. Neutralizing the attack “on the fly” seens to be less efective than neutralizing it at its source, perhaps because they need to focus multiple death junk at us to harm us once we have some orgonite nearby us. But I suspect that having lots of orgonite nearby you helps, but in a less efficient way. I noticed that the attacks are weaker when I have many TBs at my home waiting for deployment, and them get a little stronger after I gift the TBs.

Another thing that I notice is that orgonite works better outside than indoor. Considering only distance, my HHG could bust the death tower from my bedside, and yet it only felt busted after I deployed orgonite outside my home.

Based on my experience, the “WAwaWA” sound seens to be related to death tower like tech, but I can’t say the same for the other sounds. One thing I noticed is that, while their resources are plenty, they are FINITE! They seem to adopt a resource saving strategy, using force proportional to the perceived threat. I noticed that the power of their attack increases as they perceive you as a bigger threat, as well as they start using more “expensive” tactics like implants.

At least here in Brazil, I think if there were more gifters around my area, the state of São Paulo, they would be quickly overwhelmed. While their imediate threat is proportional to the city size, they surely have to realocate resources to deal with new gifters, specialy in small cities , otherwise they would have more agressive tactics. Their infrastructure is mostly new and expanding here in Brazil, with exception of big cities like São Paulo, and they can do little without their death towers. They can be overwhelmed. Off course, they might be more resourcefull on the “developed countries” like U.S.A… At least this is my guess.

first & foremost, i should state that the following material is mostly conjecture; i think of it as well-reasoned conjecture, though, so i’m gonna post it anyway & maybe it’ll make a useful contribution.

from everything i’ve seen, there appears to be four main components to the average death-tower: panel, spike, drum, & dish

my belief is that these 4 devices are used in the following ways, based on what the bad guys themselves have been telling us:

(the following quotations are taken from “MindWar”, a truly disturbing piece of literature penned by a couple of army bigwigs)
In its strategic context, MindWar must reach out to friends, enemies, and neutrals alike across the globe – neither through … but through the media possessed by the United States which have the capabilities to reach virtually all people on the face of the Earth.
These media are, of course, the electronic media …
There are some purely natural conditions under which minds may become more or less receptive to ideas, and MindWar should take full advantage of such phenomena as atmospheric electromagnetic activity 19, air ionization 20, and extremely low frequency waves 21…
(then the footnotes read:)

  1. Atmospheric electromagnetic (EM) activity: The Human body communicates internally by EM and electrochemical impulses. The EM field displayed in Kirlian photographs, the effectiveness of acupuncture, and the body’s physical responses to various types of EM radiation (X-rays, infrared radiation, visible light spectra, etc.) are all examples of human sensitivity to EM forces and fields. Atmospheric EM activity is regularly altered by such phenomena as sunspot eruptions and gravitational stresses which distort the Earth’s magnetic field. Under varying external EM conditions, humans are more or less disposed to the consideration of new ideas…
  2. Ionization of the air: An abundance of negative condensation nuclei (“air ions”) in ingested air enhances alertness and exhilaration, while an excess of positive ions enhances drowsiness and depression. …
  3. Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves: ELF waves up to 100 Hz are once more naturally occurring, but they can also be produced artificially … ELF waves are not normally noticed by the unaided senses, yet their resonant effect upon the human body has been connected to both physiological disorders and emotional distortion. Infrasound vibration (up to 20 Hz) can subliminally influence brain activity to align itself to delta, theta, alpha, or beta wave patterns, inclining an audience toward everything from alertness to passivity. Infrasound could be used tactically, as ELF-waves endure for great distances; and it could be used in conjunction with media broadcasts as well. …

This book is shit. (public-domain document cited briefly for review purposes)

this has been only slightly edited, for brevity’s sake. there’s not much else of real interest in it; the material above comes on the very last page & the whole front matter is basically them explaining why they need to mind-control everybody

now, if you plug what it says into the available information about the towers, something like this appears to come forward:

panel – similar, i think, to the xray machine in the dentist’s office. remarkably similar in appearance to the tape-heads in older hifi equipment. used, i think, for EM-operations

