Chatblast: 12/31/05

(NedWalsh) #1

Chatboost 12/31/05

Last night’s chatblast was definitely the most fun and most interesting I have ever been in. Unfortunately we got off to a bad start. My browser wasn’t working right for about 15 minutes, so I couldn’t chat until 7:15. I figured it out and it was fine after that. Then after we got together, myself, Lynda, and Stevo, we started talking about what we were going to do last night. At this point, Stevo started to get booted off every few minutes so we boosted him and the “booting” stopped. For some strange reason though, Stevo claimed that Lynda’s boosting was giving him a headache because her energy was all mixed up, so she had to get centered. What followed was a series of very strange conversions between Lynda and Stevo, each time, Stevo saying that he felt like Lynda’s energy was chaotic and painful, even though she wasn’t doing anything. Eventually Stevo had to leave because he was in too much pain. We felt really bad, and really confused. I hope that Stevo might have some input to clear this part up, because it was so confusing.

After a minute, we decided that there was some other “party” involved, trying to mess us up. From the start, I knew this would be a decisive chatblast, so it would make sense for the folks associated with the NWO would try to stop us any way they could. So Lynda and I started hunting for some source of interference with Stevo. She found a man crouched down, hiding in a bush, holding some white stick looking thing, messing around with Stevo. We started blasting the heck out of it. We asked God, our guardian angels, a handful of dolphins, they all helped us take him away in a bright ball of light, to, as DB says: “let God sort him out.” It was a brilliant display. We figured out that that guy was messing around with Stevo, to make him perceive that Lynda was hurting him, so that he would leave the chat. I hope you are okay now, Stevo, we think we fixed the problem with that guy.

My dad was sitting in on the chatblast last night. He is fairly psychic, in that he can sometimes see things that others don’t, so he helped us look for targets at this point. After awhile of meditation, he saw a ship with dolphins swirling around it in a coiled pattern. Lynda saw it too, and noted that it was off the Orgegon-Washington coastline. I remembered what Don said about a possible plan to set off tsunamis on the NW coast of the US. Then my dad saw some bright light, which looked like a hole on the bottom of the ship. It appered that the dolphins that were swirling around it were creating this hole and that it was slowly shrinking the ship until it was no more! We boosted the dolphins a whole bunch, but we didn’t blast the ship, it seemed as if they had it under control, we just helped them out.

Just a few moments after that, my dad saw the top tower of a black submarine coming out of the water. He didn’t know where it was, but it was important. He later saw hundreds of dolphins come towards it and form a ring around it, just looking at it. They all looked very worried and concerned. My dad heard the words: “hurry” and “danger.” They also seemed rather pissed off at it. At this point, we knew something was up with this sub. Lynda went in to try and figure out was going on down there. My dad talked to a few of the dolphins. They said that the sub had some array on it that was aimed at killing off the cetaceans in particular and other sea life too. They also said that they could control it for awhile, but it is a danger. They motioned dad to come look at it. He went inside it and saw a control room with lots of blue. Blue controls, blue uniforms, blue lights. He saw a handful of people working on the controls with a few people just standing there and watching the whole thing. The dolphins told my dad that they had to have permission to destroy the sub. They said that they needed permission from us, because a bunch of land people would be killed if they destroyed the sub. My dad asked if they were innocent people. They said that they were land folks, and some non-native to Earth folks associated with the New World Order would be killed that were inside the sub. Lynda confirmed there were reptillians also present in the control room of the sub. Looking at the bottom of the sub, there was another bright light that looked like a hole or portal of somekind on the underside of the sub. We told my dad to give them permission because innocent dolphins and people would be hurt if they didn’t destroy it. My dad gave them permission to do so, and they started working away at it, us boosting them the whole while. Occassionally a dolphin would come tell my dad to look at something. It was a very awesome experience for all of us, especially for my dad. The dolphins formed their coil pattern again and using the bright light, they slowly shrinked the sub into a pinhole! Moments later, it was gone and the dolphins said that that task was done here. They also said to remember that they are not a warring people, they only want to defend their own kind, cetaceans and all sea life, and us. We told them that we also are not warring, we just want to defend our own kind and their kind too. At this point, many of the dolphins went about their lives and left the area, except for a few, including a big whale who identified himeself as Henry, who was also a huge help with the sub and showing us new targets. The dolphins also told us that they knew that not all land people were bent on the destruction of the cetaceans, just some. They also told us that there are many of us that are good. We told them the same thing and thanked them.

A dolphin told my dad to look at something. He seemed to go to a totally different part of the ocean, again, he didn’t know where. The dolphin and Henry the whale showed my dad a big black nuclear bomb on the ocean floor. They told him that there are many of these bombs on the ocean floor everywhere. They told us that they were for causing tidal waves, much like the tsunami we experienced a few years ago. Most importantly they were concerned with the vast amount of sea life killed by these bombs. We agreed it is a bad thing. They told my dad that they have already disabled that one, they were showing it as an example to us. Lynda told them to disable all of these they find and the dolphins said they would. We thanked them and then they parted.

Lastly my dad, saw another image on the ocean floor. Lots of pipes in rows and columns, and some fast moving object going by them. He at first thought it was a torpedo, but Lynda, guessed it was more like a fast moving underwater vehicle used for the cities on the ocean floor. My dad said it was plausible. Lynda and I went in, me following her, but we didn’t find anything. We decided that this was maybe a hint for a target of the next chatblast.

It was an awesome experience. I would encourage more people to attend the chatblasts/chatboosts. You don’t have to be psychic or energy sensitive. I am not psychic and am still developing my energy sensitivity, but I helped with the boosting. It’s a lot of fun and a great confirmation when the bad guys keep trying to bother you, because you know what you are doing is right. That was better than any New Year’s party that I have ever gone to. Thanks Lynda, my dad, and Stevo. Again, Stevo, I hope you are feeling better and I hope you know that it was that being, hiding in a bush with a stick messing around with you, not Lynda that was causing the pain and confusion. Next time, if it happens again, with some other being, we know exactly what to do.


Ned Walsh