China Pulling The Plug On Armageddon?

Don Croft
14 Dec 2008 16:20
Subject: China Pulling the Plug on Armageddon?
Some folks seem terrified by the aspect of US borders coming down but I see it as a positive development, just like the disappearance of barriers between European nations.

Here’s a site that allegedly shows the new currency to be introduced in Mexico, USA and Canada:


When I travelled through Mexico in late '95 the country was under martial law and all traffic was stopped at each state border & occupants had to show ID and, in my case, ‘travel papers.’ Mexico had adopted national ID cards.

That said, I had cruised along Yucatan’s north coast, stopped in four towns & two cities and never even saw a federale. The feds who arrested me at the Yucatan/Tabasco border for not having travel papers were mostly armed with sticks, literally, and their uniforms were tee-shirts.

The Mexican people have a history of bending over for tyrants but the Americans don’t have that tradition. The only reason the American PJ folks are putting up with the Patriot Acts is becuase they’re not being enforced.

The corporate world order had to institute the Federal Reserve Act by molesting the US Contitution during a Congressional recess in 1913 and that made it possible for the corporate pirates to finally ‘afford’ to wage and manage World War One. This informaiton only came to light a couple of decades ago, long after the fact. I’m not content to wait and see what research journalists will say in the future about the current move to erase the US borders and it seems pretty clear to me that China is engineering this in order to prevent the same old families from committing World War Three. If I’m right about this, then Peking takes on the aspect of ‘savior,’ but a pragmatist might see that Peking is only doing it to preserve their own hegemony over a billion, currenly happy drones Cool

Some countries wake up to the idea of personal freedom later than others but that’s not to say that they’re stupid or not observant of history, of course. Russia suffered under feudalism for several generations after Europe got tired of it, for instance, but they’re apparently the only country on the planet where there are almost no death towers, now, and they only have occasional chemtrails. Judging by the Sylph photos from Russia, there are a lot of orgonite cloudbusters there, too.

The Chinese had a brief enfatuation with personal freedom in the early 1990s and the government successfully snuffed it out by force of arms and a whole lot of subsequent propaganda but imagine what’s going to happen in China when regular folks like you and me start makign and tossing orgonite Cool

We’re going after all the corporate world order families in the two chatrooms and it will probably take a couple more sessions to get through the entire list. This seems to have a weakening effect on those ancient families and I doubt anyone has ever gone after them in such a specific way, so they don’t have much defensive infrastructure. This is no doubt consolidating China’s chances to avert World War Three because these are the families who own and operate the terrrorist organizations, after all. I’m referring to the murderous regimesof the USA, Britain and Israel, of course–nobody else has a vested interest in destroying the planet and if only one of them gets knocked down, the other two will also fall. Erasing US borders will cause the Washington, DC cabal to collapse because not even the armed PJ folks in America will consent to martial law, ever. Almost all of us are armed by now, except the militant pacifists who are a tiny, impotent minority of noisy, mostly urban Monarch chumps.


Don Croft
14 Dec 2008 16:31
Subject: Re: China Pulling the Plug on Armageddon?
The unfathomable arrogance and complacency of the corporate world order is still making it impossible for them to see orgonite’s essential role in their current demise. The Chinese are more pragmatic, which is why they’re preventing Hong Kong Johnny’s Mandarin and Cantonese orgonite instructions from getting onto their inernet Wink

Most gifters even fail to see how big this is; they mainly do it because it feels empowering and uplifting and that’s good enough for them.


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