[Image Can Not Be Found]

these panels are mounted on the side of a retirement housing complex

these poles are everywhere, all throughout the populated areas & they hide panels within them. their coverage would appear to focus on population-centers. this suggests to me a shorter, weaker wavelength, which is why i think its EM & not ELF/ULF which are much longer waves

spike – one of the first technologies developed (according to what i know)—-these towers popped up around the 50’s i believe. used, i believe, for air-ionization, not just for mind control but also (or mainly) for weather-modification, which looks like this:

the haarp-array, the patents for which openly declare that its an ionosphere-scrambler & atmospheric heater, looks like this, & appears to be a forest of spikes

notice the structure used here; this suggests that a lot of the towers have these spikes as their main bodies & the gizmos are just the icing on the cake

drum – these look & feel, to me, a lot like stereo-system speakers, & with one open slot left from the MindWar disclosure, it seemed like an appropriate assignation. i think these are the ELF/ULF transmitters

the highlighted area on the left is a drum, the one on the right is a dish…

dish – i’ve seen some that were significantly different, & then there are the big parabolic microwave dishes; i have no idea what the hell they do with those. i believe that these standard-issue dishes are used to coordinate large-scale transmissions

it would work something, i think, like this:

imagine we want to create a storm in Maine, originating from a horrible cold front in Washington state, where this line falls along the US-Canadian border:


where A is a tower-installation near Vancouver BC, B is an installation near Shelby Montana, C is something in Thunder Bay, etc etc to E the tower-installation in northern Maine.

HAARP-spikes heat up & lift a large section of air above point A, drawing in a bunch of cold air from out over the ocean with pressure-differentials. A short time later, the towers at B are activated, creating another low-pressure zone for the cold air to move into, etc etc until the dragged cold-front has a bunch of momentum & can move on its own

this is a totally simplified version of how i think it works, but it makes sense to me. it should come as no surprise to anyone that this kind of thing can happen—-we’ve had cloud-seeding rainmaking tech that we’ve admitted to for a long time & the chinese admit their rain-dispersing tech as used at the olympics. between just those two, you could do an awful lot

a few things to keep in mind:

“those are just communications devices” – communications devices, sure, but i know how easy it is to multi-purpose gadgets. you only need to switch a couple wires to turn a microphone into a speaker. you tie a metal string in a pretzel through a metal plate & now you have something that can turn lightning into a long slow carpet-spark. put an extra coil or two into your transmitter with a remote switch & now you have something that changes its nature only when they push the button back at HQ

“the government wouldn’t do anything like that” – the most common mistake people make in this regard is based in self-absorption, & can be summed up thus: ‘i would never be that evil, & therefore no one else would either’
you don’t have to look very far at all to see just how much evil, pure evil, those guys can get up to. & no, they’re not ‘people, just like you & me’; they jump from government service postions to the boards of monsanto & bechtel & GE, & then on to PR-firms where they lobby the last person who just came from the GM-board & joined the government & they get them to pass whatever horrifying law suits their Big Agenda. a lot of these people have been born into the new aristocracy & raised with elitist values, then their children get the same treatment, & so on & so on through the generations, & now we’re ruled by sons of senators’ sons of senators’ sons & these people are completely removed from the real world. they’ll do ANYTHING & think they have every right to do so

“maybe some people would do that but the technology isn’t that developed yet” – maybe not for public release, yet. or…
the following excerpt comes from the Radiofrequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook, 4th Edition, p. 83, published October 1986:
In Table 4.5 available evidence on the threshold of biological excitation phenomena is summarized for various fields. In cardiology extended experience exists with pacemakers, and threshold values range about 0.1-10 mA/cm2, depending on electrode size and other parameters (Roy et al., 1976). In electrohypnosis, electrosleep , and electrical anesthesia, total currents applied are about 10-100 mA. Corresponding current …

whoa, whoa up a second cowboy, what’s that?
the last time i checked, maybe around christmas of this year, you could still get search results from the US patent-office for ‘electrohypnosis’ & the device is right there for public viewing. if i remember correctly, it stated it was intended for wireless operations, but even if it didn’t its not that hard to wire up
oh, & the last time i checked, you can’t get a patent without a working device.
& this is only the stuff in the public domain. if a government contracts with a corporation to invent & manufacture their tools, then they dont have to publish their work. it falls under patent laws & isn’t subject to FOIA-disclosure

for what its worth, i’m pretty sure that these four gadgets represent the cream of the 90’s crop when it comes to mindbender-tech; what they’ve got to have by now is probably beyond me

this list of trinkets is by no means complete (or even right, for that matter); i’m not privvy to their doings & they haven’t bothered filling me in so its a lot of guesswork. nor does this cover all of the weird doohickeys they’re using, like these:

& that’s some of what i believe i’ve figured out

My Harmonic Protector pendant arrived yesterday which I’ve only taken off to shower, I’ve noticed no difference in the high pitched ‘whine’ I can hear in my head if I allow myself to hear it.
There seems to be three different tones or levels to the whining but they’re not intrusive, I can push them back so I don’t hear them or I can 'turn up the ‘volume’ if I choose.
This whining background noise has been there as long as I can remember, I used to hear it when I was little, I thought it was just the noise of the world and everyone heard it.
I’ve gifted all the standalone ‘lampost’ style towers within 3 miles of my home but not the huge towers packed with gadgets – they’re next.
At home I have 18 HHG’s and 15 TB’s inside and outside and I’ve gifted my area pretty thoroughly.

