Chemtrail Videos

Here it is, take photos of the chemtrails above you and use your free microsoft video editor, everyone has one and
make your own Chemtrail video. You can even add music, but there is a risk of the record company flagging your video for unauthorized use and youtube will take it down. Either way have fun with this. I bet you can get 100 chemtrail photos in just one week of them spraying you. The plug is to mention the Don Croft style Cloud Buster at the end of the video.
That really gets the spooks panties in a bunch.

This is the latest one I found on youtube. Thanks to Carol the videographer !


Here’s another one,

Thanks Don Bradley for making Clouds of Death the First Chemtrail Documentary ~

**Clouds of Death is one of the last movies to be uploaded on youtube that goes over 10 minutes.

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