Chemtrails Under the Clouds---

I couldn’t find the thread I started for this last month–maybe I should keep some notes or something.

Mary Ann in Maine has sent me the most substantive reports because she knows how to tell the difference between ‘regular’ chemtrails and these very low altitude assaults on teh populace.

Carol and I learned, six years ago, that an unmistakable signal that one is being subjected to biological weaponry is that the ground electrode on a zapper gets stained black, afterward, as some specific toxin, perhaps from mycoplasma, passes from the bloodstream, through the skin, to that electrode while zapping.

Here’s an update from her, then my response:

> Hey,

> When last I reported in re low-flying crud, I had seen and smelt it for a
> 2nd time, by moonlight walking home. That night, tail penny coated with
> black crusty stuff again.

> In the last few days, many children are falling ill with what seems to be
> a severe, sudden-onset “flu.” I’ve been doing round the clock zapping,
> but today had to slave-drive myself to go hiking, as the bone/muscle
> aching was a bit extreme, and it sort of hurt to breathe…
> Folks are experiencing drop in body temp, sore throat, sinus yukh,
> respiratory, high fever, arthralgia/myalgia. Yet the weather has been
> mild, and folks have been generally much healthier than last year.
> I continue to suspect that a new formula has been released for “testing.”
> There has been heavy daytime spraying this weekend, but high stuff, which
> dissipates fairly quickly. Eying his weekend’s pall, I worked on a new
> CB; added to tb stash for sea jaunt, and lake kayaking.

> Pussy willow time. Forysthia blooming indoors, though not yet outside.
> Snow expected tomorrow.

> M-A


> Thanks for that, M-A–this needs to be in the public record and if exposure won’t
> stop this new agenda, we’ll go after the culprits in a chat session. Will look for
> feedback from you, regardless.

> ~Don

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