My guess would be the equipment used to send out these soundwaves is being powered by DOR from underground bases, so gifting individual towers while doing the great job of converting DOR to POR, wouldn’t have any effect on stopping the frequencies being sent out, the base itself would have to be gifted.

One of the problems I have here is identifying DOR build up, we have low level cloud which seems to be pretty much constant (yeah I know the one about us Brits always complaining about the weather), today the sky is a light grey, there is no rain just a blanket of low cloud which looks totally unnatural.

What do you think of my chances for a small loan if I tell the bank manager I need a CB, some maps, Earth Pipes, Powerwand and a few hundred TB’s?

Shaun, the cricket ground/ golf course in Tavistock is just up the road from Plymouth, near is the pub called the Witchurch in church road, and there is a burial ground there. I don’t know, just a try, this is also in a context with where we are in time and space… .

Many thanks to especially Gene for educating some of us who have been struggling to rationalise confusing information about cell towers. Some say this others say that. I [ersonally met and discussed microwave weaponry developed in the 70s with an ex-US Naval Intelligence Officer…and he did mention that they modulate VLF onto microwave signals for especially brain entrainment effects…they can park a mobile van near your yard and pelt you into submission!! I’ve also spent the better part of a decade researching all things…and I’ve found many times that it is our ‘stagnant’ attitude that cause us to not find solutions. I will give an example with lack of sleep…when i started research into alternative health I discovered DrHulda Clark…insomnia could be due to brain parasites…excess ammonia (taking ornithine helps here)…then I found 50 other causes…pilots use melatonin…the brain can be influenced by EMF to not produce enough…then I found various pendants and energy resonators for the house and ourselves…then I found orgonite…each time we slept a bit better…but I kept my mind open, assuming there were other things to discover. Each ‘camp’ I joined temporarily to study with had the same ‘illness’ (thinking they had found the solution to all problems with a single approach). Then I found revitalised water…then recently after I taught myself how to dowse with Lrods I found geopathic stress.!! Let me put it this way…if you’re sleeping on a strong geopathic stress zone you are in serious trouble…the cell towers have nothing on this…from ringing in the ears to cancer…you’re basically dead. I found orognite will only disable geopathic stress if placed directly on it…it could mean moving your HHG 2 metres to the right. I find lines with orgone energy are different from geopathic stress lines…??? But once the geostress lines are busted they become POR! I guess what I’m trying to say is that “Those who know they don’t know…know…those that think they know…do not” If you clear your mind…you will find what bothers you…and it doesn’t even have to be etheric attack or sabotage…the planet will do you in just as easily. I realise now that I know hardly anything about life…a decade ago I knew quite a lot!! But I’m happier now. Many times I think we oveestimate the enemy’s power…I’ve worked in high govt organisations interacting even with US intel etc…many are just regular chaps doing a job. They cannot go after every single computer keystroke from people that believe the whole world is run by a few evil men…there isn’t enough motivation or logistics or personnel for this. A decade ago after reading Icke I would look closely at presidents, intel chiefs etc that I met…trying to see if “they were human”…now I think we are all human and capable of the highest evil and good. Hope this helps.

Shaun, I reposted the image above, have a look. The view from above shows clearly that there is a pyramid at the base of the building. Interesting that Lord Tavistock was a Russell.

Have people here tried octaedrons orgonites for improving energy balance, basically just tape together 2 pyramids at the base.

Try surrounding the place with 6 TB’s in a hexagon – very powerful sacred geometric arrangement. They can be small TB’s – 2.5-3oz size. In 3’s is also pretty powerful – same for EP’s.

I’m not so sure the shape of the TB is super important. Its too small on its own to have a geometric variance cause any major difference I’d think. Keep it simple and where you need more “horsepower”, 3 in a triangle surrounding a target or 6 in a hexagon out a ways (couple blocks away from the target) to surround a bigger area. These arrangements of course would be for really nasty targets as 1 or 2 TB’s for even ugly death towers usually is sufficient.

6 TB’s in a hexagon with an EP dead center (within reason) is also pretty powerful.

In general though, these are special arrangements for special cases and not something normally used in gifting but on a rare occasion you come across something that just plain needs a lot more love and then, you have to ask the operators to show you the correct configuration. They will if you pay attention and believe them.

