Chemtrail Plane Up Close

This plane refuels and sits at Arnold Palmer Airport in Latrobe PA.
Has anyone gifted this Airport yet ?

Hi Eric,

I see there is a logo on the plane. Do you have a photo of the logo or know the name of the company? That would be the other place to focus on gifting.


Hi Eric and Ryan. To me it seems that this plane is a used for studying the atmosphere. I would image that chemtrail planes are just tankers fitted with nozzles behind the plane or under the wings or simply modified crop dusters in the case of the smaller spew planes as seen by Dan in Bali for example. In the plane above there is no space for the spew to be stored and the inside of the plane is packed with electronics, releasing some spew should be purely mechanical and would not require all the tech. The things sticking out of the plane look like instruments for measuring different things about the air, the fact that some of the openings are facing forward indicates they can´t be sprayers. Its also very unlikely that actual chemplanes would be

It’s a Battelle Labs plane, Ryan.

I think it may only be for recording data and not spewing, but it’s nefrious none the less.
Look to the left of the plane in the back. There is a hose leading to the plane from some container on a dolly.
That looks like they are adding the mix to the machines on the palne with the big vacum type hose. is where to find more info on these planes.

Battelli is a big name research company that works for homeland security, department of defense, EPA. It’s labs also check toxicity levels in the public, and develops hybrid food (franken food) to feed the masses it says.

Here are the locations for the Batellit Labs.

Brookhaven National Labs

From New York City
Queens Midtown Tunnel ($3.50 toll), continue straight on Long Island Expressway (LIE, Interstate 495). East on LIE to Exit 68 (William Floyd Parkway, County Road 46); north on William Floyd Parkway, 2.4 kilometers (1 1/2 miles) to BNL’s gate (on right at second light).

Engineering Research Office Building (EROB)
2525 N. Fremont Avenue
P.O. Box 1625
Idaho Falls, ID 83415

Idaho National Labs Research Center (IRC)
2351 N. Boulevard
P.O. Box 1625
Idaho Falls, ID 83415

U.S. Department of Energy
Idaho Operations Office
1955 N. Fremont Avenue
Idaho Falls, ID 83415

National Renewable
Energy Laboratory 1617 Cole Boulevard
Golden, CO 80401-3393

Driving to Oak Ridge National Labs from downtown Knoxville
(ORNL Visitor Center phone: 865.574.7199)

Take Interstate 40 West out of downtown Knoxville. After approximately 10 miles, take Exit 376 onto Pellissippi Parkway (TN 162) following the signs to Oak Ridge. Continue straight on TN 162 across the Herman B. Postma bridge. Merge to right-lane exit for Bethel Valley Road, proceed straight past the traffic light to the ORNL east vehicle entrance. (See visitor information on pre-arranging your visit.) Once you are verified, continue about 5 miles on Bethel Valley Road. After the 2nd traffic light, enter the traffic circle, or roundabout, and go 3/4ths of the way around to enter the Visitor Center parking lot. The Visitor Center is the glassed-in section of the ORNL Conference Center nearest Bethel Valley Road map of the Visitor Center vicinity

Pacific Northwest National Labs Street Address

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
902 Battelle Boulevard
Richland, WA

These places are hot so gifting should be done in a ring around the facilities.

Thanks Eric for the company name.


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