Where shape might cause differences could be when you start adding a coil inside the TB but now thats just plain too much work except for really special targets and in something this small, 3 in a triangle arrangement around the target may well be just as good and a lot simpler/quicker to make and then the chance of them finding them all gets pretty slim.

Here’s a paragraph from The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft, Episode 44.

Across the River and Into The Towers
“I saw very few deathforce transmitters in the city, but across the Potomac, in Arlington, there’s a line of about
forty transmitters facing DC. At least they’ll be easy to bust, all in the same day. Of course the Beltway, which is
the freeway that goes around the periphery of DC, is filthy with these transmitters. According to the argument
that these towers are for cell phones, then nobody uses the phones while they’re actually in DC, but only when
they’re driving laps on the Beltway. Am I right? Sheesh”.

As I said in my initial post, those towers are not for cell phone signals – explain ‘grids’ till your blue in the face, the fact remains, those towers are not for cell phones.

If you’re referring to my explanation of how cell tech works in the US with your “explain grids” comment, I don’t need to explain anything because thats exactly how it works whether you choose to believe it or not – the truth doesn’t lie. Bell Labs invented the technology and though I wasn’t directly involved I knew people who were who explained it to me. It is frightfully complex for sure.

The “panels” mentioned and shown in pictures are the only part of a tower that ARE cell phone antennas – Bell Labs designed that particular form factor also. They are directional as I stated which is why they need to point them every direction of the compass they can get them on any tower, building, whatever. Depending on the power needed, each antenna can cover a short distance to many miles but its in the low single digits which is why they need so many of them. Also, as I’m sure we’ve all noticed, with the shitbird death tech, it seriously impairs cell phone functionality so the transmitters have to be cranked up higher to compensate which, to the pleasure of the shitbirds, just makes everything worse.

This doesn’t mean the panel antennas don’t also have a scalar field or entropy field generators inside them nor if they really do, does it mean the shitbirds are also using the cell antenna functionality as they could be decoys – shitbirds can corrupt anything they touch and I’d be surprised if they didn’t. The original design doesn’t but since Bell labs never put the technology into production (they couldn’t being a monopoly back at that point in history – AT&T) who knows what those who licensed the technology actually did to it (and I doubt you ever be able to find out unless you shot an antenna down and carted it away to autopsy – wink).

Most assuredly, the whip antennas have nothing to do with cell tech nor do the drumhead ones which as I recall Stephen Smith explained were psi amplifiers to give shitbird psychics more “power” and this makes perfect sense given other things stated. I think they do more though, being ELF transmitting antennas where they broadcast a generic population numbing field of some kind that is more than likely scalar.

No doubt this technology is multi-faceted. Just seeing how thick the cables are going up to the antennas will tell you they’re not using a mere 3 or 4 watts each which is about all a cell antenna is supposed to use to transmit. They are blanketing the Earth with an entropy field and other stuff to try and dumb down the population to better control us. Its not working so good for them these days. People are “waking up” all over the place as Earths vibrational frequency rises, now rapidly. The shitbirds cannot keep the lid on this one anymore, though they try because its the only thing they know how to do [Image Can Not Be Found]

Owing to the computing horsepower in any cell tower control room, I don’t see that it would be hard, if they do have a way to individually target troublesome individuals, to send control information to the nearest one to that individual to attack them automatically.

What I’ve noticed around here is that its relatively quiet during the day (why bother – people work and I’m sure this tech doesn’t follow them around, choosing to only target their residence – sleep deprivation is their most powerful tool) and at random points in the early evening hours, I’ll noticed increased intensity in the ringing in my left ear or a funny sound reminiscent of a running washing machine or any of several other repetitive sounds that are most certainly not coming from inside the home. One day I even turned the main breaker off to power down the whole home to make sure and sure enough, the crap continued. These are most assuredly being broadcast and I’d bet by the towers. Perhaps this crap is also in some kind of grid to blanket whole areas.

However they’re doing it (I will get to the bottom of this some day) several of us have sensed that its not single point – 3 or more points and some kind of triangulation is how they do it. This somehow allows them to target a particular place with a very high degree of precision (my bedroom is the worst room in the house by a long-shot – that level of precision).

The one thing I keep thinking, owing to my engineering experience is that, the more complex you make something, the easier it is to break horribly. I just bet the solution to this mess is something stupid/simple the shitbirds don’t realize but for sure, its VERY non-obvious. Orgonite neutralizes the DOR but there’s more to this tech than DOR – perhaps a lot more.

We’ll definitely figure this one out some day soon and once our new tech starts getting deployed all over the world, its over for the bad guys – they won’t recover from this one. I can’t wait!